The Secret World Beta Bonanza Part 3 – Arrival in LondonMoving on from Part 2, off we go!
I shall, most likely, completely ignore it for the purposes of my own character backgrounds, but it’s a good starting point. We then arrive in London, and have another cut scene with some of London’s finest police officers. Movement uses the standard MMO-system, and you can jump, as my poncho-clad colleague aptly demonstrates as he bounces into the distance. I could not figure out how to initiate a conversation with that nice old lady, so was unable to enquire where she had gotten her most excellent hat. I’m loving how Funcom have tried to squeeze as many British looking things into their rendition.
OK, he’s obviously crazy, but he does have a very nice scarf, so I go closer to see if I can get a peek at the label. I succeed, but only until a bunch of people with tentacles on their heads jump out of the air ducts, and I realise I have absolutely no idea how to use “my” shotgun, or defend myself at all!
It turns out that while I was distracted, I gained a combat bar, and a couple of rather handy buttons.
That was quite hectic, but it’s a bit difficult to tell how much of an effect I was having when I have three far more competent-seeming investigators shooting fire out of their hands. When we last saw our hero, he was trapped in the Crucible by a particularly unpleasant bug. Stepping into the Temple, I head over to Richard Sonnac’s office, just across the hall.
Not only does this scoundrel have glasses with clear lenses, he is also the first person I have met that is not using the standard super-fit body shape.
I have encountered a large number of NPCs who feel like they ought to be selling things, but it may well be that I’m still considered to be in the tutorial, and those options have not yet been opened up to me. The platform that I arrive on also has portals to Seoul and New York, though I do not seem to be able to use those, yet at any rate.
I stepped through the portal to Kingsmouth, and at that moment I think I finally arrived in the real game. Sabotage missions are also called Stealth missions, and they also sound fun, with the emphasis being on sneaking around and not being noticed. For now though, I have an Action mission to take care of, which handily takes me in the direction of town and the Sheriff’s office anyway.
This is all for the sake of science, so now we try setting some on fire with some discarded petrol cans.
Ugh, I was hoping the spell effect might look a little more sacred, and a little less blood. Im kommenden Geheimbund-MMO The Secret World habt Ihr die Wahl aus drei Fraktionen, denen Ihr Euch anschlie?en konnt.
Der Eingang zu Agartha, die hohle Welt, durch die Ihr in Windeseile in andere Gebiete der Erde gelangt. Wenn Susanne nicht uber Online- und Rollenspiele berichtet - was sie seit 2009 bei Computec Media tut - dann hort sie Musik, schreibt Geschichten, schaut Serien und Filme.
The Last Stand (Limited Uncut Steelbook Edition, SATURN Exklusiv) - (Blu-ray) FSK 18 8,99€ inkl.
Nur befurchte ich, dass wie damals bei AoC die deutsche Ubersetzung nur teilweise im Spiel Niederschlag findet. Yesterday, the folks over at IGN were lucky enough to take a walk through the gritty streets of The Secret World’s London.
For example, an in-game locale known as Ealdwic Square will feel like old London, invoking the quintessential neighborhood pub and fish & chips joint. Players who choose to align with the Templar faction will start here in London, whereas Illuminati will start in New York, and Dragons begin somewhere in Seoul, Korea. Meet and interact with a vast array of intriguing and disconcerting characters as you progress through your London experience.
Thanks to IGN for obtaining this information from Ragnar Tornquist, as well as subsequent article, which can be viewed here. I don’t really know what prophets look like, but luckily a little blue cross has appeared on my map, showing that the prophet seems to be lurking in an alley behind the station.
For an organisation as ancient as the Templar to consider someone a prophet they must be brimming with ancient knowledge, or touched by the gods themselves!

This turns out to be a mistake, as I am ambushed by a cut-scene, and brutally deus ex machinad into unconciousness.
I figured this from their discussion while I was lying on the floor, working on regaining conciousness.
I am also given the option of just ignoring this whole sorry business by going upstairs, which will be handy when you’ve done the tutorial a few times.
So after a few seconds of watching my companions dispatch these thingy-monsters, I was able to get stuck in with a fury.
Once again, Templar are the only playable faction, but some extra content has been unlocked in New England, though the chances of me reaching it, at the rate I do these things, is quite minimal. I am happy to report that he was able to get back into the Temple without difficulty this time, though there are people still experiencing the problem on the forum.
The Templar Club seems an interesting place, with a few conversable NPCs (which don’t all seem to be working quite right yet). I’m about to turn away when I realise that I have 10 million coins, presumably to assist in my beta testing. I am consumed with wrath and jealousy that he has taken such amazing gifts, and then chosen to wear such a horrible suit with it. I’ve found 12 of the 15 Templar lore items, and I suspect the others are hiding here somewhere if I continue searching. Within it I found the entrance to the Fight Club, where you can reportedly engage in PvP with other folks in an arena-like manner. I’ve just been playing too much Guild Wars, and have forgotten how to think in terms of jumping. I have spent just enough time resisting the order to travel to Solomon Island that I feel sufficiently rebellious for now.
There are bees, which makes me immediately mistrustful, but my orders are to step into it, so here we go. Apparently we Secret Worlders do not bother ourselves with such things as trains and aircraft.
Regardless of whoever else might be using the facilities, I am proud to say that it is under the stewardship of that most reliable of beings, a Victorian-era British Stationmaster, and he is pleased to explain to me many of the most fascinating details about his charge.
It’s basically Call of Cthulhu set in the Old West, and I played it with great glee for several years. The distinction is important, because you can only have one of any given type of mission on the go at a time.
Of those, I am particularly looking forward to investigation missions, which, I’m told, require a fair amount of puzzle solving.
It seems he was sent out to get more ammunition for the Sheriff’s office, but never quite made it. Oddly, they’ve been carrying PAX, which is the strange currency used by us secret world types. Mai 2012 ist das erste Beta-Wochenende vom Mystery-MMO The Secret World aktiv - jede Menge Fans von The Secret World haben somit die Gelegenheit, sich in London und in Kingsmouth zu tummeln. Um es voll genie?en zu konnen, sollte man wohl in englisch spielen, was sicherlich einige potentielle Kunden abschrecken wird. No, they didn’t get any hands-on playtime, but an interview with Ragnar Tornquist is almost as sweet. Streets might seem to course aimlessly as they lead down into the forgotten regions of the city, which hold dark secrets of their own. Being the reigning faction in London, Templars will be allowed access to certain areas that others will be barred from. From such memorable personalities as a delusional woman who thinks she descends from fairies, to a Templar librarian that may know all there is about the darkness, you can expect a colorful cast in The Secret World.
It’s using the ingame engine so your character, as you designed them, is visible in all his glory. The NPCs will lecture you at length, and you just sort of stand there impassively while they harangue you with veiled threats and unnecessary rudeness.
Before I head to my rendezvous, I familiarise myself with the controls, and attempt to chat to some of the locals. I consider popping into the nearby fish and chip shop first, that I might better fortify myself for what is to come, but no.
When I awake, it quickly becomes clear that I’m not going to be getting those chips any time soon.

They get into just about everything, and they’re never a good sign unless you ordered calamari. Today though, I need answers, and answers I shall only get from helping these folks out, so I accept. Also, I was still unable to choose blood magic as my initial skillset, but I am told I can access it once I get my hands on a focus for it. Forget that I’ve only been here for about 20 minutes, it’s off to America with me! I find no lore objects, though Mr Gladstone is happy to provide me with a great deal of knowledge, not to mention advice on the hallucinogenic properties of common household items. There’s a wide range of gear on offer, but I am unable to find any suitably academic-looking spectacles.
However, I’ve also heard that people going in there are having trouble getting out again, so I decided it might be better not to think about Fight Club for now. Why would we, when we can simply travel to the World Tree, and follow its branches to our destination, ignoring any of those bothersome details of space and time.
He also provides me with an Agartha Conduit, which will permit me to travel back to the platform at any time.
He’s got a job to do, he quite enjoys it, and he does it to the best of his capabilities.
He’s being pestered by zombies, and would like me to cut their numbers down, and maybe figure out where those pesky varmints are coming from.
It takes a few shots to take them down, but luckily they don’t dish out much damage, even though they tend to come in groups. First you simply have to kill a few zombies, then you need to see if you can attract some more by setting car alarms off. This is an Item mission, where I simply grab the ammunition case from the back of the nearby pickup truck, and will need to hand it in at the office, where I’m already headed. I’ve upgraded my starting shotgun to a green-named one, and found a couple of other talismans and other weapons. Solltet Ihr nicht zu den glucklichen Beta-Teilnehmern gehoren, dann stellen wir Euch die Hauptstadt der Templer vor: London. The IGN staff astutely points out that Ealdwic Square is most likely a representation of the real-world Aldwych in London. At the same time, all players can indulge in the esoteric nightlife that attracts all walks of life, from the exuberant to the perverted. I’m not sure how spoilerish I want to get, but it explains how you received your mysterious powers, and came to be recruited by the Templar. We may be living in a world of unknown horrors, but who could possibly be downhearted in a poncho like that? Solomon Island is experiencing some sort of supernatural difficulties, and I’m to go investigate.
There are a wide range of sunglasses, but they do not seem to be a particularly intelligent choice of eyewear, given how much time I am likely to be spending rooting around in dark places. As luck would have it, I find the final Templar lore piece in the tunnel down, getting me another achievement, and about a quarter of a level. He was also refreshingly polite, compared with all the folks topside who have been competing as to which of them could be the edgiest.
Elementalism feels a bit too fantasy wizard, and Chaos magic only seems appropriate for people who want to play Kung-Fu Sorcerer (which I certainly will, given how awesome that is, but not on this character).
Aber wir wollen ja nicht so sein, schlie?lich treiben wir uns scheinbar in einem Privatbezirk der Templer herum.
After further cheeky London copper antics, I am allowed beyond the police barrier, and have control of my character. Mysteriously, he tells me that the Stationmaster of Ealdwic undergound station will see to my travel arrangements.
The blood magic option at the Crucible was broken, but I can now put some points into it if I feel like it, and I do. Blood magic is the nearest to the sort of Hermetic magic that would feel appropriate for a Templar, but it seems to be taking the blood side of it rather literally.

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