Avant de pouvoir entrer dans l'un des donjons en mode cauchemar , il ya deux exigences a remplir :   1) Reussir chacun des huit donjons sur en mode elite au moins une fois . You?ve read about it, you?ve seen it briefly in the trailers and now it?s time to get a little closer to the romance-ridden MMO called Lucent Heart. Of course, for gamers concerned about the actual depth of the game there?s no worries: Lucent Heart isn?t just a romance novel with cutesy graphics come to life?there?s some actual gameplay depth involved for core gamers who want some hard hitting action with a side of lovey-dovey stuff.
Some of the more core features include necessary buffs that come from in-game relationships that can help players tank, heal or DPS.

You can check out the new screenshots for the game below or head on over to the Official Website to sign up for the next beta phase. Leur execution ameliore le plus souvent vos chances de completer un ensemble de talismans et armes de NQ10 bleu qui va grandement aider vos progres . New screenshots from the VIP beta are now up and available for reader perusal, and they include the game?s mounts, some of the high level areas and a little smooching.
And grinding isn?t left out of the equation, either?there are more than 15 different types of mobs to murderize per zone and more than different 20 zones planned to make the cut when the game heads into open beta.

Au lieu de prendre la branche de droite pour les elites , prendre la branche de gauche au portier ( Qui deviendra plus tard La branche des Donjons Cauchemar ) .

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