This is one of the largest selling business cassette albums ever published, with sales of over $38 million. This program which supplements and enhances Roger Dawson's famous generic negotiating program The Secrets of Power Negotiating, teaches salespeople how to negotiate with buyers and get higher prices without having to give away such extras as terms, freight, installation and training. In this remarkable program, Roger Dawson shows you the strategies and tactics that will enable you to persuade people in virtually any situation. In this program youa€™ll discover dozens of tested techniques and proven-in-action strategies that show you how to: Unleash the a€?hidden energya€? that propels you to do more and accomplish more.
Thank you for your terrific presentation to our Sales Staff and fellow U S Bankers at our National Sales Meeting. This letter is to personally thank you for an outstanding presentation at our recent National Sales Meeting at La Costa. I can't thank you enough for the outstanding presentation you gave to our National Account Managers.
I just wanted to tell you again how pleased I was with your presentation at our National Sale meeting. In today's increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, effective negotiating is the key to personal and organizational success. Having proven negotiation skills training provides you with a competitive advantage in sales negotiations, purchasing negotiations, procurement negotiations, legal negotiations, contract negotiations, supply chain negotiations and much more. Competitors are becoming much more sophisticated and advanced in their approach to negotiations. Understanding the full value of what your organization has to offer and how to best represent that value is critical to profitability and arriving at your desired result.
Secrets of Power Negotiating® training programs are offered in four different formats to meet your organization's or association's needs concerning the time availability, budget, attendee or participant interaction, and negotiation skill mastery required.
Ideal for members of organizations or associations who want to increase their knowledge of the negotiating process, methodology, basic strategies, and tactics, as well as learn several of the key negotiating gambits and countergambits.
Ideal for members of organizations or associations who want to increase their broad knowledge of the negotiating process and methodology, as well as learn a few of the basic strategies and tactics. Are you ready to improve organizational and personal performance, business results, outcomes, and profitability? Negotiation skills training programs and negotiation coaching and consulting services to enhance people's negotiation skills. Learn to negotiate effectively with negotiation training, negotiation education, negotiation seminars, negotiation how to. If you find this review inappropriate and think it should be removed from our site, let us know. When you follow another listener, we'll highlight the books they review, and even email* you a copy of any new reviews they write.

Roger Dawson helps you learn what influences people, and how to recognize and adjust to different negotiating styles, so you can get what you want regardless of the situation.
It's the most in-depth program ever created for selling at higher prices than your competition and still maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. You'll discover why credibility and above all consistency are the cornerstones of getting what you want. Your use of 'H2 Histamine blockers' and 'metered dose inhalers' really caught the audience's attention.
Your dynamic presentation style, coupled with the absolute best lessons 'not just on negotiating' but in dealing with people on a day-to-day basis in every aspect of life, was powerful. You did a great job of holding the attention of our high-powered sales force and still left them wanting more.
Your unique blend of experience, humor, and empathy are what separates you from the numerous other speakers that are out there.
It was quite obvious that you thoroughly researched our company, our marketplace, and our competitive environment, and the result was an entertaining and extremely informative program that was both timely and relevant for our sales organization.
I have never seen evaluation forms with scores as high as you received, and there are repeated requests for future seminars in which you can share your experience. We are negotiating all the time – in our personal and social lives, and especially in our business lives. Do they have a proven negotiating process, as well as negotiation training, experience, expertise, and the negotiation skills to negotiate a Win-Win outcome? With the ongoing consolidation of companies in many industries, purchasing and procurement personnel and contract managers are seemingly left with no choice but to give in to the terms and conditions imposed by some suppliers. They are becoming savvier at negotiating, cutting undisciplined deals that give them bigger gross sales revenue and securing large pieces of business through multiple-year, exclusive supply agreements and contracts.
This workshop is for organizations or associations that want to maximize their training investment and ensure that participants are ready to use their new negotiating skills as soon as they leave the program.
We teach members of organizations and associations how to negotiate effectively through our Secrets of Power Negotiating training presentations, seminars, learning workshops, and sales training programs to improve negotiating skills. Master negotiator Roger Dawson shows you how to get a better deal from your current employer and how to negotiate the best deal from a new employer.
You'll learn verbal persuasion techniques that defuse resistance and demonstrate the validity of your thinking. The decisions you'll make from this point on will be responsible for everything that happens to you for the rest of your life. Of particular delight was the way you incorporated our way of doing business into your presentation. Thank you for emphasizing that there is no work that has a higher rate of pay associated with it than the ability to successfully negotiate.

I was impressed by your ability to integrate our company philosophy, products, and services into your speech.
Our group has a reputation for being the toughest, most skeptical audience that most speakers ever encounter. Step by step, you'll learn to develop an overwhelming aura of personal charisma that will naturally cause people to like you, respect you, and gladly agree with you. You delivered more than you promised and we gained more than we expected.Rose Kleyweg Mitchell, Vice-President. I was particularly impressed with the way you totally customized your presentation, using our terminology and directly addressing our negotiating concerns.Alan Patty, Vice-President. You not only won them over in the first few minutes, they were busy changing plans so that they could attend the afternoon breakout sessions.Bill Bussard, Executive Director.
Negotiating is an essential life skill – not just a skill used in commercial applications. Sloopka's practical experience, distinctive expertise, and insight as your professional and personal negotiating coach®. In fact you'll learn how to win salary negotiations and still leave your boss feeling like he or she has actually won! It's just a matter of mastering the specific techniques that Roger Dawson presents in a highly entertaining manner. It is a fact that the modern salesperson has to be as good at negotiating as he or she is at selling. People who work in various senior management, sales, purchasing, procurement, legal, contract, and supply chain management positions can all benefit from customized negotiation skills training. You'll also learn how to become more valuable to your employer or prospective employer and how to develop power and control over your career and gain an amazing ability to get what you want.
Your personalized approach resonated through all levels of our organization and gave everyone the basics for good negotiating skills.
I listened to your tapes and was able to lower the cost of construction by $20,310!Debra Laizure. The three stages that terrorist negotiators use to defuse crisis situations, and much more.
Break the negative habits and behaviors that can be holding you back from achieving your best. Thanks again for a very entertaining and rewarding presentation.William Fulton, Vice-President and General Manager.

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