Aber da der Geschmack eh subjektiv ist kann dies von anderen Verbrauchern wieder anders aufgenommen werden. Ich spreche trotzdem meine Kaufempfehlung aus, da mit 4% der Menthol-Geschmack auch noch ertraglich ist. On Friday by chance I discovered an amazing secret London tropical garden on the rooftop of the Barbican Centre. I was there with my African Princess and her international array of fellow students who were there for an awards ceremony. Me, yours truly William K Wallace, legendary blogger and all round nice guy was there not only supporting his girl in her endeavours, but taking 100′s of pictures of the occasion.
The Barbican’s tropical conservatory really is an amazing secret hideout in the heart of the city of London.

This one is a wee gem, just wish it was open to the general public on a more regular basis.
I will disappoint everyone right at the beginning by making you aware that this fantastic conservatory which is home to over 2000 tropical plants, little ponds, as well as finches, quails and exotic fish is very rarely open to the general public!  It is most definitely not one of those places that  you can just turn up and visit. Oh boy was I burnt out or what at the end the day, but that was maybe something to do with all the champagne I drank the night before the Hotel du Vin Bistro launch party. Unfortunately the only way you are going to experience this fantastic lush oasis is if you happen to be going to an event that has hired the conservatory or if you manage to get yourself along on one of their not so frequent open days.
Even though there was over 200 students and staff at the event, which very few bothered to take the time to enjoy the amazing tropical hideout, which is inside one of the ugliest buildings in all of London, designed in an unforgiven brutalist style. When I felt my energy levels sagging I would grab myself a cup of tea and find myself a quiet wee corner in the conservatory and chill out, it was heavenly.

The Barbican is ugly on the outside but Europe’s largest performing arts centre is a fantastic place on the inside. What a truly great place to be it was, I could imagine myself lazying around here on a cold winters evening, if only I was rich man I would have my own personal tropical conservatory.

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