Founded in UK in February 2012 and through continuous innovation and breakthrough, the leader in specialized mobile game store, with one of the most influential game user communities and a fast growing market share. Devices will support lot more recording resolutions • Added External SD card support for KitKat users • Added option to record video without audio.
We are committed to top notch customer experience and will respond quickly to feedback and feature requests.

If you like our app, please take a minute to rate it on Google Play market.Secret Video Recorder Pro is developed and distributed by Zero Noise Apps.
This allows using voice activated apps while recording video • Password protected for full security • Very few permissions needed so privacy is assured • Advanced shutter mute options • Compatible with Tasker to configure triggers to automatically start and stop video recording • DropBox and Google Drive sync compatible with the use of free third-party apps Additional Features: • On supported devices, start recording by long press of the search button • Talk on the phone while video recording continues in background • Turn screen off and continue recording (on supported devices only).
You will need to root your phone to silence your phone • Some phones are not supported so send us an email with your model number and we will fix it Secret Video Recorder is a professional video recording app and is the best app available in the Android market for spy video recording.

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