You’ll want to gather around for this one, because we have some great things to talk about… Actually, just one thing: Yo-kai Watch 2! While Yo-kai Watch 2 hasn’t been announced yet for English language release, we are all waiting eagerly for the day that does happen. As you may have guessed, with this new splintering off of versions, Yo-kai Watch 2 really picked up the slack regarding online and cooperative play modes that fans had been left wanting in the first game. Lynn Hamilton is a web developer, graphic designer, writer and translator based out of Colorado.
I really hope they won’t release this in multiple version, instead modify the shinuchi version to include the version exclusives. The way Shinuchi Yokai Watch 2 3DS game Ganso is not saying it doesn’t work on US 3DS like Honke does.
Some fans are still on the fence about the franchise and game, and we honestly don’t blame them!

Honke and Ganso shared the same storyline but with very minor story differences and exclusive yokai; Shinuchi was the same, but had additional content and was released later. Each version has a small number of exclusive yokai you can trade locally or online with friends.
You’ll start off battling the usual way, but later in the story you’ll be able to use the new Type-Zero Watch which gives you more power and tools when battling and befriending yo-kai! Some of your yo-kai friends have new favorite foods, they make us hungry just looking at them… especially that stack of dessert pancakes! The original, immense popularity of Yo-kai Watch in Japan really took off greatly after the second game, Yo-kai Watch 2, and there are a lot of reasons for that.
This release style is similar to the way that Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby were released as the same game along with Pokemon Emerald later on with added special content. Eventually you might end up on some very special trains, including one that will take you to Geragera Land (Shinuchi).

Its compact size will make you smooth and confident in the battle, and you can fire either collectible darts or Message Darts at your target!
Put secret messages on your Message Darts and send them flying to your allies, who are the only ones who can decode them with the Decoder! Do not modify darts or dart blaster.Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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