Are you are dreaming of a super intimate, ultra unique and lux wedding on par with nuptials worthy of the rich and famous?  Are you a laid back bride who thinks a jaw dropping backdrop is more impressive than flowers? With a private villa your guests can enjoy the laid-back intimacy of this home away from home. Most villas come with private cook services which allow meals to be catered to your preferences and on your time, not resort time. Speaking of Barbados, look at these gorgeous photos (shown below) from a recent destination wedding at Landfall Villa. Whether you’re tying the knot or renewing your vows, a private villa hideaway is the picture-perfect venue for your romantic event!
2 – Make a decision if you can go and stick to it.  There are a lot of factors to decide on, such as, can you afford it?
4 – Don’t get up the next morning after the wedding and look for the bride and groom. This means your guests can book their own trip, leaving you free to think about the fun stuff!
Preferred Perks Plus – makes flying actually comfortable and I really like the non-stop transfers to your resort once you arrive. I’m sure my sisters will love their first Apple Vacation, and I’ll keep you posted how the trip turns out. Purchase a Euro or UK power adapter (depending on where you are going) before your trip or at the airport. Secrets Silversands brings a brilliantly contemporary atmosphere to Cancun's famed Riviera Maya. Secrets Silversands is nestled on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and lies a mere 15 miles south Cancun and about 20 minutes from the Cancun Inernational Airport. Oceana Seafood Grille Situated directly under a giant palapa with a beautiful view of the ocean, serving a la carte seafood specialties in a quiet romantic and seaside setting. I’m so happy it’s Spring – probably because I’m a borderline “shop-a-holic” and seeing styles change makes my heart beat but more importantly because I can combine two of my great passions in life – clothes and travel! There are plenty of hard to ask questions that every girl has to ask herself while she’s packing for a getaway.
I’m happy to see that full bathing suits are more in trend then those barely there string bikinis. Note – leave your designer bags at home, you can get by with a tote and wristlet no problem. Another staple for a tropical vacation is a good “going-out” dress (and shoes if your luggage can handle another pair).
Now as far as toiletries go – with all the TSA regulations and baggage fees– who can keep up? With all these little style tips hopefully you’ll be more organized packing – and can focus on the wonderful vacation you’ll be on.
Apple Vacations Crystal Agency Retreat - First Secrets Resorts & Spa located in Los Cabos. Secrets Marquis Los Cabos, a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World, offers adults Unlimited-Luxury® for the first time on Mexico's Baja Peninsula. This entry was posted in Apple Advantage, Ask an Agent, Mexico, Mexico, News by Brad Panik.
Are you searching for a place where your closest friends and family can celebrate without the commotion of other vacationers?

And with sizes ranging from 2 to 40 rooms, it doesn’t matter how long your guest list is, there’s plenty of space for everyone.
This six-bedroom property offers the ultimate in beachfront luxury with its famous Sandy Lane Beach location, majestic, arched doorways and a courtyard designed for royalty. Your guests traveled a long way to be part of the festivities so being able to see you exchange vows is imperative. The bride and groom may be having a Destination Wedding because that is what THEY have dreamed about their entire life.   It is the Bride and Grooms wedding, not yours. Take advantage of the extended time with loved ones.  A Destination Wedding is no ordinary wedding.  Go with the flow and have a great time! That’s why Apple Vacations has selected the resorts that offer everything you’re looking for in a destination wedding — professional wedding coordinators that take the stress out of planning, an incredible setting for your ceremony, whether indoors or barefoot on the beach, and the most romantic honeymoon you could ever imagine! Few things in life are as important as this day and few options as romantic as a Destination Wedding.
We are here to ensure your Destination Wedding is hassle-free and you’re getting the best possible price. Between the gloomy weather and coming to terms that summer’s over, all I want to think about is my next vacation. It’s definitely more relaxing when you’re lounging around the pool or on the beach and you’re not worrying about how much cash you have with you. All of the details I mentioned previously are wrapped up in a bow call an All-Inclusive Apple Vacation. In the meantime, while I’m stuck in my cubicle today, I’ll daydream about the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana or Mexico. Choose one you can scrunch up in your luggage in case you need to shuffle around items or you buy too many souvenirs. There’s nothing worse than having your knees stuck to your chest for 8 hours because you couldn’t part with your laptop, ipod, jacket, book, magazines. Most cell phones and laptops work 110-240V but not all electronic devices so an adaptor is very handy. I bring a cheap ?20 phone I bought in Scotland with a pay-as-you-go plan that I use to communicate with friends I meet overseas.
If an airline offers in-flight meals for purchase they don’t always have enough for everyone.
Surrounded by warm crystal waters, this all-suite Unlimited Luxury ® resort features 433 sumptuous suites, everyone is a showcase of modern luxury and elegant appointments. So I’ll need a few different styles of bathing suits, cover-ups, sunglasses, and wonderful beach tote to carry my essentials. Besides your daily swimsuit and cover-up gear, you’ll need something for the wonderful dinners you’ll be having in the evenings and something fun to dance in at the discos if you’re up for it. Host your party well into the wee hours of the night and take a dip in a pool that never closes! You are an invited guest and don’t let your comments make it back and upset the bride and groom. They day after my wedding I had at least 10 people call or knock on our door to say good bye and tell us what a great time they had. When properly planned, a Destination Wedding can actually save you a lot of money…but most Brides and Grooms don’t know where to start. Or when you’re going to a restaurant and there’s not bill to take care of at the end of your meal.

Inter-continental European flights tend to be small planes and have more restrictions on the weight of baggage.
My travel mates and I set up regular meeting times so we can split up and have traveled weeks without phones.
But if you haven’t noticed, Mexico’s a big place and there are a lot of destinations to choose from! I’d like to add that we opted for the Preferred Perks, and in my opinion it’s totally worth it.
They have 9 restaurants, which are beautifully styled, have excellent customer service, and extremely scrumptious fare. We had access to the spa’s private pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna for the entire day and couldn’t wait for our late afternoon Swedish Massages.
I watch my email come in with new trends and Spring Styles that have already started flooding department stores and boutiques.
World-class Marquis Spa named as one of the Top Spas in Mexico spanning over 15,000 square feet & showcasing spectacular Sea of Cortez views, a Leading Spa. I’ve been listening to my sisters ask me “When are we going to take a Girls trip?” for months now.
To save room in your baggage wear your coat and bulkiest shoes through airport security and keep it out of your bag.
Having an extra duffle will help you even out the weight or possibly combine forces with your traveling companion to avoid fees. You can always purchase a step-down power converter for travel but they can be a little heavy. There’s Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, Cozumel, and Cancun to name a few.  So, we live on the east coast, and wanted a direct, non-stop flight, something close (only a 3 day, 4 night jaunt) so we chose the beautiful beaches of Cancun, specifically Riviera Maya. I watched a couple shows on Bravo, (YES – Frontier has direct TV) and bam, we were there, in gorgeous, sunny, Cancun Mexico. We had the most relaxing time, and afterwards we lay in the meditation room to continue the relaxation.
The number of guests they have will lend to different locations and venues within the resorts where they can schedule their events. Apple Vacations will not only help you find the perfect destination; we’ll make your wedding easy and affordable for friends and family too! Apple Rep’s are in every resort, so if you have questions about your departure or looking for fun things to do outside the resort, they’re the people to ask. We hopped in our non-stop transfer, arrived at Secrets Silversands in 20 minutes, stepped out of the car and were greeted “Welcome, home”. You can do Yoga on the beach in the morning, join a game of beach or pool volleyball during the day, and there’s always something fun going on at night like a band playing or dance show. Keep in mind, neither of them has actually been on an Apple Vacation yet, so I’m extra excited to be a guide for them.

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