Examines the laws of physics that govern the universe, covering such topics as planetary motion, Newton's three laws of motion, gravity, the behavior of gases, and quantum mechanics. According to the latest physics theories, our universe has been expanding at an ever increasing rate ever since the Big Bang, and that rate will continue to increase.
Even better, though, in another part of the infinite cosmos, Batman is real, and he is kicking crime’s ass. Weaving the great tangle of alternate histories into a coherent ultimate timeline is both an art and a science, and it is a gift that I believe God has blessed me with. If the universe we think we know is a shadow of the one true universe, then the one true universe shouldn’t deviate too much from our own, or it would become unrecognizable.
I have a pretty high threshold, but even I have my breaking point, so the moronically bad story lines just never happened.
SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE aims to capture the excitement and ground-breaking science unfolding at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN–one of the largest scientific enterprises ever undertaken by humankind.
This amazing program explores the most fundamental laws of nature under investigation at the LHC in Geneva, Switzerland. We begin our film a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang that spans the unfolding cosmos to present day.
It is an extraordinary tool for the exploration of the unknown, including what happened in the Big Bang, how particles have mass, the nature of dark matter, and more.
For the first time, Giant Screen film audiences will be given an insider’s view of this colossal research laboratory as our cameras fly through the massive collider tunnel, providing a kinetic giant screen encounter with this amazing tool of science. With the help of spectacular CGI animation, the film will visualize the discoveries of the team at the LHC and explain in layman’s terms their importance and implications for humanity. A world premiere of Secrets of the Universe will occur with the initial release of the 40-minute Giant Screen film in a major media market; launch events will occur in other markets as the film rolls out over a 3-5 year period worldwide. We are thrilled that the following museums and science centers agreed to be official theater advisors as part of our successful NSF grant application. In addition to its science center partners, K2 will market the film to the broader Giant Screen and museum theater network on a staggered basis, directly to its network of film buyers and at a series of annual conferences and trade shows.
The theatrical marketplace for science-oriented documentaries has been rapidly expanding in recent years. K2 will support the launch of the film with a national PR campaign, augmented by local PR efforts of theaters.
As with its past four films, K2 will utilize YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to announce film openings, events, and free ticket opportunities. CERN physicist Rolf Landua will fly from Geneva to speak at partner theater openings, as will Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez, Deborah Berebichez, and Dianna Cowern. This related content would serve to promote the film itself, as well as independently delivering the project’s messages in alternative formats to additional audiences.
Scientists from around the world will share their passion of discovery and describe their ambitions.
David Reneke, one of Australia’s most well known and respected amateur astronomers and lecturers, has over 40 years experience in astronomy with links to some of the world’s leading astronomical institutions. David teaches astronomy at college level, is an invited speaker at astronomy conventions throughout Australia, a feature writer for major Australian newspapers, and is a science correspondent for ABC and commercial radio stations.
David is a very experienced astronomy and space presenter who has entertained and educated many tens of thousands of people with his engaging shows in venues all around Australia. Since 2004, David has been touring most of the primary and secondary schools throughout NSW introducing a new interactive astronomy and space education program that he's developed called 'Astronomy Outreach'. During January and February 2008, David toured the USA on assignment for Sky and Space where he was invited to attend the world press conference in New York for Sir Richard Branson’s new company, Virgin Galactic.
David also visited several key space sites across America including a behind-the-scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and attended the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys.

David’s trip finished up with the grand finale of being the invited guest to Buzz Aldrin’s home in Beverly Hills, California. Underground physics lab SNOLAB in Ontario, Canada is helping humans unearth the secrets of the universe, including the potential existence of dark matter. Two kilometers under Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, one can find a vast physics laboratory that is unraveling the deep secrets of the universe. The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, the world’s deepest clean underground lab, is a high-tech facility allowing scientists to study neutrinos. This evidence requires modifying the Standard Model for elementary particles, as well as confirms solar model calculations with great accuracy, states the Perimeter Institute of the measurements that won McDonald the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics and 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. Pope explains that neutrinos are highly elusive and sensitive, and it is very difficult to observe them because they barely interact with anything. Also making these particles slippery are their three different types, allowing them to change identities in a way that can be compared to how a chameleon lizard changes its hue depending on the background. Knowledge of neutrinos, Pope asserts, will tell humans about the entire universe and, on a more practical sense, pave the way for more discoveries and tech innovations.
The lab, for instance, is engaged in around half-dozen experiments on dark matter, which are also very difficult to find and demands a very isolated experiment.
Cei mai mari fizicieni ai secolului XX au fost responsabili de unele dintre cele mai importante descoperiri ?tiin?ifice din intreaga istorie umana. Timp de peste 5.000 de ani, raul Oxus, azi Amudaria, a facilitat dezvoltarea unei misterioase civilizatii antice. Aceasta este povestea adevarata a nasterii si infloririi civilizatiei in Orientul Apropiat si Mijlociu si a uriasei sale influente asupra Occidentului.
Scientists think that eventually, the universe will have existed so mind-bogglingly long and be expanding at so mind-bogglingly fast a rate that it will rip itself apart. I love Doctor Who, I really do, but if you start introducing time travel, even just a little, everything unravels into an incoherent mess. Through this film, we aim to re-energize and refocus the collective conscious on the value of cutting edge scientific advancement.
We transition 300 feet underground to the most extraordinary research lab on Earth: the Large Hadron Collider, 17 miles in circumference, representing billions of dollars of investment and years of work by thousands of scientists. These fundamental questions being asked by CERN physicists have challenged the human mind for centuries. As such, we will support the underrepresented groups in physics as a whole, namely women and minorities, as well as provide youth with a greater science understanding. We aim to exceed that goal in order to produce a full-length feature film for IMAX and other Giant Screen theaters in 3D and 2D to a much broader audience, allowing us to enable a greater understanding from the general public and acquire support and progress in the scientific community. Based on historical performance of its catalogue, K2 can reliably project an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide for Secrets of the Universe in theatres, on TV, and through other media over the first 5 years. The film release will also be promoted through a series of media events and film screenings at targeted locations in the U.S. K2 will also assist theaters to recruit local physicists to speak at film events and science cafes produced by the museums.
We’ll see the parallel between science and imagination as they collaborate with CGI artists to creatively interpret their experiments and discoveries. David is the Editor for Australia’s Astro-Space News Magazine, past news editor of Sky & Space Magazine and is now affiliated as a writer and publicist for the prestigious Australasian Science magazine.
In these weekly radio interviews David regularly appears on over 60 networked stations across Australia with all the latest news and on general astronomy and space discovery issues.
David has been featured on Regional TV stations in NSW, Good Morning America, American MSNBC news, the BBC, Spanish television and Sky News here in Australia. David has developed a style of presenting astronomy and space discovery to the public that is not only interesting but incredibly unique as well.

Designed especially for Australian school students and their teachers, it gives students a refreshing new look at the latest discoveries in astronomy and space science. David witnessed the unveiling of Branson’s brand new concept spacecraft ‘Spaceship-2’ heralding in private space travel. He was invited for a 2-night stay at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona where he spoke to many professional astronomers and managed to peruse the actual documents and glass plates used by Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto in 1930. In a one-to-one personal interview and conversation with the second man to walk on the Moon, David has gained a much deeper insight of this history-making flight from the man who actually carried out this unique feat. In the sheltered darkness deep into the Canadian Shield, this underground den aids physicists venture into cutting-edge science, such as the search for elusive dark matter. Created when the sun shines, trillions of them flow through the human body and right through the planet every second, seemingly as naturally as sunlight beams through one’s windows.
This led the SNOLAB experiment to be well-shielded, going two kilometers underground with two kilometers of rock protecting from all types of outside particles interfering with the neutrino signal. If dark matter indeed exists, its particle will likely collide with another particle in the lab, giving off a burst of energy that scientists can detect.
De la descoperirea atomului la in?elegerea misterelor cosmosului, in?elegerea umana a fost redefinita. We may be receiving light today from a galaxy that was 10 billion light years away from us 10 billion years ago, but today, thanks to expansion, that galaxy is more like 30 billion light years away. Keep in mind that at this point nothing will exist but black holes and they will be so far spread apart that any stray photons they would happen to emit would never reach each other.
The film will utilize live-action footage filmed at the LHC, stunning scientific visualizations, and artistic interpretation to reveal some of the most compelling scientific stories of our time — including the discovery of the elusive Higgs boson. In total, based on our past film performance, we expect Secrets of the Universe to be shown in over 150 of these types of theaters.
In addition, the Giant Screen film will be supplemented by a digital media campaign, featuring a digital hub website, plus a digital channel with original short-form shows and curated video submissions from a variety of sources on related subject matter to be syndicated over the web. He also produces a range of educational CD-ROMS on all matters associated with astronomy and space exploration for beginners. Austar and Discovery Science channel financially and physically sponsor David’s outreach program promoting him to schools across NSW.
He was the only media representative invited to ride the astronaut training facility at their NASTAR headquarters in Philadelphia.
We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers. Incluzand imagini din trecut, acest documentar fascinant aduce la via?a personalita?ile ?i descoperirile fizicienilor, al caror impact inca define?te lumea de azi. But the cool thing is this: you know what happens when you rip a nearly infinite number of black holes spread nearly infinitely far apart?
On a recent visit during 2009 the program donated a telescope and a $2,000 grant to each school visited. Descoperi?i pove?tile din spatele ?tiin?ei lui Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman ?i Stephen Hawking. You get an infinite number of Big Bangs, creating an infinite number of new universes that will start the process all over again. It is a universe like our own, but turned up to 11, where all of the coolest things imaginable are all mashed together and coexist side by side in the real world.
As host of his own program for many years, David has won major Australasian awards for his services to radio.

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