The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack features a new town, Isla Paradiso, surrounded by eight uncharted islands that can be discovered.
When you fill the requirements, you discover one of Isla Paradiso's Uncharted Islands, and it is instantly owned by your Sim's Household. Selling Uncharted IslandsYou can sell an Uncharted Island for profit if you know that you will not be using it.
Here is a map showing where you find all of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. Size is the size of the lot in edit town but not exactly the build area you get to work with when building a home or resort.
For instance, the island of Plunder Cove rests on a 64 x 64 lot with a large hill taking up much of that space. UnlockRequirementsTo unlock this Island, simply take a boat nearby and it will be automatically discovered.
UnlockRequirementsTalk to a clerk at the sparkling sands resort and check in to the cheapest room available for two days.
RewardMermaid's Secret Island has a couple of great Sea Shell spawners and a decent area for you to build a beautiful Resort or make your Sim a Fantasy home on the shore. UnlockRequirementsIn order to gain access to Plunder Cove, you must assemble the four map pieces. RewardPlunder Cove contains a Treasure Chest that holds $1,200 Simoleons and a variety of colorful gems.
UnlockRequirementsFind a special Message in a Bottle that contains a riddle which leads to the Island.
Here is the same map from before, only with all islands revealed so you can see a full view of Island Paradise's World. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. In order to unlock two of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack, you're required to find a map, or parts of a map from Extraordinarily Unusual Messages in a Bottle.
The Uncharted Island Map Lifetime RewardThis reward will instantly unlock Plunder Cove if you have not found all four map fragments and assembled them. Cheat to Unlock All Uncharted IslandsThere is a cheat to unlock all uncharted islands if you do not want to go through all the effort.
Here are three places on land and three underwater that can help you to find the parts you need to assemble the map or locate Plumbob Island.
Plunder Cove's Treasure Chest is hidden in the bushes and contains $1,200 Simoleons and a variety of colorful gems that should bag you at least another $1,000. The reward for Plumbob Island is much greater - a Treasure Chest with $3,333, the highly valuable Evolution of the Plumbob painting below, and a Plumbob Cut Rainbow Gem. Disclaimer: - This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Each has a requirement to unlock it based on a gameplay feature that comes with the Expansion Pack.
After selling them, they become private lots unowned by you and you can do nothing with them.

Each picture on this page is clickable, allowing you to see the Isla Paradiso Island Map in full size.
Build Area is the estimated size of the area that is able to be used when you first receive your island. Go to that Guide to learn more about this and the cave you need to enter in order to find the island.
This will take a long time, as CPR does not count - only pulling Sims out of the water, and the job can be slow-paced to begin with. The Resort building area is tiny and the only thing I saw was a lone Fishing spot that looked decent. Once your Sim knows one, you can Click your Sim to do an interaction to call a Mermaid to you if they're available.
Two can be found using the Scuba Diving skill, and I've got pictures to help you find those map parts in treasure chests. This can take a while, so I suggest you follow the link to a guide which will help you find that bottle. Simmers who find all the Islands in IP will get many treasures, skill, and job experience along the way and unlock many spawner locations to find great collectibles.
Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. It is possible that it unlocks Plumbob Island if you have not found it but have assembled the fragmented map. Messages in a bottle are fairly easy to find, but the ones we want have a 1-5% chance of appearing based on the spawner.
The island contains a spawner that only loads silver-spotted skipper butterflies, which sell for $350-400 each when caught.
You may also ask questions for problems you may have, but our Sims 3 Forum may be a better choice if you need a faster response. On all but one island, sailing up to it is useless and a tooltip simply informs, "I wonder what's down there".
You can click the Island's icon in map mode to move to your new island to start a home, or convert it to a Resort lot.
These are worth tens of thousands, so selling some of the Islands is definitely worth considering.
Descriptions on how to unlock each, the rewards you get when finding an island are below the map. You'll be sent on an opporunity chain to talk to an old Sim, the Science Faciity, collect 3 Kelp (grows underwater), and Firewalk.
The fog will lift from all the islands, and you are free to build homes, gather collectibles, or start a resort as you please. You'll need at least level 4 Scuba Diving to go to Davy's Locker and try for one underwater spot. Split up the household (just pick the sim you want to have given the map pieces), and move them into another household temporarily.
Of course there is cheat to discover all islands, but this guide is directed at people who would like to unlock one or all of the hidden islands themselves.

In order to sell a discovered Island, use your Sim's Cell Phone, select Real Estate and Travel Services then Check Real Estate. At the bottom of the page, you can Comment and share your tips for revealing the hidden islands faster! For someone who wants to unlock everything but doesn't want to cheat or invest the time in collecting bottles, this is an option.
Uncommon spawners will give you fragments, but provide them at about half the rate a rare would.
Go back in game, have the other sim with the other pieces visit that lot, give the pieces to the sim. Most of these Islands are good for private homes or Resorts, while others have treasure as a reward for revealing them. Many Sims 3 players will unlock them and choose a favorite to start a new home or build a massive luxurious resort with an amazing ocean view. Given the annoyance of finding them, I created a page with information on getting the last two map pieces to unlock the island.
They can be frustrating to locate given the slow nature of the Sea Shell spawners they come from.
You'll still have to collect them to get Plumbob Island, so this guide may still be helpful to you.
Because there is only one known rare Sea Shell and Bottle Spawner in the world (Mermaid's Secret Island), a Sim should have the Scuba Diving skill if you are going to attempt this. If a lot has been converted to a Resort from Private Lot, its sell value will plummet so only convert if you'll build a good resort there as you cannot change it back to a Private Lot.
I myself had rotten luck on my first attempt at finding these bottles, so share my tips for locating the fragments for Plunder Island and the clue to Plumbob Island in this guide. It is much easier with the Collection Helper, but can be done without if you are patient, plan and check a route each Sim day using spawn points listed below. Split that household by taking the sim out and then merge them back into the main household. I'll provide you with some collecting locations that were found by myself and Forum Moderator Ricalynn. After some time has passed, you will get a moodlet with -5 mood which says that you need to go in saltwater.
I'm sorry but I had some family things that needed to be handled before I could get to this. Before I did so both my sims were best friends with one or two mermaids each and they hanged out alot. I don't know if anyone has said but yet you can unlock Plunder Cove by buying a map from your lifetime wishes list for 25 000 I think. To build on a discovered island:Go to map view (press M), find and click on the floating icon of your owned private lot.

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