Look for this jewel the next time you’re out at Disneyland in search of a little privacy. Jeremiah Daws and his brother Josh are theme park fans and filmmakers living the dream in California. California filmmaker and co-director of the Missing in the Mansion short film set inside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Yep, count me in American public restrooms are the worst because the cubicles are so exposed. Enter email below for updates on Disneyland and a chance to win free copies of our new book. On board the Disneyland Jungle Cruise look for the large Banyan tree in the angry hippo section of the attraction. I bet during your visit to Disneyland that you will not even notice a single “non magical” thing.
Next time you take a trip to Disneyland, take a look for yourself and see just how many thing are painted with this special green color.
If you or your children have the type of personality that likes to look down at where they are going, this next secret is just for you! Many people that visit Disneyland and see these cats roaming around think that it is a “pest problem” or similar.

All of that was true until a year ago when it started that atleast once a month someone is posting this location to the world. We have the information on when the new land will open, the location, and who the Imagineering the project is.
This tree was purchased from a home in Beverly Hills in early 1955.Harper Goff, the designer of the Jungle Cruise, and Bill Evans, the chief landscaper for Disneyland, were looking for a tree to fill the hippo scene background. Things like structures, utility equipment, bathrooms, and etc all blend into the background of Disneyland. When the original Disneyland was being built, Walt Disney had a small apartment above the fire house where he lived.
Part of his make up was his curiosity about everything that was going on around him from the sea, to the earth and sky. Little do they know it is just a very smart move to get rid of the always menacing mice problem.
Goff and Evans used to cruise the streets of Beverly Hills looking for trees for the parks. He kept a light burning in the window so that all workers would know the boss was on the property.
Like any home that is built and 20 years later the owner makes an addition, sometimes it is difficult to picture the original lay of the land.

Every single night, after the happiest place on earth closes, 100’s of feral cats roam the premises fighting off mice. Currently, Disneyland has five permanent places for cats to eat, sleep, and drink when they are off the clock. Until you read this book…For every purchase of the book, we donate 15% of the profit to Make a Wish Foundation. Main Street USA was modeled and designed around Walt’s former hometown of Marceline, Missouri. These cats have been helping Disneyland manage the mice population for over have a century!
Years and years ago, Disney created a color called “Go Away Green” which is a color that camouflage’s these things into the backdrop of Disney.
It is amazing how just simply painting something a specific color can effectively make you not even notice it all together.

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