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Today the telephone can supplement-in some cases even replace-traditional means of marketing and selling. After attending a recent gallery opening and observing what has become the norm for art events, I began to ponder. I started my quest by asking one of the most serious art collectors I know, what was their main reason for collecting art? We agreed that after the first purchase, a collector has begun to train his sensitivities to not just walking past art, but engaging with ita€¦ even acquiring it. I think that is why so much art is sold in tourism centers like Taos or Santa Fe or Carmel or New Orleans. People would sit in their cars and wait as much as a half-hour for their turn to turn right, and quietly stare at the sweet little old ladies sitting in the shade of the oak trees and sipping iced tea, and conversing with other unsuspecting motorists who had gotten boreda€¦ and pulled over. This is not an ideal tourist moment, but nevertheless, these little old ladies were selling $15,000 to $25,000 worth of art, or sometimes even more, over the few weekends in April when they did this.
In recent years we have witnessed firsthand the mercurial career of Leon Collins and his daughter Molly Bee here in Navasota.
I cana€™t tell you how many serious art collectors I have visited with, (and stupidly ignored) fully impressed with my work, promising to buy one of mine a€?someday,a€? as they asked me with a misty eye if I had I ever been to the Indian Market in Santa Fea€¦ Regardless of their attraction to my arta€¦ they wanted THAT kind of experience as they acquired their arta€¦ Did I show anywhere in New Mexico?
Artists have to understand these kinds of psychological dynamics to get a shot at the a€?art collectorsa€?a€¦ many of which do not even think of themselves as such, and never intentionally go to an art gallery at home. To make things tougher, average folks are broke and spend a ton more of their incomes on insurance or taxes than the generations before. I think it will start at a quiet, attractive placea€¦ where people, for whatever reasons, have stopped the merry-go-round and gotten off. Discover why you have better rapport and success with certain prospects and little success with others.
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Ok, so this might be some of the most boring stuff in the world, but it might be of interest to some of you who have very boring lives. I majored in Marketing Management in college and spent the better part of my working life starting and running businesses. When I ran my wholesale and my retail businesses, I focused on every item as a standalone profit center.
I was lucky in that I had done numerous home construction activities with my dad and knew how to use certain tools. One of the quality experiences of growing up was growing a garden directed by our wanna-be farmer - Dad.
When we sold out, we would head home, count up our take, divide it up among each other, and deposit it in our college piggy banks. Now it was true that there were stores that sold doormats, but mine were a€?high qualitya€? rubber mats that were personalized with their names on them, such as a€?Welcome to the Rumplestiltskina€™sa€?. This went pretty well and many were sold, but in order to keep my source confidential it was necessary for me to have them shipped to me and then deliver them. Buying into this scheme, I was selling Christmas cards in March, and by early fall had managed to sell enough to get the radio I wanted.
During our years of grade school, my sisters and I usually took 1st and 2nd place and walked away with nearly all the Virgin Mary statues and second place prizes.
Once again I engaged in child labor by bringing my sister along for these sales expeditions. We quickly found that we had excellent results if we went to the village and called on businesses. It was during this business venture that our nation experienced a traumatic event, the shooting of our 43rd President, John F. When this large company started to experience a profit squeeze, the geniuses at the top decided the best place to cut expenses was the sales people. I would knock on the door of every business in my village and when I ran out of potential customers I took the bus to the city and started there. What made this story interesting was when he called me wanting to buy calendars to give out at Christmas. I showed up with a few discretely hidden samples and my catalog, which would be revealed after the hook and pitch.
Now came the really tricky part, the fruits of the dangerous creativity of the depths of my brain.
I started noticing ads in the newspaper by coin dealers in the city where they were buying silver certificates for $1.05 each. On Friday nights I would race to get my newspapers delivered, hurry to the bank, ask the teller for several hundred one dollar bills and start sorting through them picking out all the older silver certificates. Saturday morning began my journey to the city coin dealer where my $500 would miraculously become $525. Eventually the silver coins became relatively scarce and the sorting became more like panning for gold in a river - more work than the time justified. Having never taken a college marketing class yet, at 13 I was about to discover a classic fact of marketing. There were more wedding customers, and then when I moved on to college my mom continued the business.
I find it fascinating that all the marketing skills we have today were used by people thousands of years ago. At the simpler end of the market, products dona€™t need a brand a€“ they just need to work. Religions, spiritual movements, political ideologies, self-help theories and therapies are all examples of services which can't succeed without effective branding. Having taken over story from early religion, the a€?majora€™ religions introduced a high-profile brand feature: the symbolic individual.
It has been recently recognised that when people make a buying decision, they are not really buying a product but what they believe it will do for them.
Brands have to change to suit circumstance, but the strategy has to be properly thought through.
Deliberate attempts at rebranding in order to reverse a perceived decline often dona€™t work or have unforeseen adverse effects.
Only religion has succeeded in using the carrot-and-stick technique in which negative reinforcers such as guilt, fear and hatred work alongside positive reinforcers such as inclusion, security and reward. From positive and negative reinforcement, the invention of the bad guy as antithesis of the mascot follows easily. The major religions use one tool that commercial products and services can't use: punishment for failing to buy or for ceasing to buy.
Products are often rebranded to match changes in perception, in order to retain customer loyalty.
Subud's problem at present is that its brand is inauthentic, whereas the product itself is quite a good one. The success of a brand depends less on what it actually does than what it promises to do, though it should not mislead. The latihan exercise is practised two or three times a week for half an hour, either alone or in a group, where men and women do the exercise separately (in line with Muslim religious tradition). It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. This guide shows how to generate more leads, sales, repeat business, and referrals by phone and will be welcomed by small- and medium-sized businesses as well as by professional telemarketers and sales representatives. Whatever happened to those shows with similar numbers in attendance where the gallery would easily sell between $2,500 and $15,000 in a single evening, with or without free wine?
Much has changed in the American retail landscape and the American value system, and we as artists must get a handle on the answers to these questions. Over the years my wife has built a very respectable art collection, and not only of my works. People go there for entertainment and food and to be exposed to a semi-exotic atmosphere, and in the process aimlessly walk around and begin to kill time in unfamiliar places, even art galleries, and find a painting in a gallery which becomes the perfect relic of their golden moment to take back home. People are less likely to find and fall in love with a painting for their home in a downtown intersection or a WalMart parking lot. And they did this for years, until the bypass killed the fortuitous art-market traffic jam. But the extended time which was forced on those driving by served to force the unsuspecting art buyers to take a second look. In this case getting out of the car, stepping into Texas small town charm, southern hospitality, iced teaa€¦ and some lovely Texas landscapes was all the serenity this event needed to be successful. It takes a little time and ingenuity, or for us simple-minded souls, perhaps a geographical obstacle to sell a person art.
The natural tendency is for salespeople to sell prospects in a fashion that would cause them to buy. Understand why some prospects do business with you and others don’t – even when you are making the same presentation? Craig guides you through the psychology of personality and how he took his discoveries and adapted them to the real estate business.
In this program discover how Craig Proctor was able to sign 9 out of the 10 seller prospects he would meet with to a listing or buyer contract. Bartha€™s Mini Autobiography - written several year back as a class activity where students and teacher all engaged in reviewing their past. If an item did not produce a profit or contribute to drawing customers to buy other products, something needed fixed. I was involved in the unsavory business of child labor, and to make matters worse it involved my little sister. I dona€™t suggest most 7 year olds be allowed to use a box cutter with a razor blade, but it worked exceptionally well for cutting the string and producing nice clean cuts dividing the wooden slats. When I was a kid there were some older men who had converted old school busses to traveling produce stands. There was something about our soil and the upstate New York weather that made for some great produce.
So on Sunday we would load up the trunk, go to church, and then head off to apartment complexes (where people didna€™t have gardens) and sell our fresh produce. They were somewhat heavy and hard to balance on my bike, so I started looking for other ventures to pursue.
Suddenly there were new radios coming on the market with 12 transistors and I was craving one. Dad convinced me to hold off purchasing anything until after Christmas (when prices would come down), and then offered to give me his old 12 transistor radio. One of dada€™s customers was a ham radio operator with one of those hundred foot tall antennas in his back yard. I noticed an ad for litti??le plastic needle threaders in which you would insert a needle, lay the thread across the top, push this little button, and just like that the needle was threaded! This has some unfortunate similarities to the preponderance of young women found in trade show booths. They found it interesting that we were so enterprising and were more that happy to buy our wares. My dad, who had fought in World War II in Germany, went to teachera€™s college for a year dropping out to become a very successful salesman for a large company, and started a family with four kids, lost his job. I would open a bank savings account at banks so I could pester the tellers and manager to get their business. You see, Mauera€™s Funeral Home bought these really fancy desk calendars that looked like they were made of genuine leather (they werna€™t) and were mailed out to the over 6,000 residents of our town of Liverpool, NY. This is where the brainstorming occurred that led me to the idea of Ayer Funeral Home Flyswatters. I started by making the argument that with his limited financial resources he would have to make optimal use of whatever advertising specialty he purchased. I pointed out that he would need to target those people that were most likely to be good customers in the not too distant future.
This not only entailed selling people on the idea that they should have the afternoon paper delivered to their door come sunshine (a rarity in upstate NY), rain, or snow, but also involved the collection of money for the subscription. The US Treasury had discontinued printing Silver Certificates about a decade earlier and began circulating Federal Reserve Notes.
My $20 give or take profit might not seem like much, but it was very significant at the time. My competitors were the department stores in the city that had dozens of catalogs that were nearly a half foot thick.
There was a reason Elmcraft was successful with this concise catalog of above average invitations. Moma€™s have a thing for weddings, so she really enjoyed working with the young girls (although probably not as much as me) and it became almost like a hobby for her that she could make money at. His timing was pretty good since his early working years coincided with the United States becoming the dominant player in the world economy following World War II and the advent of the Marshall Plan.
Stock commissions were high, one could only buy in blocks (100 shares), and the only people who could get live prices were those who had a seat at the brokerage. Instiller of standardized test taking instincts to students in order that they might please state bureaucrats and convince them of their educational prowess and worth to society. I noticed an ad for little plastic needle threaders in which you would insert a needle, lay the thread across the top, push this little button, and just like that the needle was threaded! Dad saw these pens that wrote in either red or blue, somewhat similar to the one you see here.

They may have believed iron age superstitions but they could learn nothing from us about marketing because they knew the secrets of branding: the creation and projection into the market of a generic identity and buying incentive for a product or service thata€™s otherwise difficult to sell. No-one ever bothered to create a brand for spoons or wheelbarrows - but to market a vacuum cleaner, a car or a broadband provider, you need a brand.
Christianity makes full use of the two most powerful marketing words known to man: a€?newa€™ and a€?freea€™.
Logo, corporate identity, endorsements, free offers, unique selling proposition (USP) and perhaps most important of all: story.
Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha are the religious equivalent of brand mascots such as the Jolly Green Giant, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Sunny Jim, Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders.
In the 1990s Wranglers decided to expand from its core product, jeans, into the general clothing market; the attempt was a costly failure a€“ no-one believed Wranglers could make fashionable suits and jackets.
Christianitya€™s claim on universality led to its adopting many of the rites and festivals of paganism on the basis that these were all better expressed in Christian terms. Successful rebrands are the ones we hardly notice as they either dona€™t concern us or offer us more of what we believe we want. In commercial marketing, only positive emotions such as well-being, rewards, security and inclusiveness are addressed. The rewards and punishments are big: eternal bliss in a world after death, contrasted with eternal torture or countless lifetimes of suffering.
In commercial marketing the bad guy would take the form of an anti-mascot whose purpose is to stop you gaining the benefit symbolized by the mascot. Microsoft can't claim, although it might want to, that Mac users will have a terrible life, because there are plenty of Mac users who can easily refute the claim. If the product can be shown not to deliver on its promises, the customer will be disillusioned and look elsewhere. Christianity today places much less emphasis on hell than it did in the middle ages, and accuses no-one of being a witch or a heretic. The claims a€“ spiritual development without doctrine or hierarchy a€“ are at variance with the facts. At the time of writing there is a furore over Subud's perceived anti-gay stance based on statements such as 'Homosexuality is not allowed by religion and it is not allowed by God.
Their use of 'loss leaders' is a manipulative ploy that exploits people's willingness to believe what they are told as long as it comes from a trusted authority.
His talks contain a wealth of material from Javanese, HIndu, Muslim and Naqshbandi Sufi sources. When I began to market my works forty years ago, there were plenty of middle aged professionals who were buying art for their homes and offices. She has deliberately snagged a good dozen of my works, but she and I have also purchased as many other works by other artists. It might be that they will have an encounter with art at a hospital waiting room or a restaurant. I used to tell them, as a professional who had been a part of many shows and one who had promoted a few on my own, I had never seen the kind of success they had at a bottleneck intersection in a backwater town.
The traffic is stopped twenty times a day, every day, 52 weeks out of the year, by long, boring trains. And most art cannot compete with a cheap video game when it comes to visual and mental stimulation. You will learn how to quickly identify the personality type of your prospect so you can determine which sales style will be most effective. Craig Proctor says this is not true and to be super-successful you must, “Sell others as they would like to be sold”.
This is my version of a€?no child left behind.a€? The only difference is that with students, I cana€™t fix everything. We had some old wood blinds on several windows in our basement, which my dad decided to throw away and replace with something more modern.
The box cutter was out of site and after teaching my 5 year old sister how to weave these slightly over 10a€? slats together, I resorted to child labor for the real work.
We had tomatoes that made anything I have seen since seem dry, flavorless and ridiculously pathetic. If you wanted something not sold in a local store, you could usually find it in a magazine somewhere. For those of you who ever find yourselves involved in the business of sales, you must find a way to create excitement or romance in your product. Transistors were actually the beginning of the technology revolution that got us where we are now. He slowly convinced me that the radio they were offering was not worth the amount of money I could get paid if I took the cash instead. I was able to buy these for something like 15 cents in quantity, and the selling price was either 49 or 59 cents, so the profit margins were nice. Fortunately I was using this as another teaching and learning experience by having my sister act as bookkeeper and counting peoplea€™s change. Many people would give us a quarter and after my sis pulled out their nickle and penny change, they would just tell her to keep the change. John Kennedy had impacted the country and the world by providing inspiration, hope and challenge. At some point he needed some business cards and was looking for somewhere to get a better deal and stumbled across this company out of Chicago, called National Press. You name it, if a company could have its name printed on it and give it away to lure new customers, I sold it.
The owner had appeased me with a tiny order - probably to be a€?nice to the kid.a€™ My newspaper route ended at the funeral home doorstep, and on cold winter days I would sometimes go in to warm up and see if I could use the phone to get a ride home rather than walking.
He had calculated his expenses and knew he would have to undercut Mauera€™s prices if he expected to get any customers. While calendars at that time could cost from thirteen cents to a half dollar, plastic flyswatters could be had for as little as a five cents complete with company name and all. There were a lot of people in town and he couldna€™t afford to purchase one a€?whatever it would bea€™ for everyone. And old people had a particular disdain for flies and all kinds of free time to pursue them to their untimely death match with a flyswatter!
The older silver certificates were redeemable for actual silver dollars (about an ounce worth) and silver was rising in value. I always expected them to tell me to get lost since this was somewhat of a nuisance for them, but since I had an account there and was always nice to them they continuously accommodated me.
To give a sense of this, a gallon of gas cost 33A?, so $20 was more like $200 in todaya€™s money. However I was able to adapt to the market since the dealers began buying up the silver coins in circulation at the time.
I spent some time with her and mom explaining how the pricing worked and then left my catalog with her for several days. Needless to say, his portfolio benefited and in doing so perked the interest of me in my youth. In much early religion story is the only clearly identifiable factor a€“ creation myth, disaster myth and divine intervention, making religion indistinguishable from story at the ordinary level. Early religions certainly had heroes, but Heracles, Perseus, Theseus, Osiris, Apollo, Thor, Krishna and others were not the sole focus figure of their respective religious frameworks. Think of the famous campaign for margarine based on the slogan a€?I cana€™t believe ita€™s not butter.a€™ People bought the margarine in the belief that it tasted as good as butter. You may believe that a sports shoe with a flash on it will make you run faster than one without. To survive in the market a business must grow, and for that it needs an effective strategy. User endorsements are the most reliable way of creating confidence in a product or service whose claim is unverifiable in advance.
More recently Pepsi-Cola tried one last effort to reverse its decline against Coca-Cola by rebranding itself with the colour blue, thereby shrinking its market share still further. There is no evidence that Christians originally believed Jesus to have been born (of a virgin) around the time of the winter solstice or to have been crucified and resurrected around the time of the spring celebration; but as these were major pagan festivals it was expedient to rebrand Christianity according to the pagan calendar. The commercial marketing industry has learned that whenever a negative reinforcer has been tried it has always failed, sometimes spectacularly, as in the 'You're Never Alone with a Strand' cigarette campaign.
To get people to believe these claims required, and still requires, a massive marketing effort. Religion can claim what it likes about eternal punishment because its claims can't be proved false. They aim to expand their membership, and in order to do that they must have an effective marketing programme based on a strong brand. Like many other spiritual movements Subud also plays the 'tradition' card: offering a connection that goes right back to the beginning. In order to get round this difficulty and retain customer loyalty the promise of all 'major' religions is that the reward lies in another domain, i.e.
Current Pope Francis says things like a€?When God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person? Supermarkets, like politicians and spiritual leaders, use various strategies to project themselves as trustworthy, friendly and 'on the customer's side'. Much of the material deals with the correct conditions for doing the latihan exercise, the 'lower forces' contained in the nafsu (passions), the organisation of the Subud movement and the setting up of businesses.
This consists of asking a question, putting oneself into the surrendered latihan state, and seeing what comes through. I asked her, among other things, what does the art do for her, and what was it that she knew, that made her collect art rather than spend her money on something else.
I always imagined a funny cartoon where the innocent-looking little old ladies drew straws to see who would spread nails in the road to make flat tires to cause traffic congestion whenever sales declined. Leon has usually set up his works several blocks from the tracks, where people can get bored and pull over. We had those incredible tomatoes, green peppers, onions, carrots Bugs Bunny would die for, cantalopes, and lots more.
People buy things because they become emotionally attached to the product or the idea of having the product. Just as I had saved enough free money (Dad insisted we save 9 of every 10 dollars for college, so that left one free dollar for spending), my dad had a brilliant idea. He said this way I could keep my money, have my own slightly dated 12 transistor radio, and use his new one when I was in the house. This was a philanthropic endeavor without a profit motive (so I wasna€™t totally greedy) although there was an element of school guilt and competitiveness involved. Two of our best were going to bowling alleys in the late evening after the bowlers had imbibed a few drinks and were a little loose with their money, and hitting office buildings. The sales pitch was that it would save your eyes - a strong selling point for elderly people! After a while she tired of this process and decided to cut to the chase and just ask if they wanted their change. I was growing up in what I considered a slightly boring town in upstate NY, and was always sending off for anything that would produce a flow of mail.
It was he who challenged America to go to the moon by the end of the decade - which we did!
There is a lesson here for kids who have a great plan to be a sports star or something else, but dona€™t think your education is essential for long term success.
The problem is that when you cut the sales force, you not only cut expenses, but you cut off your income.
At about 14 years old I got in to see the President of Syracuse Savings Bank on the top floor of one of the most prestigious buildings in Syracuse, NY.
One evening I didna€™t find anyone upon entering so I walked around and ended up walking in on the assistant fixing up a body. Ayer pulled me aside and told me he had been waiting for me to come by and dropped the big bombshell on me. Sooner or later in most cases it would pay off, when someone would die and the a€?who ya gonna calla€? phone number was right there by the telephone on the desk.
He certainly couldna€™t afford to replace a calendar every year, along with the necessary postage which could double the costs. It was being used more in industry as electronics became more popular(remember the transistor radio) and as people started taking more and more pictures with the arrival of the Kodak Instamatic camera (film was made with silver).
I would go around to shop at the department stores, have lunch (which always included a milkshake) at one of the little luncheonettes that were popular back then, and a visit to the Lowea€™s Theater for the latest movie (hopefully a James Bond feature).
At the very least I could get to spend a little time soliciting her (to buy my wedding invitations). The next time I saw them they gave me the dreaded news that they were making a weekend trip to the city department stores to see what they had to offer. My potential customer and her mom thought they would spend a few hours in the city and it turned into nearly a weekend. I would observe dad monitoring his stocks in the newspaper, recording their values and dividends on paper spreadsheets, and reading Fortune and Forbes magazine business articles. Because the more complex or rarefied the product or service, the harder it is to establish a perceived benefit in advance of purchase.
Later religions owe much to their use of story to address psychological problems such as insecurity and guilt.
In the Middle East the cults of Tammuz, Adonis, Zardush (Zoroaster) or Mithras lost a€?market sharea€™ to the monotheistic religions, despite sharing many of their features, because the latter had stronger brands. In the consumer market, the incentive is money, and people with proven marketing skills are very highly paid.
There are such things as stable, non-market-driven economies operating without the assumption that more is better and that security comes from having the most stuff. More successful have been McDonalda€™s attempt to claw back public goodwill lost in the junk food furore by projecting itself as sustainable and energy-efficient; tourist destinations such as Ireland, Tunisia and Egypt use seductive advertising to overcome the fear of terrorist attacks. Islama€™s pioneering and disinterested pursuit of science and philosophy increased the acceptability of its brand in medieval Europe.
People always associate the brand with the dominant emotion, even if the product is portrayed as conquering it. The Hamburglar tries to steal hamburgers away from children, and Ronald McDonald gets them back. This, however, undermines its case to be stating the truth (see Karl Popper, falsifiability theory). It should come as no surprise to any Subud member who has read this far that Subud has such a programme. It is also universalist: the 'one stop shop' - you can get everything you need here, why bother looking elsewhere?
It must either endorse the statements and practices of Pak Subuh and his followers, in which case it officially becomes a popularised Javanese cult (nothing inherently wrong in that), or revert to its original form in which such things are of peripheral interest compared to the 'product' (the spiritual exercise), the USP (no teaching, no hierarchy) and the story (how Pak Subuh received the latihan) which, again, is quite a good one.
Having acquired the trust and confidence of their customers they are then in a position to make statements and carry out actions which are not questioned. It claims to have no hierarchy, no teachings and no other set practice than the surrender exercise.

Now I have to ask myself, what is an art collector, and how does one become an art collector? Every mothera€™s son headed to Austin, every couple out for a weekend drive in the country to see the bluebonnets, every poor unsuspecting motorist who went down HWY 290 had to go through Hempstead and wait at the red light to go to parts beyond. Leon has become a permanent icon over the years on the downtown Navasota landscape, sitting out in front of Tejas Antiques and exhibiting his art. Artists will have to figure out how to make their works relevant for the average consumer, and how to find them in todaya€™s maze of retail distractions. Everything is based on learning, and therefore talk, mindless work and fluff activity, etc. She must have felt this was just like a kindergarden activity, and I may have offered some small pittance for her effort, so she willingly became my production grunt.
He then pointed out that with Christmas coming, there would be new and more incredible radios being sold, another advantage of waiting a while.
The only downside is that I didna€™t learn enough languages to appreciate everything at my disposal.
I had to explain that that was bad business, and she would have to continue going through the ritual.
As a young person who had experienced his passion and inspiration, I was very saddened by our loss of his leadership.
I didna€™t sell him anything since he said they were contracted with some other company (interesting how the top guy in the bank had no power). He was going to open his own funeral home and wanted me to help with ALL his printing needs.
The payoff for my consulting was one of the biggest printing orders yet - everything he needed - business cards, stationary, envelopes, announcement cards, etc. After the nickle bus ride, lunch and a movie, I still usually had 95% of my profit when I got home. Interestingly, the current price of silver is around $30 an ounce and at one point peaked at around $50 a few years back. Unfortunately I already knew, since I had already done my research and checked out my competition. One only needs to look at the bureaucracies in education from the federal and state DOE, down to the district level to see how out of control top down complexities do not lead to better performance, but rather inefficiencies. I subsequently emulated him by scouring through these looking for little hidden entrepreneurial gems I could utilize in my own pursuits. An effective brand will not only persuade a customer to buy, but also ensure continued purchase (a€?brand loyaltya€™). Convince people they are getting something for nothing and theya€™ll not only flock to buy your product, theya€™ll be grateful! To solve these problems they first had to establish ownership of their solutions, in exactly the same way as a marketing campaign for GM food claims to solve third world hunger, or a supermarket a€?beats the recessiona€™ by claiming to create jobs and slash prices.
Not surprisingly, societies with non-expansionist economies tend to have non-expansionist religions, if they have religions at all.
Islamic religious tracts are full of a€?so-and-so saida€™ or a€?so-and-so heard such-and-such saya€™. The dogmatist Al-Ghazali single-handedly reversed that trend by introducing the idea that God was directly involved in every natural phenomenon, therefore nothing could be studied in the absence of theology. This particular campaign was predictably short-lived, since it followed the rule that advertising which focuses on a negative attaches the negative to the brand.
There World Subud Association (WSA) hosts regular discussions about promoting the message of Subud and protecting its reputation. The appeal of a single product 'specially formulated' for all types of application - engine oil, shampoo, plant feed etc. Pak Subuh said, 'you will only know the benefit of the latihan after you die' (1985, S Widjojo Centre, Jakarta). There are customer endorsements aplenty, the logo is strong, the free offer is there ('no charge, contributions welcome') a€“ everything is in place but one: a clear and accurate brand. Powerful marketing tools such as logo, endorsement, free offer, unique selling proposition and story access the emotional, not the logical part of the brain. The key element is belief in God (the latihan exercise is believed to be guidance and direction from the power of God). Sometimes that light would have cars backed up all the way to DiIrios Fruit standa€¦ a good mile back towards Houston. They would roll up on a cylinder when closed and unroll to keep the light out of the window when lowered.
I didna€™t really think about the fact that wood can burn, and I didna€™t have a product liability lawyer at the time. I was not into bookkeeping at the time so I dona€™t really remember how much profit this venture made for me, but it certainly inspired my appetite for future ideas and making money. So this idea was that I could sell Christmas cards for this company he came across, and they had all these toys and electronics you could get if you sold enough boxes.
Admittedly that was a major enticement, and my craving for the latest technology allowed me to postpone immediate gratification for the promise of something better later on.
Like I said - dad was an incredible salesman, and I was still a pretty gullible eight year old. Needless to say that sold me on the idea of starting my own business after seeing that people who work for organizations frequently become little puppets with no control of their destiny or ability to make their own decisions. I didna€™t point out the irony of the funeral director needing to utilize his competitora€™s services after the suicide. I then questioned him on the demographics of these people as a group (ignoring things like auto accidents and stupid teenage stunts gone badly). They could be given to local businesses to give away as a courtesy to their customers at checkout. This cycle repeated itself on most weekends for several months creating more money for college. This was a lot more work, especially once the half dollars and quarters were gone and only dimes were left.
Despite the fact that I had some of the best quality invitations at extremely competitive prices, I feared the immense selection would win out. Then look at the most successful company in the world right now, Apple which now is worth more than any other company in market capitalization, a company that does not have one committee, that simplifies its products into three or four models of each item. Somewhere during this process I got the bug to invest in other companies other than merely my own inventions. The story of the specially-engineered solution to the perceived problem becomes part of the brand. In the established a€?brandsa€™ there is a payment for services rendered: the notion that if one a€?buys ina€™ to certain ideas, one gets something in return - heavenly rewards, increased merit, good fortune, nirvana or some such thing, desire for which has been created and developed by the marketing department concerned.
The religions with the most aggressive strategies arise out of market economies, and offer bonuses for spreading the word. Christian scriptures and hagiographies consist largely of deeds, sayings and observations recorded by witnesses. This led directly to the loss of Islama€™s lead in technology and the decline of its global influence a€“ something that Al-Ghazali could not have intended. This resulted in people associating the product with the negative emotion and abandoning it in droves.
He has had the most successful career in art I have ever seen with no business card, no website, no advertising, not even a real gallery.
Since they were headed for the trash anyway, any money I could get for them would be all profit!
I do recall setting the price at $1.00 which was a tidy sum in that day - it would have bought 4 gallons of gas.
We would go to the village dump and scavenge for bigger speakers from old TVa€™s or radios that we could hook up by splicing the connections on our old headphones. I sent away for their kit and they really did have a great radio in their catalog of gifts you could earn. Ironically this is the decision we must continually confront when making technology purchases today. One thing I will say about back then, our candy bars were a decent value unlike many of the overpriced things being peddled today.
I realized that if I built up a subscriber base of customers, it would produce a regular income flow as long as I delivered the paper to my customers.
I dona€™t think I raised all that much, but did receive a very nice thank your from the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. There were many more buildings and doors knocked on - lawyers, accountants, medical offices - and many items sold.
Here was someone preparing to go up against one of the most established businesses in a small town, where a sizable investment and large stately home was required. The greatest part was that although the silver certificates were becoming more scarce, the price being paid for them kept increasing. When I was reading an article involving marketing concepts back in high school, I remember reading that if you are going to sell ties, you should have a variety of low priced ones, medium priced ones, and high priced ones.
It is possible to influence people radically, but one must first know what they believe, or are willing to believe.
This concept of divine remuneration is central to all the a€?greata€™ religions, whose designers established such promised rewards as physical resurrection from the dead, eternal life in paradise, or freedom from reincarnation and attainment of eternal bliss; a benefit that they not only expected to receive themselves but offered as an incentive to others. Some of them eulogise martyrdom a€“ what could be a better customer endorsement than the willingness to defend a product to the death? Brand loyalty is built on the fact that the more opinions you hear reinforcing a certain sales message, the more likely you are to believe it yourself.
Judaism a€?rebrandeda€™ itself successfully after the sack of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, by removing the requirement for sacrifice and instituting the synagogue and the rabbinate.
The initial spread of Subud a€“ a God-centred organisation a€“ was solely due to the efforts of a man displeasing to God. Ita€™s just access to travelers, who are killing time, forced to consider him, and seduced into the serene, intimate, small town experience of meeting him and making a new friend.
I think we discounted some, but nonetheless, had I pursued this idea further I could have been the first person to open one of the many successful varieties of dollar stores in existence today!
I learned that if I took my radio out to the street in front of our house and held it next to some of the wires running down the telephone pole, I could pick up some radio stations from all over the country. This is a critical rule of marketing which many companies never get - no amount of gimmicks and salesmanship can overcome a crappy product or poor value.
I did just that and also became an avid reader of the news that Grit saw fit to print at the time. This led to numerous discussions about the logistics involved in this brazen attack on Mauera€™s business. They left bewildered and confused, returning to the comfort of my simple but beautifully presented products and good value pricing.
If there are too many price points the customer usually gets confused and walks away empty handed.
Earlier religions had less well-developed incentive schemes; as a Viking warrior who died in battle you might go to Valhalla and drink mead, but only in order to fight again with Odin at the last battle of Ragnarok! The ultimate customer endorsement, dying for the brand, seems excessive to most people today but nevertheless fits the category.
This fundamental reconfiguration enabled it to survive without the core elements by which it had previously defined itself, but limited the brand's appeal. This if nothing else places Subud in a ludicrous position and I find it most odd that no Subud leader has ever publicly remarked on the fact, certainly not Pak Subuh himself nor his daughter Ibu Rahayu (currently the main Subud opinion-former). So I employed a little 3rd-5th grade mathematics (remember I was only seven so I was still in 2nd grade) and measured the slat length, calculating how long they would need to be to get three segments out of each. Although I was not a paid consultant, it really meant a lot to me that this guy in his thirties valued the advise of this kid who was only 13, even though admittedly I had a lot more experience starting businesses, small as they were.
Due to the sorting challenge, it I usually fell fairly short of my goal so lugging all 28 pounds didna€™t happen too often. I got the order for invitations, reception cards, response cards, all the envelopes, engraved champaign glasses, personalized matchbooks & cocktail napkins, engraved cake carving knife, and more! As an ancient Greek or Egyptian you would expect your behaviour in life to determine your fate after death, but you would have no concept of special bonuses for promulgating the faith, or dying for it.
A customer has bought the product and is so satisfied with it that he makes his satisfaction public in the most irrefutable way possible. I don't know any anti-gay Subud members and the ones I know share my personal view that Pak Subuh's doctrines are at best quaint, at worst inaccurate and ignorant. Once this was accomplished, the slats were marked for cutting prior to the connecting string being cut. Once your reputation is established it is exponentially (a math term) more difficult to fix than to merely start over from scratch!
What is it that old people have in nearly every room of their house (unlike a calendar), and in fact frequently deem so important that they might carry it around with them to have instantly handy at a moments notice?
The good part was that the price rose up to over 15A? an ounce, which more than made up any difference and boosted profits. They were a little concerned doing business with a 13 year old, but I assured them that since we were ordering so far in advance of the wedding, they would have plenty of time to order elsewhere if the a€?kid didna€™t come through.a€™ I never realized people spent so much on weddings, and this might have even conditioned my thinking towards not getting married too young. But remember that brands do not appeal to common sense, but to the emotions, first of all building desire and then positioning a product or service so as to appear to fulfil that desire.
It might be thought a bit odd that in Christianity the mascot (Jesus) endorses the brand (dies for his belief) in order first of all to create it. It underwent various tranformations on its journey, most noticeable of which is the alteration of the Buddhaa€™s image from Indian thin to Chinese fat, representing the change from the original Indian ideal of balance and discipline to the Chinese one of happiness and prosperity. Customer loyalty has to be very strong to overcome this problem, and latihan experience itself is often the overrider. It would be as if the Jolly Green Giant advertised tinned peas by writing his own testimonial on the tin a€“ it wouldna€™t work, because we know the Jolly Green Giant is not real. Which explains why the early struggle of Christianity centred on proving the historicity of Jesus. If the brand mascot is a real person, not just a symbol, it can do all kinds of things a mere icon cana€™t do. I pointed out that he would never get the uppity clientele that was the usual Mauer customer anyway and therefore had nothing to lose. The slogan would have people talking and could even generate free publicity like newspaper articles.
Fear of the unknown is a very powerful human emotion not easily overcome, even by a great 14 year old salesman.

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