If there is one place in the world that could be associated with secret and hide, that’s the Vatican City. International Travel Listings - A world-wide travel directory, listing only the most useful websites for inclusion, for both local and international travel.
With a decades long waiting list, this is an exclusive members’ club only for VIPs in the heart of Disneyland (New Orleans Square).
As much as we want to know everything we can, there are some aspects of the world that cannot be made available to the public in order to protect valuable information. For the first (and probably the last) time in history the Vatican opens part of its secret archives to the public. Now one hundred original and priceless documents from these Archives are presented to the public in a spectacular exhibition in the beautiful halls of the Capitoline Museums in Rome. Antiquarian book fair, in cooperation with Berlin galleries, publishers, booksellers and book artists.
This major three-day event is one of the highlights in the world for book lovers and collectors – and centrepiece of London International Antiquarian Book Fair Week. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The man standing outside the Porta Santa Anna Gate of the Vatican wearing a blue Gap shirt and none-too-expertly pressed Muji trousers could easily pass as an academic, or the cultural correspondent of an obscure television channel. Passing through various security cordons, each one staffed by guards more suspicious than the last, he will mount a narrow winding staircase.

Reflects the spirit of the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 AD, where he could access only the high priest.
The Magistral Palace, the world headquarters of the order, is in Via dei Condotti, one of the most centric and famous shopping streets in Rome. Banks, data centers, air force bases and archives around the globe need to have security measures enforced in order to deter potential wrongdoing or thieves.
In May 1527 during the sack of Rome, Pope Clement VI used it, getting out of a blow to the mercenaries who pursued him.
Whether you’ve opened a door you weren’t supposed to, listened in on a private conversation or ignored warning signs, our inquisitiveness has at least once gotten the best of us. It isn’t surprising to us in those cases that the average citizen doesn’t have the green light to walk in and poke around as they please. The documents housed in its vast storerooms span about 1200 years from 8th to 20th century and are stored on 85 kilometres of shelving, located in the Apostolic Palace and in the underground Bunker - a two-storey area located under the Vatican Museums’ Cortile della Pigna. The strong self-discipline and some aspects of privacy have made it the star of many plots and conspiracy theories, also in the fiction, such as in the Da Vinci Code, the famous best seller of Dan Brown.
But then there are the private clubs, mysterious tunnels, historic tombs and more that fascinate us with their promise of the unknown, surely shrouded in all sorts of riveting secrets and facts. Two air-conditioned rooms are reserved for the 81 parchments with gold seal, undoubtedly the Archive’s most important and precious treasures. Visitors now are free to examine the correspondences of every pope for the past 1,000 years, although there is one catch: Guests have to know exactly what they’re looking for.

The american writer Dan Brown have set there a scene from his other best seller Angels and Demons. When we’re interested by a topic, we’ll exhaust our research efforts until we know everything about it. Whichever category they fall into, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 most restricted areas on Earth below that is bound to get your curious mind running wild.
In a world populated by seven billion people, there will always be places to discover and new information to be learned. Most of the time, we can hop on a plane and indulge our Asian curiosities, Middle Eastern fixations or interests in South America.
But when we’re told that we can’t go somewhere, we fixate on the fact and drive ourselves crazy wanting to know why.
On either side of this meridian line are various astrological and astronomical symbols, once used to try to calculate the effect of the wind upon the stars. She begs the Pope to take care of her son, James, and concludes with a postscript in which she warns him that there may be traitors among his cardinals.

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