Information released in a livestream today revealed a new loyalty system for Funcom’s MMORPG The Secret World.
Starting in February 2016, major changes are happening to the loyalty system and membership benefits in The Secret World. Veteran Points will be phased out, but they will remain a separate currency that can still be spent in the Item Store.
For players looking to stick with The Secret World for the long haul, Grand Master memberships are 25% off and will instantly grant all loyalty rewards. We recently had the opportunity to discuss The Skies launch, content, what makes it different, and future direction with developer Eforb.

As it's developer appreciation week, we would like to thank the Daum Games team for their hard work but also discuss a few problems in Black Desert Online. Despite its casual nature, Star Wars: Battlefront could have been a successful eSports title if it had been given the chance. Membership benefits will now provide persistent perks as long as players remain a member and additional monthly bonuses will be rewarded based on time. Additionally, players who purchased the game will receive the first 30 days of Membership rewards. These definitely provide an incentive to subscribe, but don’t necessarily seem toxic enough to create a pay-to-win atmosphere.

He can normally be found in the deepest parts of a dungeon or in the arena slaying enemies. Currently, there are 360 days of loyalty rewards and more will be announced every 6 months.

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