You will find the Home Showcase icon on the World Map and once there, you'll see the following: You can see the list with the current best home owners and can pick one to explore in further detail. Over a hundred SecretBuilders were in the audience today to hear Confucius talk with Joebar.In case you didn't know, he's a famous Chinese thinker whose philosophy emphasized governmental morality, social relationships, justice, and sincerity.
Jane Austen is one of the most widely read, beloved, and important writers in English literature, so the audience was excited to hear her talk about her life and work.She shared that she was never really popular for her novels in her time, since her works were published anonymously. Earlier today the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe took part in Joebar's popular talk show. For me today was a day filled with fun!I had a pool party at my place, then went to Bobby's fashion show, and, if that wasn't enough, I went to the Beach and to Nemo's Dive.When I stopped by the beach, I wasn't expecting to find a Sneak Peek Special on the Scuba Gear. Hi, here we provide you APK file of "Game Dress Up Fashion Star FREE APK for Windows Phone" to download and install for your mobile. Dress Up Fashion Star is a FREE social multi-player dress up game for girls that puts you on stage to compete against other live fashion models for amazing prizes!One of the best free dress up games,..
A Healthy Recipe Contest on SecretBuilders!You can start submitting your entries from tomorrow. You can read other user comments and suggestions on the decoration of the home - you can leave your feedback too!Before you can leave your opinion, though, you have to see the home, right?
They were quick to change in accordance with the different themes and managed to look great! Most of what we know about Socrates is what we have read from later writers, so it was cool to hear his story from himself!He shared that he had been born to a stonemason and a midwife, and had married a beautiful young woman named Xanthippe. Confucius shared that he was born in 551 BCE to a warrior family and that he lived in poverty with his mother.
Best homes win prizes! Hall of Fame - See the best of the best Builders in the Hall of Fame! Today, Bobby had three different themes for dress up - Purple, Shorts and Skirts, and Face Masks.

Then Joebar told the audience that actually Jane's brother Henry and sister Cassandra published her last two novels - Persuasion and Northanger Abbey - with a biographical note that revealed that she was the author of all those brilliant novels.
Read up on the latest SecretBuilders contest, the Addams Family Talk Show, and new features coming out in the next release.
Use your imagination and help us say NO to junk food at school and at home!Healthy Bytes is a series of creative contests for parents and children, to be held once a quarter.
So, click on Go to Home and you'll find yourself there within seconds.I visited benmax11's home - he's done a pretty nice job, I'd say! Just click on the World Map and find the Hall of Fame icon.Once transported there, you can see the builders with Most Friends, Most Furniture, Most Shills, and Best Home, among others. And, as everyone knows, he devoted his life to the most important art: discussing philosophy. What better way to get in the right mindset for the new school year than a cool dance party? The winner of the first round won a trampoline, the winner of the next one got a dance floor, and the third winner received the big prize - a Fashion Show Stage!!!
That was definitely a feel good moment!About her passion for literature, Jane Austen shared that she was incredibly lucky to have a father who gave her and her siblings complete access to his library. Most people hadn't heard that to earn his living, Socrates took over stonemasonry from his father and also served in the Athenian military. As usually, the big event was on the third floor of my castle, where I have lots of food, a dance floor, and a jukebox. Joebar's guest wanted to make the world a better place and believed very strongly in self-cultivation and the attainment of skilled judgment instead of a knowledge of rules. He had published a book of poems that no one really paid attention to, according to him, but he didn't let that stop him. And, finally, Allabout me was the best looking in the Cool Accessories round with her electric guitar, funky shades, vampire fangs, and flying carpet board!

Confucius told the audience that he believed that humans should work together to build an ideal society.
Well, it is obvious from the open chest above that I found the treasure :D And it really was a treasure - more than 1,800 shills were added to my bag-o-shills. There were some people that couldn't come today, so I am sure they'd appreciate another opportunity.
It turned out he was the first well-known American writer to try to make living on writing alone! Congrats to the winners and a pat on the back for everyone else who came - you also did pretty good, guys! Feel free to stop by whenever you want.I'd love to see what you planted in your gardens too.
Joebar's guest complained that many publishers of the time would refuse to pay writers, and if they did they would pay late! He said that in his time publishers preferred to pirate copies of British works rather than pay for new work by Americans. Poe decided to switch to prose after his early attempts at poetry, and he published a few stories. The host thanked his guest and invited him to come again some day.Don't miss Joebar's talk shows next Wednesday.

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