New behind-the-scenes photos have been revealed from the set of "Secrets and Lies" Season 2! The new case in Season 2 revolves around Eric Warner (Ealy) the hard-working and well-educated heir to his family's private equity firm.
While Eric is attending a party to honor his father passing over the reins to him, a horrible tragedy takes place — his wife Kate is murdered. McCord ("90210") is playing Melanie, the outspoken, slightly inappropriate housewife of Patrick. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that O'Quinn ("Lost") is playing John, the patriarch of the Warner family.
TVLine revealed that there's a key fact about the victim that makes her death considerably more tragic. In "Secrets and Lies" Episode 7, "The Cop," Ben Crawford started his own investigation into Detective Cornell with reporter Arthur Fenton. In "Secrets and Lies" Episode 9, "The Mother," Ben discovers something in the attic that jeopardizes his relationship with Christy even more. Meanwhile, a leak in the crime lab destroys most of the forensic evidence in the murder case. Business is booming for Latino entrepreneurs, especially in Southern California, where the growth in the number of Hispanic-owned businesses (HOBs) has bloomed despite the recession and tough economic recovery.
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For weeks, a father noticed that his 9 years old son will sneak off from their house, carrying a backpack. The season finale of ABC's addictive drama series Secrets and Lies is just days away, and finally, the answers everyone has been waiting for concerning just who killed little Tom Murphy will be revealed. Fans learned in the penultimate episode that despite her best efforts at proving otherwise, Detective Andrea Cornell has come to terms with the fact that Ben may not have killed his son--and has realized that his murderer is actually a female. Ben's wife had the ultimate motive for the crime, which occurred on the very same night that she finally learned the truth about Ben's affair with Tom's mother. Likelihood she's responsible: Despite her earlier attitude, Natalie has done a complete 180 throughout the course of the season and has since seemed more sympathetic to her father's plight. Tom's mother was the last person anyone would have suspected until the truth about her came out in the penultimate episode. Likelihood she's responsible: She is actually quite a bit crazy, and seems a little obsessed with Ben, but she loved her son.
There is so much potential motive for Ben's younger daughter that he wouldn't ever think of because he was convinced that whoever killed Tom was trying to frame him for the murder. Likelihood she's responsible: She's the odds-on favorite to be revealed as the murderer (especially since her counterpart character in the original Australian series was the culprit).
The film also stars Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, Jerry Hall, Rebel Wilson, Cara Delevingne & more! In a new sneak peek from the next episode of "Secrets and Lies," Dave has a huge confession to make.

In episode 8, Ben will home all alone on Christmas Eve, dealing with the fact the new video evidence Detective Cornell has against him could guarantee him being charged in Tom's death.
Meanwhile, Ben and Christy's relationship worsens, as their arguing becomes more and more vicious.
The "Secrets and Lies" season finale "The Lie" will finally reveal Tom Murphy's killer along with jaw-dropping allegations against other characters that will leave fans stunned. After all, he found a picture at her house in which she is wearing the coat he both found and mysteriously lost. Ben concluded that Jess might have hurt her son, but before he could say anything to Cornell, Christy called him to say their daughter Abby was missing. Christy's lover was her alibi but neither of them could be certain about what time he arrived and left the house. After discovering that Abby killed Tom, many fans are not happy that she may have away with it forever. The show has taken fans on a wild ride every week with a new bombshell being dropped in just about every episode. After the finale, there was an explosion of fan speculation about what happened to Ben after he entered prison.
On the webisode, which jumped ahead 14 months later, Ben's friend Dave was wearing a wedding band. As a dedicated viewer, it's never fun to part with characters who you've become invested in. She's an accomplished attorney who runs the compliance department for the family's equity firm. He is a charming, lovable and very successful finance magnate who built the family's private-equity firm in Charlotte, NC. She is a criminal attorney for the Public Defender's office and is married to a successful surgeon in Charlotte. Some are speculating that Kate may have been pregnant at the time of her death, but fans will have to wait until the show premieres to find out for sure.
The cat-and-mouse game between Ben and the detective continues to intensify, especially now that she has newfound evidence. She is emotionally unraveling in her attempts to accept Ben's affair with Jess Murphy, the fact Tom was their love child and the intense police investigation into her husband for Tom's murder. He and Dave Lindsey retraced his steps the night of Tom's murder and searched for clues to clear Ben as a suspect. Christy continues to keep him from seeing his daughters, though he does spend some time with Abby at a Christmas fair.
Her secret history of bipolar behaviors and violent tendencies was revealed, as was the fact that she owned the blue jacket that Cornell considered a key piece of evidence in the case. The move would be a huge risk that wouldn't pay off if the show wanted a chance at a second season. The footage revealed in the previous episode showed Ben arriving at Jess' house drunk in a taxicab on the night that Tom was killed.
Their two daughters Natalie and Abby will be caught in the crossfire of their nasty fights. According to her sister, while Jess has never hurt anyone (as far as we know), she has been known to be violent when not taking her medication.
Abby had accused her dad of not caring about her when he brought Jess to the fireworks display.

From Ben's kidnapping to the shocking reveal that Jess is mentally unstable, the series hasn't disappointed when it comes to thrilling its viewers. Since most child killers are not well-received in prison, many assumed he lost his life behind bars.
This is a shocker, since in the finale, he was definitely still a bachelor and had only just met a new romantic interest that he met at a gas station. In Episode 8 "The Son," Detective Cornell uncovered a damning video that could be used to prove Ben's guilt in Tom Murphy's murder. It is now headed into a second season.The first season starred Ryan Philippe as Ben Carson, a family man who finds a young boy's body and becomes the prime suspect.
In a clip from episode 8,"The Son," he tells Ben that there's something he has to get off his chest. Desperate to remember what happened on that fateful night, he recruits Dave to help him retrace his steps, searching for any clues or evidence that could clear his name. Ben's lawyer, John Garner, comes up with an alternative theory of the murder, which then leads to a shocking discovery and more secrets and lies exposed from those closest to Ben.
Down river from where Tom's body was found, she discovered a toy with blood evidence on it. Dave believed it was possible that Christy, in her devastation, set out to hurt Jess by killing what she loved most on earth -- her son. But after the explosive finale, which revealed who killed Tom, we wanted to see the story go on.
Fans want to see justice and if the original cast was kept for season 2, the storyline could focus on that.
There were also some hints dropped during the latest "Cornell Confidential" webisode that made some fans believe the characters were talking about Ben in past tense.
She realized that the killer wanted to drown Tom, but Tom was afraid of water; he was still learning to swim. Here are five reasons why the fans should have been given the chance to see another season with the original cast.
Viewers will have to tune in to find out.Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) returns for an all-new season and she is the only one from the previous season that is back. Cornell felt from the start that the killer knew the child, and because drowning is typically a female crime, Cornell concluded his murderer is female. She leads the investigation into the death of Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster), the wife of Eric, and she seems to be the only one who cares about the truth.The show has a very interesting cast, aside from Michael Ealy, Juliette Lewis, and Jordana Brewster.
Actor Charlie Bennet will play Patrick Warner, the youngest of the Warner siblings who works as an analyst in the firm. He is described as a charismatic and endearing finance magnate and a loving father of three.Other cast members include Mekia Cox, who will play Amanda Warner, the sister of Eric, and Patrick who is a criminal lawyer and she will spend time clearing her brother's name.
Kenny Johnson will play Danny who becomes a possible suspect because he is a lurker with the look of a thug.

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