Or , do you just expect all of us less enlightened folks to figure it out through your cryptic posts ? It does explain the fools and con-men who attempt detailed analysis of low-quality highly-compressed streaming Internet videos. I will scoff and ridicule anyone who attempts this level of analysis on anything but the original high-quality video.
The MSM and the government can easily fake videos and keep it under tight wraps do to compartmentalization.
Those of a sound mind often have difficulty fathoming the motivations of those who are not.
I'm certain that there are those who create fabrications as an effort to reinforce their misguided system of belief. Have you lost trust in the creator of these videos now that you know he misrepresented what was "live" shots? That is where you are wrong, and your statement is indicative of the "disease" that has infected this and many other conspiracy theories.

This "startling" new discovery for me is 10 steps backwards where we only can go baby steps anyway. But stuff like this one destroys any REAL effort to find out what really happened that day. Just to have fun with this - if America did have anti-gravity technology doesn't that alone kind of turn all politics on its head? And thus all attempts to analyse the events are discredited by the growing number of these fools. The person in this video seems to be a very strong believer that the government was involved in the attacks on the WTC.
When I saw the clip of the "alleged anti-gravity craft" it did seem to look much different than any clip of the attacks that are shown in the MSM. You make some very good points, and I would say that it is probably not within my area of knowledge to properly do the issue justice. If we dismiss any theory that we personally feel may be outrageous, then we limit our range of thought into the entire investigation.

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Food for thought: Why can most people tell you more about their favorite celebrities than the people they interact with on a daily basis? I don't buy it and the science does not point to the truck being the only cause of the explosion. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Occultists really are behind in their actions and their motives and they work through hidden knowledge which is what occult means.
The occult word derived from the Latin language from the verb ocultare, simply means to hide or to conceal or to keep secret and they are perpetuating the forms and control of behavioral control over the masses of people because they have them under a form of mass mind control, their works through the manipulation of people through hidden knowledge about the human psyche and how it function how it operates and what peoples motivations are deep in the psyche and in deep in their subconscious, so with that knowledge they will have the tremendous power differential, you know with the differential in knowledge comes a differential in power and that’s how they are able to control to keep people under their thumb.

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