A North Korean submarine has fired what is thought to be a ballistic missile, stated South Korea’s Defense Ministry.
The missile launch happened close to the North Korean coastal town of Sinpo, where submarine-launched ballistic missile systems are thought to have been tested before. If North Korea has successfully perfected the ability to launch missiles from submarines it may have massive repercussions. The timing could not be uglier for North Korea ramping up tensions, as they have been firing increasing amounts of artillery shells and missiles into the sea in recent weeks.

The International community has as well put the secretive state under increased pressure with tougher sanctions following a nuclear bomb test in January. South Korean specialists do not think World War Three will probably start any day soon although, as they believe it is not likely that North Korea presently possesses a submarine huge enough to carry and fire multiple missiles.
Security specialists caution that missiles launched underwater are difficult to detect before launch compared to land-based ones, raising fears of surprise attacks. This increased violent behavior, notwithstanding against the sea, coincides with America and South Korea’s yearly joint military drills.

However, they do admit that they are getting better at developing hazardous weapons technology.

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