A spokeswoman for Secret World said the badger in the photograph being circulated by angry farmers online was released as 'an independent cub' in 2011, and had been tested three times for bTB as well as being vaccinated."We have not been approached directly to answer any questions about this individual badger so we do not know where it was photographed, when or by whom," she said. Since the Government and NFU policy in England to kill badgers commenced over three years ago.
A shameless and unsuccessful attempt to smear an excellent wildlife centre by the pro kill fraternity.
Expect more of the same in the months leading up to the next mass slaughter of a supposedly protected native species. Geoff Brown heard their squeals coming from a beech hedge in his garden, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Soon after, she and her husband Peter drove the animals to Secret World, at Highbridge in Somerset.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The young revolutionaries of the UK's Latin music scene, who fuse music from both the latin and RnB worlds amongst others will be taking their hot London-Havana soundclash on the road during a UK spring tour starting in April, presented by La Linea, in association with Movimientos and Global Local and supported by the Arts Council of England.
They will also be releasing their debut album, the genre-defying 'Leave To Remain', on 3 June on Movimientos Records.
The London-based nine-piece band are a hot melting pot of identities with backgrounds that span the world map: Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Ghana, Congo, Spain and the UK.

Wara formed in 2009 and soon found that they were doing what no one else was: namely portraying what Latin Americans face when moving to UK, using the music to bend stereotypes, genres and combine stories. The rest of the line-up includes Congolese-Argentinean lead vocalist Juanita Euka (niece of legendary Congolese musician Franco), London's Josh Solnick aka MC Murmur (from London's Afro Dub hip-hop crew FUR) as multiple-personality lyricist. Add to this Afro-Cuban songstress Nana Aldrin Quaye on backing vocals, London's own George Cole on bass and Taurean Antoine-Chagar getting soulful on the saxophone.
Wara have been packing dancefloors and starting parties on the global scene for the last two years. Their 2013 spring tour will bring the Wara live experience to prestigious venues nationwide. The album sees the band take their trademark sound to higher grounds, effortlessly combining Cuba's most danceable rhythms and styles – Timba, Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba - with contemporary urban elements such as Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz. The rhythm section is held down by Venezuelan Ernesto Marichales tight on percussion, and Chilean Leandro 'Lele' Mancini on drums. In 2012 they played Glastonbury, the Big Chill Festival, Secret Garden Party, Barbican's Blaze Festival, the Roundhouse, Ronnie Scott’s to name a few. Road traffic accidents are the most common reason for badger deaths,"The Somerset sanctuary is one of the main places injured or orphaned badgers are taken from anywhere in the country.
So a dead badger is found with a tattoo that traces it back to a wildlife sanctuary who had complied with regulations and tested it three times for bTB and vaccinated it before release.

Have statistically indicated and acknowledged an increase nationwide in Bovine tb in Cattle and a plan to kill more badgers over a wider rollout area.
Greg Sanders-Gallego plays guitar, his West African inspired riffs adding another geographical twist to the Wara sound.
Secret World said that experience reinforced its opposition to the badger cull."We appreciate the bTB tests used by farmers may also be seen to be unreliable, so they end up killing apparently healthy cattle," she said.
If farmers don't think Secret World should be releasing badgers back into the wild in England and Wales, pray tell where should they be releasing them ? We believe that the millions currently being wasted on rolling out the ineffective badger culls across England should instead be spent on fast tracking an effective vaccination for cattle and continuing to support farmers who suffer bTB breakdowns in their cattle despite implementing proper biosecurity."As most badgers live on farmland, we work extensively with private landowners to ensure they understand our policies, that any release sites are suitable and that we have their full consent for any releases," she added. Any mammal or bird can contract a strain of TB, perhaps wildlife sanctuaries should just all shut down ? Heck why stop at wildlife, let's just shut down all NHS hospitals to stop the risk of them releasing patients who *might* spread disease.

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