Located in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens, The Secret Theatre is a multipurpose, performance complex. The Secret Theater‘s artistic director, Richard Mazda, is also the founder of its resident company, The Queens Players. The Secret Theatre is located just off the first subway stop entering Queens from Manhattan on the E and M. The Secret Theatre offers two forms of annual subscriptions: the Silver Subscription for $310 and the Bronze Subscription for $155. New York Daily News What to see in Long Island City, Queens What to see in Long Island City, Queens Artist Chie Shimizu gives a tour of the neighborhoods restaurants and cultural hot spots. Secret Studio Lab tonight present the first night of their much-anticipated brand new immersive theatrical production, The Island, in East London.

Sadler's Wells have announced a run of the award-winning show Traces at the Peacock Theatre this summer, from contemporary circus company, The 7 Fingers.
Dutch National Ballet have announced a new interpretation of Cinderella, coming to the London Coliseum in April 2015. The Audience opens at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue on 5th May 2015, with previews from 21st April. A pitch-black comedy from up-and-coming writer Caroline Bird about power, lethal injection and the desperate need for a Twix. When an execution goes horribly wrong and the prisoner regains consciousness with no memory of his crimes the ruthlessly ambitious governor has 24-hours to prove his sanity before her death warrant expires.
Enlisting the help of a reluctant doctor, her incompetent staff and an egotistical spiritual advisor the governor scrambles to get her house in order.

Did you make a mistake when creating marker locations or did not provide a full geo-address? Founder Richard Mazda is the driving force behind its ongoing success, not only exhibiting work spanning all genres, styles and platforms, but also hosting monthly burlesque nights, improv classes and an acting academy for children.
In this riotous and uplifting show the Secret Theatre Company try to complete a series of increasingly impossible acts. With the audience in charge of who performs each night, you’ll never see the same show twice!

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