In a move to save costs and keep up with an increasingly digital workforce, many companies are hiring virtual assistants to take on roles that once were located firmly in the office. Working as a virtual assistant can be a way to continue working with a woman on maternity leave, or even make the office more global.
Virtual assistants can help executives or businessmen complete a variety of tasks, not just administrative – it could include everything from web design to personal concierge services. Founded in May 2009, GovCon Executive is a news blog published by Executive Mosaic Media that covers the dedicated individuals who serve our government through private industry and the officials who affect the government contracting industry at the federal and state levels. Transcription and legal terminology are two main areas of secretarial training in the field of law. Fast keyboarding and good computer knowledge are expected in most legal secretary positions. If a legal secretary works for a trial lawyer, he or she may accompany the attorney to court to take notes for the case's files. A legal secretary working in a law firm in a sleepy small town isn't going to have the same kind of work load that one working at a big firm in New York City will.
It's actually really tough to have a legal secretary career and you almost always have to have a qualification these days to even get your foot in the door. Sometimes you sit at your computer, sometimes at the mobile phone, and sometimes the surf board.
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The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Financial secretaries are administrative professionals who handle and oversee the financial responsibilities of a business. The responsibilities of a financial secretary include receiving money, depositing money, and maintaining financial paperwork. A financial secretary is an administrative professional charged with handling and overseeing the financial responsibilities of a business. One of the primary duties of any financial secretary job description is the receiving of monies paid into a company.
Financial secretary duties necessitate the timely depositing of the payments received; this is an integral part of any job in this field. Keeping meticulous records of all monies going into and out of an organization is another key responsibility of a financial secretary.
To become a financial secretary, an individual has typically had a large amount of administrative experience, preferably in the field of finance or in the finance department of a company.
Can someone who has experience as a church financial secretary but no formal degree get a job as a financial secretary for a business? Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses employ clerical secretaries to whom they delegate responsibilities like supplies and office communication.
The performances of various administrative tasks in an office environment are assigned to a clerical secretary. The effective flow of communication and information in an organization are looked after by clerical secretaries, in the process of handling requests by clients, taking messages for staff members and answering phone calls. At times, clerical secretaries are required to make travel arrangements for senior staff members, plan company events and train new employees. Most organizations insist on a high school diploma as the minimum educational requirement while hiring entry-level clerical secretaries. Provides students the opportunity to train at home in their spare time to get their high school diploma, train for a new career, or enhance current skills.
Member of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), and the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).
Features a fully flexible schedule with no classes to attend, leaving the study pace up to the student.
Offers numerous scholarship opportunities that can help students save up to $750 per term on their tuition. Tends to educate degree-seeking online and campus-based students who are adult learners with families and students who work while pursuing higher education. Career Profile of a Front Office ManagerThe responsibilities of front office manager are coordinating the activities for office employees. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
An executive secretary is a person who works as an administrative assistant for a top executive.
Graduation from high school is usually the least amount of acceptable education to work as an executive secretary. In most cases, the executive secretary is the right-hand man or woman to a top ranking executive in a business or establishment. Sometimes, an executive secretary may find himself or herself inside of a boardroom doing more than just taking minutes.

Unlike most traditional secretaries, an executive secretary may spend time correlating activities for the executive outside of the office. Because they are paid by the task and don’t require office space, they reduce overhead for businesses. While typing legal documents and correspondence is often the main duty of a legal secretary, he or she may also answer phones, greet clients and schedule appointments.
After completing more legal courses, or obtaining a certificate or degree, he or she may be eligible to become a paralegal. It is definitely the kind of thing you can learn on the job if someone is willing to take you on.
There are a lot of different kinds of law firms and even within those firms there are a lot of different kinds of lawyers. On the other hand, legal secretary duties are also going to vary and the person working in the small town may have a bigger variety of things to do, since it's likely they don't specialize as much. So I imagine there's a few places out there who would hire a person without a qualification to be a legal secretary as well (although it would be a steep learning curve). I know people who have basically gone through law school and then become legal secretaries (usually because they realize they don't really want to be a lawyer). Which means if you're looking for a job as a legal secretary, you'll be competing against people with a lot of experience. All three are excellent tools to write down notes, but the problem is that you first want to reach all the notes anywhere.
Whether you write a note in your computer, mobile phone or surfing the plate so the idea that up to Everlast Notes server. Since all material is stored online you can reach the same notebook no matter what device you use. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
These responsibilities include receiving money, depositing money, and maintaining financial paperwork. This secretary is often the first point of contact for payments coming into a business, and he or she is responsible for ensuring those payments are posted in a timely manner, recorded, and verified. Secretaries are required to conduct internet research, responsible for the coordination of projects, scheduling of events and drafting of correspondence, among other duties assigned to them. In the ordinary course of their working day, secretaries manage the flow of information to clients and staff, update databases, and plan meetings. Several aspects of the work do require secretaries to use computers, such as in Internet research, desktop publishing and correspondence, storage and presentation of data via databases and spreadsheets.
They are required to utilize video conferencing equipment, scanners, copiers and fax machines.
While in high school, the individual may have excelled in business and computer-related courses. The secretary is quite often the driving force behind the scenes, ensuring that the business runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. The secretary may have to sit in on a meeting in the absence of his or her boss and represent him or her. They involve a lot of responsibility, but in my company at least the only way for an executive secretary to get a substantial increase in salary or responsibility is to become the assistant or executive secretary for a higher level executive.
Legal secretaries are employed in law firms as well as the legal departments of insurance companies, corporations and real estate firms. In larger law firms, a receptionist may perform those duties while legal secretaries are responsible for filing, preparing and typing up legal paperwork. Using file management systems and transcribing a lawyer's dictation into letters or other correspondence are completed by many legal secretaries. Paralegals differ from legal secretaries in that they are responsible for more law-related rather than administration-based work. Don't just watch Erin Brockovich and expect to be able to walk in the door without any experience or skills.
Someone in this job must have a high level of trust and efficiency, as well as a natural aptitude for numbers. This job involves an extreme amount of attention to detail, as one decimal point out of place could mean big trouble for a business. He or she will track all money flowing to and from the business and is responsible for guaranteeing that everyone in the company can easily follow the flow of the finances.
Many financial secretaries have a college degree in administration or finance, though some employers may not require a degree to secure a position in the field. They are responsible for the storage, retrieval and dispersal of paper and electronic information including emails and memos. Secretaries look after the monitoring of stockroom inventories and replenishment of items whenever required. They keep busy by monitoring the operation and maintenance of office equipment and bargaining with vendors. Organizations rely on technical schools and community colleges to provide additional office training to candidates, such training programs normally last one to two years.

Continue Reading »Legal Receptionist Job DescriptionLawyers and other legal aides employed at a law firm rely on legal receptionists (also referred to as legal secretaries) for assistance. Typically, this job will call for many years of experience as a secretary for predominantly high-ranking officials.
As the field for executive secretaries can be competitive, obtaining a college degree can give an individual some advantage for securing a job.
While the secretary may only listen in on the meeting and take notes to deliver back to the boss, some may have to play an active role, such as delivering a speech or giving a presentation.
She reserves a location for each event, negotiates a contract for it, and arranges for the catering and audiovisual services. Using technology such as voice mail, legal computer software and photocopiers is a typical part of most legal secretaries' workdays. For example, a lawyer may supervise a paralegal in writing legal drafts, whereas a secretary would just prepare and type the documents. A person in this position ensures that all monies paid to the company will be properly handled and allocated according to the business's specifications. Again, the slightest error could spell major problems, so a financial secretary uses his or her scrupulous attention to detail to craft meticulous records. The personality of the secretary is vitally important as one must be highly trustworthy and easy to work with.
Some organizations have several secretaries working in a group whose duties are divided in terms of expertise. Clerical secretaries are expected to have written and oral communication skills, and have great grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Some individuals may choose to pursue a two-year associate's degree, while others may opt for a four-year bachelor's degree. Some of the most common duties of this type of secretary may include typing letters on behalf of his or her boss, making forms, compiling spreadsheets and taking messages.
For this reason, many bosses spend a great deal of time training their secretary to ensure the person can assume a leadership position if required in their absence. Often, the secretary may also provide assistance to the executive with issues concerning his or her personal life.
In smaller companies, accounting tasks may be a part of a legal administrative secretary's job description. Attention to detail and an ability to follow through on legal cases are other important characteristics of successful legal administrative assistants or secretaries. In some areas, the term legal assistant can be confusing, as it may refer to either a paralegal or legal secretary.
He or she may also be called upon to develop new policies to better streamline the record-keeping process. Interviewing for a job in this field will likely entail many questions about one's work ethic, personal ambition, and dependability.
Clerical secretaries depend on greater technical efficiency in performing administrative tasks assigned by several staff members. They are expected to have computer skills relevant to performance of certain duties such as maintenance of databases, spreadsheet functions and word processing. Continue Reading »Career Potential of an Executive AssistantTo follow a career path as an executive assistant you need strong computer skills apart from organizational and communication skills. Although experience may be a contributing factor, some employers may require a college education to obtain this position. Many people seeking this position as a career may enroll in a business-related program, such as business administration, businesses management or office administration. Additionally, the secretary may provide administrative support to other executives in the department. For instance, the secretary may schedule doctor appointments, make dinner arrangements and coordinate out-of-office meetings for the executive. If the event will include presentations or speeches, she handles the details for these aspects of the program also including ordering any awards or certificates that will be presented and coordinating the topics to be discussed and the order of the various presentations for the evening.
Many employers seek secretaries with knowledge of project management and desktop publishing. Knowledge in operating office equipment such as communication devices, printers, and fax machines can be a bonus for aspiring clerical secretaries. Additionally, exceptional customer service skills are required to facilitate effective communication with vendors and clients. Clerical secretaries must demonstrate sensitivity, adaptability and sound judgment when they communicate with co-workers, clients and members of staff.

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