If you look at the new screenshots, the demo does not reflect all the new models and graphical changes.
By clicking SIGN UP, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. We at Dreamcraft entertainment is proud to announce that our title Dark Secrets has finally become available to the public! This however doesn’t mean we are done because we want to be able to deliver the best possibly experience.

As soon as the patch is green-lit and has gone through our rigorous quality control we will release the patch which if everything goes smoothly will be sometime next week.
I told you that I was going to post links to where you can get your hands on a copy, and so I shall. We are currently working on the last touches of the 1.01 patch, which fixed a lot of small things in the game as well as restoring some minor content that didn't make into the released version. You can do this by either Liking us on Facebook, subscribe to our Youtube channel or just talk about the game too your friends over a warm cup of coffee.

Jenny knows that someone here holds the key to what really happened to Liza that night, but if she doesn’t find out the truth soon, she may become the next victim. In The Deep End of Fear, Kate has tried to bury the horrible memories associated with the Westbrook estate.

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