Another year in the book, well in the terms of my particular state my end of instruction standardized test that my class took two weeks ago now I only have 7 weeks of school left to teach… something.  Based on the raw scores my students were very successful passing their test at roughly an 80% rate, scoring a 70% or higher on the test, which for being 99% free and reduced meal school with the majority having English as a second language I am extremely proud of their accomplishments. Share this on WhatsAppAfter his educational training in linguistics, EKENE ODIGWE chose the path of broadcasting, a career which he dreamed and worked for as a child. You are a radio producer and presenter in Radio Nigeria and Creative Director, Red Carpet TV. I studied Languages and Linguistics, first degree, Languages and Linguistics, second degree. When you got into radio, obviously, there was a difference between your skill level and experience and that of those who had been there.
It would shock you to know that when I joined Radio Nigeria, I stayed only two weeks and I started mounting shift alone. Someone has been listening to you from your time on Coal City to now on Voice FM and watch your Red Carpet TV and wants to do what you do. You studied whatever and ended in radio because you had to but I wanted it, I dreamt it and I landed it. He is a radio presenter at Radio Nigeria, Voice96.7FM, Nsukka, and Creative Director of Red Carpet TV.

The idea is to use the celebrities to motivate this generation; bringing entertainment into their living rooms.
But then, after my first graduation, I went and did a presentation course- reporting skills- just to acquire them because I wanted that. By the time I was leaving school, I had this training with Anambra state Broadcasting Service.
That was a night shift and you have to be a professional for them to allow you on a night shift. Naturally, when you are reading the news brought to you at a late time, say a minute to and they want you to deliver on the time.
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You just have to deliver and most times, you don’t have the time for all the rehearsal but you have to deliver it the way it is.
We discuss issues of lifestyle, how it happened, where it happened and what should have happened. If you are thinking of it from the onset that it is the money thing, then you would misplace it because it doesn’t really bring the money you think it does.

Let us say in a very good and sane world when you don’t need the fame, the glamour and the money, what would you want to do? Just like when you are thinking of modelling and you are thinking once I step on the runway and people get to know me, I will sign contracts.
When I was done, I went home and started doing what I wanted-building my fashion blog online. I always had this idea that it brings money to your pocket but then it really doesn’t bring that much.
Then, fashion blog wasn’t very common so what I was doing online was I build a fashion design and sell sketches to fashion houses who are up for it. Because in the process of selling the sketches, you meet celebrities who want you to do the sketch.

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