Ranking is based on relevance, with the most relevant results becoming the highest ranking results. We analyze search term occurrence within a search result, and assign weights for different factors.
Search Term Proximity – We consider how close search terms occur relative to one another.
Search Term Ordinality – If search terms are in the same order, as was specified in the search expression, this can be significant and is afforded greater weight than if the search terms are not in order as the search expression.
Once we’ve analyzed the exact search terms and stemmed search terms, against the factors above and assigned weights, we use our proprietary algorithms to assign an actual rank. Deep Web Technologies utilizes a strong ranking algorithm, that considers a number of factors and assigns relative weights, to the relationship between the search terms and the results.
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We compute relevance by (1) creating root-words for the query terms and results, (2) conducting relevance weighting for a number of factors, and then (3) use our proprietary algorithms to assign rank for each result in the list of results.

In the simplest case, it makes sure that a pluralized search term will find singular terms in the results, and visa-versa. When evaluating this, we look at the number of search terms within the query expression and the distance between reoccurring search terms. To some extent, weights can be modified according to client preferences, and in all cases, ranking can add tremendous value to a federated (or deep web) search.
We can assign relative weights to different results fields.  We can also assign higher weights to results from a more important collection as well as assign a higher weight to more recent results.
Aside from counting the number of occurrences of search terms within fields, we consider the ratio of search term length to result field length. In returned results, this ratio, in conjunction with the length of the fields, can be significant. The questions are, what’s the secret sauce, and can one ranking method be better than another? For example, a one-word title that is the same as the search term would be highly relevant.

If a date range is specified, the date is used as a constraining term, provided that a date is supplied in a result.
When comparing deep web search tools, you should really pay attention to ranking, but I’ll let you be the judge of whether one ranking method is better than another. For the most part, we do not need to stem search terms before submitting them to the collections we search.  Occasionally, we may need to explicitly indicate to a collection that we want to perform a stemmed search or an exact search. It's FREE to use, so join the largest community of online daters (minimum age required to join the site is 18 years) and let PlentyOfFish help you connect with your soulmate!
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