Microsoft has recently released a full security update for Internet Explorer 8 and older versions that patches a flaw which could allow attackers to take control of a vulnerable system.
As always, Microsoft continues to recommend users to make the move to Internet Explorer 9 or 10, as these two particular versions are not affected by the flaw. More information on the way the security researchers bypassed the patch is expected to be provided in a few hours, as Exodus decided to give Microsoft some time to address the issue before releasing any other details.

As always, the new Internet Explorer security fix is delivered via the built-in Windows Update, so users have basically nothing to do if this option is enabled. For those manually updating, we strongly encourage you to apply this update as quickly as possible,” Dustin Childs, group manager, Trustworthy Computing, said in a blog post. Geen gepruts met installeren en instellen, geen maandelijkse kosten en binnen 10 minuten draaiend!

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