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If you don't know who Richard Branson is by now maybe this will give you a hint: Virgin Airlines! Richard Branson spends his life creating things that he hopes it might change other peoples lives, that is his satisfaction and that is his success, its not about the money. Entrepreneurs aren't afraid to stretch their boundaries and limits when achieving their goals.
You know also I like is how engaged his Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles always seem to be updated with great value based content that you just want to soak up.

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In order to be successful you must have the right Luck, not the kind of luck like wishful thinking but Lessons Under Correct Knowledge the best way to put it.
There are only a few billionaires with the heart and character traits like Richard Branson who really show who they are and know business.
Basically he knows what he is talking about because he has spent the time to learn these skills and build on developing such amazing companies that rely on his consultancy to bring them and their employees up to speed with the  times.
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You must define what success is to you, according to Richard Branson if he did lose it all he would spend his time learning how to do it all over again.
If Richard Branson wasn't a great business man you wouldn't have books and articles showcasing his 5 Billion Dollars Networth like in this article seen here at CelebrityNetWorth.

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I love how Richard expresses for the Baby Boomers that you should really not let your age stop you from doing something local and get involved in your community. This guy is on top of every new trend and is always two steps forward ahead of everyone else which is the reason he is so super successful wouldn't you say.

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