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Jim Rohn wisely said, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Decide how much time you want to spend on each piece in advance and keep track of time as you go.
Think about other ways to introduce or reinforce musical concepts: vocal model, hand sign or gesture, facial expression, movement, etc. For newer anthems that have already been introduced, start with the newest or most challenging section rather than automatically starting at the beginning every time. One of the most helpful ways to introduce something new is by using the whole-part-whole sequence: Present the whole anthem first before breaking it into sections and working on details. If you ask your choir to sing something again, give them a specific reason – think about something, change something, adjust a vowel, shape a phrase, listen to each other, etc.
Anticipate your choir’s needs by having a jar of freshly-sharpened pencils, a box of tissues, and a bowl of cough drops nearby for those who need them. For some of your singers, choir rehearsal may be the only opportunity they have to make music each week. Work on developing musicianship and vocal skills that singers can transfer to other pieces. HELLOI'm Ashley - church musician, piano teacher, blogger, and designer behind Doxology Press on Etsy.
10 Theme Ideas for Your Next Choir Program A few weeks ago, I shared a few ideas for keeping momentum in your choir after Easter. I was pretty chuffed with his comment, I must say.  And I don’t mean to brag, but I really do get a lot done.
I have a wholesale and a retail arm to our business, which means twice the amount of planning, social media management, email marketing campaigns, SEO, PPC, copywriting and blogging, etc needs to get done.
Let’s add to that the fact I have 20 staff spread across two offices which are 2,000 miles apart.
What’s more, we’ve doubled our business year on year for the last four years running now when most in our industry would be doing joyful backflips if they got even a 20% increase. Here’s my top 7 secrets that will help you achieve mind-blowing results in your personal growth, daily productivity, sales growth, marketing and profits. Fast decisions can work against me sometimes, but in most cases, making swift decisions on the fly works in my favour. I really love the fact that in small business we have the luxury of being able to assess and test new products on emerging markets so quickly; far quicker than larger corporations can.
So make decisions swiftly then act: Plan, create, execute, measure and assess then keep moving as fast as you can onto the next thing. In all honesty, the idea of detailed annual planning is quite new to me but in my short time of doing it, I can already see it’s worth its weight in gold. I work out the most important things in our business that are going to generate leads and bring in more revenue.
Then I list all the things that we need to do in order to deliver on our promise, they’re the small pebbles. Lastly, I plan out and book out all my yearly holidays, hair appointments, massages, family time, catching up with friends, yoga, exercise and everything else that I do on a regular basis.
Also, as a general rule, if we’re working on a project, I won’t assign a task to more than one person so there can be no passing the buck if the job doesn’t get done.
It’s such a simple practice but it ensures each individual is accountable for his or her own tasks. I used to be a sucker for having 23 tabs open in Chrome and 11 different software programs open on any given day.
I don’t just have my email notifications turned off; I shut it down completely and only check it twice a day. I used to structure my To Do List in order of A, B & C priorities which worked well for years but now I just do High Value, Medium Value and Admin. Each block is 50 minutes long with a 10-minute break in between and I get 30 minutes for lunch. If you haven’t read the book ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod yet then I suggest you check it out. Hal talks about getting up an hour earlier and having a morning ritual that consists of meditation, affirmations, visualisation, reading, exercise and journaling.
I’ve adjusted it to suit my ideal morning but I now wake up feeling like every morning is Christmas.
Of course your vision is going to change over time, you can’t plan for everything, especially in our industry, but the big picture stuff always remains the same. My question to you is that what if that person runs into problems, what is the support system? My staff are all very capable since I hire for the ability to creatively solve problems as much as for their professional skills.
That being said though, we use Wrike to project manage tasks and have lots of conversations and version control going on plus regular meetings on Skype and in person so there’s plenty of support for everyone if they need it.

Thanks a million for the post – all really practical tips and written in a really concise way. I guess he kind of makes other people, even family, work around his busy schedule and they respect that his time is limited.
School holidays and family time becomes one of the big rocks that you need to plan around; for example attending your child’s graduation would clearly be right up there in importance… so in it goes to your calendar before anything else. This is another self-assistance copy that will definitely help both young and old individuals aspiring to be great managers. Your article will help a lot our small business as we want to grow and this year is our first big jump – we will launch not 1 but 2 new services (1 B2B and 1 B2C)! There are many entrepreneurs whose greatest desire is to build a business that allows them to live a lifestyle of their choosing, and have it run more or less on autopilot.
However, if you want to turn your e-commerce store into a massive business, the only thing getting in the way is you.
It might be easy to see your ecommerce business as a hobby or something fun to do in spare time, especially if it isn't earning you millions of dollars yet. A lifestyle business is nice to have, but realize that you can create even greater wealth by focusing on the ongoing growth of your business.
Security concerns, scalability, usability, marketing tools and other factors have to be taken into account when you're looking for the right software to rely on.
If you can figure out where your marketing dollars are going to produce the greatest return on investment, you'll have an easier time bringing in a steady stream of leads.
You can talk yourself up as much as you want, but it's ultimately what people say about your business that's going to have the biggest impact on buying decisions. If you want to sell more product, you have to ensure that your visitors aren't getting frustrated, abandoning their carts and leaving your site to find another store where they can purchase a competitor product. Friction is one of the biggest challenges for most retailers, especially as we move into the mobile age. Choir members can be chatty and they don’t always show up on time and sometimes it feels like you stand up in front of them and say the same. It doesn’t mean setting unrealistic expectations for your group or holding them to unfair standards. Avoid singing repeats or sections they know really well – spend your rehearsal time on things that need rehearsing.
Listen critically to the quality of the sound, tone, balance within the ensemble, breath, phrasing, dynamics, and vowels and consonants. This will help keep your choir engaged and improve retention (source). Encourage singers to take ownership by arriving on time, marking their music, listening, and staying focused in rehearsal.
If your choir is not quite ready to sightread through a new piece, play a recording and have them follow along. Use them to prepare or reinforce new concepts and reference them later on in the rehearsal (another incentive to arrive on time!). Also, make up a few extra folders so you have something to grab when new singers come to rehearsal. Music is music and so much of what we teach and work on in rehearsal is applicable to other pieces – vowels, good breath, tone, vocal technique, diction, etc. Be the best version of all of those things by continuously pursuing knowledge, skills, and education. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
That’s 11 years of solid practice running a design business and figuring out what works… and what doesn’t. Then there’s the fact that these businesses are aimed at two completely different audiences, which makes it even more interesting as I have to constantly shift my head space on any given day.
I don’t like to put anything off til tomorrow or my ‘To Do’ list becomes monstrous and my brain starts to melt.
A lot of entrepreneurs possess this trait but luckily it is something you can master if you’re not comfortable with doing it yet.
Imagine what happens if you put the sand in first, then the rocks, then the pebbles on top; you’d struggle to fit it in all, right? My mentor is a pretty smart guy and he credits his explosive growth to his detailed annual planning, and now, I can see why.
Sure, that’s part of letting go, but it’s how we grow at the rate we do so I’m willing to go with the flow. I’d constantly distract myself by checking email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever really just because. Hal’s got tons of great tips in his book to help you through that shift so I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself if you want to see big changes in your overall performance.
They know exactly where we’re headed and what our goals are for each year of the next five; this brings them a sense of greater understanding to why they do what they do. I’ve bared my all, flaws and all, now it’s your turn. What great habits do you have that you can attribute your success to?
I’m always available to my staff, they can ask me questions whenever they need; they know I have an open door policy (or open phone policy since I’m often in a different office).

Honestly my Web123 retail business pretty much runs like clockwork (years of practice and years of creating simple processes that work) so rarely do I need to step in.
My name and face is all over it, and the whole program is basically everything I’ve learnt in the last 10 years, so if I delegate a task to one of my team then I take extra care to review everything to make sure it’s accurate and in line with what I want to present.
I appreciate that you take the time to share the practices that have gotten you where you are. I love being able to share what works for me… after all it isn’t rocket science and I don’t hold a patent on web business success… unfortunately, lol!
I will be definitely focussing more on planning, vision and using the morning time for meditation and visualisation. I’m not sure I’d call myself ‘incredibly successful’ yet (thanks to Preston who added the super-successful part in my blog title, lol), but clearly with 20 staff I’m getting somewhere.
If you’re not a morning person (I never used to be!) you might struggle initially… so I’d recommend you try it for a month. Most energy is available then, and getting those top priorities out of the way is energizing and motivating … feels good. I’ve been freelance for past 7 years (only had 3 clients but they kept me very busy). Love the see more about how exactly you do the decisions on the fly – what do you combine (female intuition, facts, money, priority, needs) to endorse the right decision. I know a designer who works in the same field in Penrose Creative projects and think that you secrets will help them also. I love the idea of planning your year in advance, beginning with the most profitable, client generating activities. The potential is always there, and you have to make a decision to start putting in the time and effort it requires to scale up.
However, if you sincerely have the desire to grow it into a massive business, you need to act as if it is already. Strive for a balance of new, in progress, and familiar anthems to keep your choir interested and engaged (source). If you need to work with one section, give the others something to do – everyone sing this line together, or sing your part silently, or listen for _____. Write the rehearsal order on the board or hand singers a printed half-sheet when they arrive so they can put their music in order before rehearsal begins (an incentive to arrive a few minutes early!).
When singers pick up their folders on their way in, they’ll have all the music they need.
Wrike also sends the owner of the task an alert when the due date is coming up to ensure it’s not been missed. I’m already feeling mentally de-cluttered, more focused and my team are excited to know exactly what’s going on, waaaaaay ahead of schedule. Organization and keeping a consistent schedule is what I’m focusing on improving right now and this post was yet another inspiration to get consistent. I don’t have to juggle conflicting priorities with kids yet (I have two ragdoll cats which are pretty easy to take care of), but my mentor does and this system totally works for him.
You’ve been incredibly successful and grown a large business, but there are great takeaways here even for the little guy. Then I made my first hire about 8 years ago and discovered the joys of awesomely profitable staff who followed my dummy-proof business processes…. There’s a real sense of peace in the wee hours of the morning, and it sets your mind up for great things in the day. Now I want to develop my business and bring in more clients ( and hopefully in the future start employing people).
I am a very spiritual person : ) and so I am doing something similar maybe not everyday but most of the times.
I noticed how often this was how my emails started which was a red flag that I needed to work on my commitment to my clients and to act faster. Many business owners don't take this step seriously, and end up wasting a lot of their time and resources on marketing that doesn't convert.
Now, instead, imagine placing the big rocks into the jar first, then sprinkle in the pebbles, and then trickle in the sand so it fills in all the gaps; that jar would be pretty full. He told me that he felt guilty that his parents didn’t get to see his kids enough so he scheduled every second Friday to be the day that his parents could come to his house and hang out with the kids. There are several things which come suddenly and most importantly they have to be done immediately then what will you do?? Using this planning method you can fit so much more into your year; seriously, the results will blow your mind. I have lost 28 pounds, feel better about myself when I read my affirmations, say a morning prayer, read a little and get in some exercise.
I also noticed doing a little house work when I wake ( dishes, laundry, etc ) seems to get me into work mode and tackle the day.

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