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Like the last review, I wrote this after finishing the episode and before moving the next one. Next stop on the Trix’s world domination tour is the Zaltora (I think) School for Psychic Arts. A little earlier, Sky had gone to the nurse’s office, where Griffin, Palladium, and Faragonda were.
This will sound morbid, but the poisoning scenes were my favorite. They made the episode feel more tense, like the Winx were actually in danger for once! I agree that I really like how Flora was nearly poison in this episode because it does make the episode feel more intense and exciting. Stella and Flora I can understand them not wanting to be apart from Bloom, life without bloom is especially hard for them because they know her better than anyone else in the club. I’d say that the Winx are now suffering from co-dependence issues and should be taken to a local shrink. I have to admit I nearly cried during the scene when Bloom was beating herself over what she almost did and her friend were begging her to stay.
I also liked how that scene showed Daphne is, in a certain way, a big sister to everybody, not just Bloom.

This episode did have a lot more drama, especially since the most dramatic and tense episodes come at the end of the seasons, during the final battles.
Season 6 is much better than season 5 but they are re using too many things, Like the trix taking over cloud tower, that already happened in season 1. You can never be too sure it’s always safer to keep force on hand just in case unfriendly types show. Despite the plot re-hashes, I’ll keep watching in hopes that the writing improves as the season goes along like it did with season 5. Selina lies about getting separated from Bloom back in Egypt, how Eldora’s her fairy godmother, and how she wants to help the Winx find her. It had a lot more action, a good amount of drama, and slightly better dialogue (most of the time). Of course I knew Flora wasn’t gonna die, but I still got nervous when Bloom opened that potion!
Bloom mentioned she had friends, but we never really got to see them (unless you count Mitzi). I was so sad to see Bloom do that but at least it made her appear to be her s1-4 self instead of the practically perfect thing season 5 did, that was annoying. I think she wanted to cry too, but she didn’t because she felt she needed to be strong at that time for everybody. Stella did and apparently Aisha and Musa did too even if they like Daphne didn’t show it. If you saw the flashback in episode 8, Bloom was confident, a fast biker and well balanced, while Selina was shy, a bit clumsy and not as fast of a biker.

It’s even a good idea to have contingency plans for your entire school including the nine strongest ones there.
This season is an anniversary one so going to Earth, stupid quests, dark magic reversals, school takeovers Bloom leaving it’s all going to happen as part of the celebration.
When she pretends to know an antidote to cure Flora, Bloom agrees to take her to the potion lab. I remember when I had to be separated from my besties the first time I didn’t go to school with them back in fifth grade.
Tecna and Flora also told Bloom she was being silly and couldn’t have known about Selina being a snake in the grass and they went to a greenhouse holy visual puns, Batman! This one may have been more severe, because she played a part in putting her friends in great danger by trusting Selina. Then, with a potion boosted by Roxy’s magic, Palladium turns Griffin the crow back into herself. She once taught floral magic in Alfea’s greenhouse, which is now locked inside their vault. Other parts I liked Roxy finally breaking that spell, Daphne being a good older sister by allowing Bloom to go home.
Stella crying for a good reason this time (instead of her fashion faux pas), Flora and Aisha trying to tell Bloom that they’d help her.

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