No classes in this game but you will still see everyone asking for the holy trinity (Tank, Healer, and DPS) for dungeon runs, so plan accordingly. To help you new players out there figure out this order here is an entire list of all the items you're able to make and the order the items need to be in order to make them. I had heard of TSW (The Secret World) a few times before, during its development phase but nothing like the normal hype that I see surrounding most games that are released these days, especially the hype that normally surrounds an MMO. If anything it reminds me a lot of the first Guild Wars game, when you consider its design style.
Imagine a world were magic is hidden away and yet very real, a world where ancient and powerful organizations decide the fates of nations while doing battle with Lovecraftian horrors.
Illuminati and Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, add in a dash of Fringe, the X-files, and Supernatural and you can see the kind of world the game is trying to create.
Being a Templar is to enter into a righteousness brotherhood, one whose traditions date back centuries.
The game opens up with a bee flying into your characters room and then into your toons mouth, this leads to some very strange dreams.

The only thing you can modify on the body is the head, skin color, eye color, hair color and style, facial hair, and clothing options. Each cabal has 11 decks based on different weapon combos and each keeps in spirit with the various motifs of each faction. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to unlock that particular decks special outfit if it is not part of your cabal. I am currently running around with a few passives from Fists and Blades that compliment my main abilities in Pistols and Blood. If you find that you chose an ability or weapon that is not panning out for you then just grind out more skill and ability points to unlock what you need.
The only downside is that your own toon has no voice and is the typical mute hero of every other game that has come before it. You have to find the owners name badge and then look up his about information on a fake company website set up in the real world to find his wife's name. Funcom didn't quite break the mold with this one but they did put some sizable cracks in the mold (this is a good thing).

They do bad things because the world is a bad place, do unto others before they do it to you. It still has an extremely limited feel to it and imagine my surprise when the very first NPC (Non Player Character) that I met in the game could have passed for my toons long lost sister.
This is a real shame as adding that little additional level of interaction to your characters would have knocked this one out of the park. You have to put the proper metal materials in the Crafting Window (Y) as well as the proper toolkit and then on top of all of that have them assembled properly.

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