Secret Santa Random Name Generator selects names for a Secret Santa group and automatically sends participants an email. Draw Names saves group information, so you can draw from the same group of people again and again.
Secret Santa Generator lets you add rules (like person A can't pick person B), which is useful when two people live in the same household or your group doesn't want to pick the same people as last year.
It allows to play secret santa with your facebook friends, send anonymous messages and it has snowboarding reindeers!
As the organizer you set up the exchange, input money limits, sign up and exchange dates, and create an invite to send to guests.

All you need to share are email addresses, the number of presents for each participant, and names of the participants. The site lets you virtually draw names for your group, set up gift rules, and send an anonymous message to the participants. There is also an option to input your wish list and view the wish list of the person you've selected. Secret Santa is arguably one of the best holiday traditions, but if your friends aren't meeting in advance to pick a name out of a hat, get help from a tool that promises to keep the names a secret. Once they accept and all guests are accounted for, Elfster "draws" names and then emails your guests letting them know who they need to shop for.

The design is a little old school, but you can customize your site with a picture, which means you have an excuse to Elf Yourself or Scrooge Yourself again! Updated December 2015.TweetYou might have heard of the mythical land of the secret sales website, a place which can supposedly do wonders for the student bank balance.
Making sure it has some decent reviews on Google and a postal address is a good indicator.The best secret sales websitesThere are shedloads of secret sales websites out there, each of them trying to make their own distinctive cry for attention.

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