Jesus came to provide the guaranteed to a life that will give you a joy that is greater than any other, a blessedness that is happiness in its fullest measure, an assurance of entering the everlasting kingdom of our Lord, and a peace that surpasses understanding. Study through this series and let the words that Jesus spoke, revealed only in the Word of God, be the catalyst that begins the chain reaction leading one to a truly abundant life. This audio series has six sermons on 4 CD s and the fifth CD includes the sermon outlines and PowerPoint  slideshows. THE SECRET OF BEARING FRUIT IS ABIDING IN CHRIST - Bearing fruit is our primary responsibility as branches and this lesson stresses the importance and necessity of abiding in Christ in order to bear His fruit. THE SECRET OF ABIDING IS OBEYING THE COMMANDS OF JESUS - Christ always followed the principle of abiding through obeying His Father s commands while on earth. THE SECRET OF OBEYING IS LOVING GOD - Our spiritual lives are confronted with varying levels of obedience on a daily basis and the level of obedience is always motivated by some source.
THE SECRET OF LOVING IS KNOWING GOD - The more we know God and Jesus, the more we will love Them.
THE SECRET OF KNOWING GOD IS READING GOD S BOOK - True knowledge of God is the only thing that will result in our enjoying an abundant life, and this knowledge is only gained by reading and studying the Bible. Going vegetarian, ditching dairy, shaking your sugar addiction, and opting for gluten free are the next four secrets for kicking ass at life and getting a killer body in the process.
Vegetarians tend to make better lifestyle choices, which, research suggests contributes to why studies reveal vegetarians live longer, suffer fewer heart attacks and strokes, have less incidence of cancer, prescription drug use, and obesity. Typically, vegetarians avoid all animal products adding only animal by-products, such as, dairy and eggs to their diet.
An easy strategy for changing your lifestyle is to commit to a few days a week or a few meals each day.
First, if you’re trying to lose weight, keep in mind that the primary job of mammal (human, cow, etc) milk is to promote weight gain. Finally, dairy has been linked to acne breakouts, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, and a lot more. Unsweetened versions of almond, coconut, rice, and soy milk can replace all your milk needs. If you’re not ready to give up dairy all together, the least you can do is upgrade it. Choose organic (click to read more about organic) options whenever possible and avoid processed cheese. Yep, that sweet stuff has been linked to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and plumped up fat cells. When you ingest simple carbohydrates, like refined sugars, sweets, and white breads, your body breaks the carbohydrate into glucose. Additionally, the AHA (American Heart Association) has linked excess added sugar to obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Save your calories for something that’s made with superior ingredients and a little integrity. Gluten has been blamed for everything from abdominal fat (wheat belly) to bloating, from headaches to an insatiable appetite.
Bread, cereal, bagels, flour tortillas, cookies, cakes, creamy soups, anything breaded, most fried foods and desserts are all made with flour. For a long-term commitment to a gluten free lifestyle you will want to experiment with gluten replacements. And get on the mailing list for free nutrition nibbles, body changing exercises, and tricks for creating a kick ass life all delivered right to your inbox. These techniques that you are going to find out below are easy to implement and they are very powerful. Of course, you do not have to go for big celebration such as taking a long vacation in Hawaii. Make it a habit and you will condition your mind to do it and to take more action, thus, getting you to where you want to be in life. On the contrary, if you want to be successful, you must treat success seriously and put in 100% commitment.
Whenever you did this, you will feel the commitment and you will eventually do something that will move you forward. However, if you are serious about your dreams, your goals and your future, put in the commitment and make sure you take action each day. And since it is a journey, you must make it fun, or else you will get bored and give up very soon. Have you ever played any sport and you played it with your very best, in the end you feel extremely fulfilled and satisfied? Again, you have to try to apply this technique if you want to see how powerful it is going to be. For example, when you have saved enough money to make an investment in the stock market, but most of your friends are not doing well in the market, some even get burned before; guess what will they tell you when you ask for their opinion? This is why you have to stay around with people that can help you to accomplish your dreams. You do not have to stop contacting with friends that are not helping, but you can definitely decrease the time you spend with them and invest the time to be with other extraordinary people who can transfer their positive energy and aura to you. And the final technique that you are about to discover is to take time to stay alone once in awhile. Do you know that majority of the great people out there arise early in the morning when most people are still dreaming in their bed?
Amazing article ,i really like the way you write the articles , this one i read is second ,its late here its 1 30 Am , i want to say Awesome article you really inspired me . The healing properties of Ashitaba are very useful to curb with the spreading of fungal infections such as cysts and boils.
Phoenix is a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian Desert and surrounded by many legends and stories. Ancient game Congkak is not only played among Malaysians, but this exciting game was very well known in the countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and some parts of Sumatera and Borneo.
Butterfly is a type of flying insect that is so beautiful and always flies in the air freely and randomly while following the flows of the smooth breeze. Owl is actually a species of bird that has been in a heart of myths and superstitions for thousands of years.
In ancient Greeks, owl was commonly believed as a sign of victory and wisdom for an army if this bird flies over right above the army’s head. Since thousands of years, chrysanthemum has been holding the pride as a medicinal tool for diverse of diseases that we human usually suffering of. Lemongrass has been used for hundreds of years for many purposes especially for medicinal purposes. is a one-stop concept store dedicated to provide a vast variety of lifestyle goods and merchandise. Every friendship, every relationship, is bound to fall apart when you start keeping things to yourself.

As soft tissues are very difficult to fossilize, not to say almost impossible, most of the knowledge we have about ancient life forms comes from fossil bones, teeth and shells.
But paleontologists in Montana have made an important recovery that will help shedding more light on dinosaur life. An extremely well preserved 67-million-year old duckbilled dinosaur, from the species Edmontosaurus annectens (image), was found with a piece of fossilized skin in the Hell Creek Formation.
To get the precious soft tissue, the researchers used a technique they employed to recover structures resembling blood cells in a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in March last year. The duck billed dinosaurs, one of the most diverse groups of dinosaurs, were plant-eating bipedal (two-legged walking) beasts characterized by a duck-like beak, even if the animals possessed many chewing teeth on the back of their mouth. More than 80 % of the skeleton has been recovered, and even more bones might be on the site. The skeleton misses only an arm, a few toes and a few other bones, being among the top five % most complete dinosaur specimens. The large piece of fossilized skin once covered the adult dinosaur's back right hip and it is preserved in three dimensions, which is extremely rare. 67 millions ago, during the late Cretaceous period, Hell Creek seems to have been a large tropical river delta that opened into an inland sea, and where dinosaur life bloomed.
Fossilized plants also point to the existence of lush forests with hardwood vegetation and leafy plants. The arm of the dinosaur was dug without using glue or preservatives in order to decrease the chances of contamination, which could almost make impossible the process of getting the fossilized soft tissue. The paleontologists believe that such lack of contamination could explain why soft tissue was recovered in the Tyrannosaurus rex.
Within Christ s teachings, He shares with us the "secrets" to this abundant life through His teaching (John 15:11).
When we are motivated by love we will be faithful in our obedience in good times as well as in bad. Basically it says you don’t need to do something 100% of the time to make a difference.
Find a balance between foods that are purposeful (foods that you eat because they’re a good source of protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, or are high in vitamins, minerals, and other phyto-nutrients) and foods that are pleasurable (foods you eat for a more emotional reason). The closer you can get to a vegetarian diet the better off you’re going to be health and karma wise. The undigested lactose causes an acidic environment in the body and a build up of  bacteria in the intestines. Milk, ice cream, butter, yogurt, sour cream, and cheese of all kinds have a dairy free counterpart. Eliminating gluten from your diet means that you avoid ingesting foods made with wheat flour. Food manufacturers are using rice, potato, quinoa, and corn flours to recreate gluten free versions of all of our favorites.
If you apply them into your daily life, you will see how they are going to change the results that you are getting in life. For example, whenever you have put the commitment to write take the necessary action, celebrate it.
So ask yourself right now, are you really serious about living the future that you dream about?
Success is not going to be easy, but it will be fun with all the exciting challenges that you are going to face. If your answer is a no, it is either you are not playing it full out or you are chasing the wrong thing.
The best part is when you are doing something you love, you will never feel tired and you will have the energy to do it because you feel that it is so much fun.
If you want to accomplish outstanding success in life, do something that you love to do and have fun doing it. Maybe it is time for you to get closed to the nature and time for you to refresh your mind. Schedule a time to do this each day and you will have all the energy to run for the success marathon. They think about how to make the sale, how to build their businesses, how to achieve their goals, etc.
You can use the time in the morning when you have just arise, or the time before you go to bed. All of us already know that frog tends to make a lot of noise before rain storms, therefore this creature have been associated with weather in many different cultures around the world. The herbalists have found some compounds in this plant that help in removing toxins from blood and at the same time help to purifies it.
Seashells that are left by the tides are mostly empty; either they are already dead or eaten by other predators. Our native beachcombers sieved through Southeast Asian coasts to search for only the best and exquisite seashells. This good flier started humble from an egg and transforms to be a larva and continues growing by turning to a pupa and lastly it changes to a beautiful and amazing adult butterfly.
It has special haunting sound that will calls at night time which sounded like “who” word and its unmoving rounded eyes will surely amaze anyone who looks at it. There is also a legend in Afghanistan where the owl was taken as a helpful animal for them. This great herb was firstly found in the country of China and now it is widely being used in East Asia countries. This amazing herb not only having many curing properties, but it also has many preventing properties from bad disease. These could be some kind of ligament attachments," said Julia Clarke, a North Carolina State University assistant professor of paleontology. It might then be determined how good the dinosaur's sense of smell and eyesight were," said Richard Kissel, a dinosaur education specialist at the Field Museum in Chicago.
Our specimen, which would have measured about 24 feet long and was the size of a small elephant, probably weighed between one to two tons," said Schneider. This series looks at the Lord s teachings and explains the process that we must follow if we are to find the full and abundant life! Each lesson retraces the steps in order to unlock the secrets to the abundant life in Christ. The additional fifth CD containing all the sermon materials can be used to incorporate the lessons in local preaching or a Bible study class.
There is a way to fix the failure so we can enjoy the full and abundant life promised by God.
When manufacturers take out the naturally occurring fat they tend to add sugar and other additives. However, there hasn’t been a single study to date that proves dairy prevents osteoporosis.

If you do, continue to read on because you are going to discover some of the most powerful techniques that you can use to help you in your journey to success.
Most people do not dare to tell others their dreams and their goals because they are afraid that others might laugh at them or they worry what if they did not achieve what they have said? Therefore, put in 100% commitment and be serious about it, you will feel extremely fulfill when you are there. Success is not so much about the results, it is about the journey of going through all the ups and downs that eventually get you to your destination. This is why extraordinary people are able to do more, take more action, feel more motivated and accomplish much more than average people.
If you feel that you are doing what you love but you are not having fun, try to put in more attention into what you want and what you do.
Sometimes in your journey, you will feel the stress, pressure, and feeling like you are getting nowhere. Thus, if you want to accomplish it, you must make sure you have at least pit-stop in the journey. If you are with a bunch of successful people, I believe that the topics will revolve around business, investments, improvement, how to be successful and more. These are the times when you can be alone and nobody will disturb you so that you can wildly dream about your success and your future.
If not, at least it’s something one would now feel obligated to fulfill for fear of letting their acquaintances down. Ashitaba is also called as ‘Tomorrow’s leaf’ as for its ability to reproduce its green stem and leaf almost on a daily basis. Other than that, it is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can prevent joint and muscles pain. Warm, white sandy beaches and floral dresses are incomplete without beautiful accessories to complement the joyous theme. According to a legend, this bird was believed as long-live bird as it always cyclically regenerated or reborn in time. Before the wooden Congkak was invented, the village’s people only used the sand besides the beach to makes some holes and used sea shells to make the game works. All these years, butterflies had been admired by many people because of its amazing features and characteristics that never fail to catch the eyes of the people that looking at it. Even though owl sometimes be related with mysterious and darkness, but this little creature is actually hiding many positive stories of its existence in the long time myths. For Afghanistan’s people, it’s believed that owl was the creature that actually introduced humans with flints and iron so man can produces fire using those elements. There are many qualities that Chrysanthemum has which amazed many modern health specialists all over the world.
Lemongrass was actually originated from India but it also commonly found in the countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. In order to see results on the outside, place focus on what you’re putting inside your body. If you are an internet marketer and you have typed the articles for the day, you can celebrate it by taking a rest, playing computer games for awhile and so on.
Once you did this, you will automatically feel like an important person and hence, it gives you the positive internal state that you need. Share with your parents, your spouse and your best friends about the future you want to have.
I’m not saying that you should leave your friends and go to know those rich and successful people out there.
And even if they do, their opinion might not be accurate because they are not investors themselves.
On the other hand, if you are with the average people, highly likely, your topics will revolve around girls, sex, and other un-resourceful topics. The first choice is to continue to dream about the success you want, and the second choice is to wake up and chase for the success and build your future.
If any species of frog appears around your house or near you, this is taken as a positive sign for the Japanese people as well. For its scientific name, ashitaba is known as Angelica keiskei koidzumi comes from the Latin name which usually used for the name of angels or heavens. The content of chlorophyll in this herb can reduce the risk of cancer and encouraging a better health. According to experts, if one collects only the empty shells, they are often faded and not colourful or as attractive as the ones with the animal still alive inside. To those who never heard about Congkak games, Congkak is actually a board game which usually made from wood and has two rows of seven holes that usually named as “Houses” and two bigger holes which called as “Store houses”.
Once you look at this small creature, you cannot help yourself but to just keep on looking at it flying freely in the air with its mixed colors and shapes. With its beautiful looks as this herb is actually is one of the Daisy species flower, none of us have ever imagine the health benefits that Chrysanthemum could bring. This herbal medicine was scientifically proven can help patients that experience blood pressure problem and many other bad health conditions. When you want to go for an important appointment or to meet with a client to negotiate a million-dollar deal, wear your most expensive suites and groom like a professional who is going to close the deal.
This is especially true in today’s world where the lifestyle in the city is hustling and bustling. About two thousand years back in China, this herb was found among the species of the Angelica family. Phoenix was said to resemble another species of bird which is eagle with its brilliant gold and red plumage features. Each of the houses is then filled with seven seeds or marbles and the store houses will be left empty. Butterfly is not just an ordinary insect, but it symbolizes many positive things that can increase human’s energy and zest in life. This amazing plant is actually rich in many nutrients and also minerals like vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, folacin, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and riboflavin which are very vital elements needed in a human body to stay healthy and energetic.
This useful medicinal plant effectively relieves pain in a natural way and it does not give any side effects to human. For instance, you can take a walk in the park, go for a jogging or simply feel the fresh air in your garden. Or if you are working in the office whole day and facing the computer screen, this may be a great way to get relief and to replenish your energy. This longevity herb has many medicinal benefits that can help people which suffering for various types of diseases.

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