Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s sophomore album II features an immaculate blend of captivating hooks in a haze of 60’s psychedelia.
Jazzy, dark, groovy and profound – Space is Only Noise is a genre-bending album wrapped in a deep house package, with a particular fondness for bass frequencies. Warpaint’s latest self-titled album pushed the group’s songwriting capabilities to the next level by building on the dark, drony vibe that made them famous.
There’s nothing like some good trip-hop to get the mind going while driving at a late hour.
The falsetto singer Ruban Nielson’s vocals are cool and crisp and mold perfectly with the lo-fi sound of the record. The album’s texture creates the aural image of a calm night’s breeze and reserves this consistency throughout each song.

Though the album is relatively minimalistic and bare-bones, each track layer is utilized so effectively that the songs seem perfect as is. Taking a turn away from focusing on song structure towards a more jam-based approach, songs such as ‘Keep it Healthy’ and ‘Hi’ have a laidback vibe that manages to still keep up high-energy. Endtroducing… is a modern masterpiece and has gained a lot of exposure for being one of the best plunderphonics albums of the 20th century. II is loaded with plenty of addictive tracks that solidify the acoustics of a powerful alternative rock album. The light, dancey feel of Dive delivers what you’re looking for in a relaxing electronica album. The samples are tasteful and Nicolas Jaar does his best Leonard Cohen impression on the vocals.

As well, the expansive mixing and production by world-renowned producers, Nigel Godrich and Flood, make it perfectly suited for a late night city drive. DJ Shadow’s use of samples on this album is unparalleled, featuring spoken word vocals ripped right out of miscellaneous interviews that keep you guessing throughout the listen. As well, the song “Midnight in a Perfect World” may be the pinnacle of late driving songs with its thunderous piano chords and chilling female vocals.

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