Ladies, add these ten beauty secrets to your treasure chest to save time during your morning routine and ensure that you are always looking (and feeling) your very best. Hunting ocean or sea beaches is more difficult than detecting freshwater beaches because of iron magnetite (black sand) and salt minerals - so called "salt pockets" - clusters of concentrated sea salt, that are plentiful especially in wet sand. If not a proper metal detector is used, iron and salt mineralization will cause numerous false signals and make this metal detector useless, especially on wet sand and in water. Because of the differences between searching methods, metal detectors and equipment used for finding lost valuables deposited either on the dry beach or in surf, beach hunting is subdivided into two major types: Dry Sand Detecting & Wet Sand and Shallow Surf Hunting. As long as your metal detector can maintain a proper balancing of salt pockets and black sand without giving you false signals, you might find gold jewelry and coins anywhere on dry portions of the beach. 1) The "blanket zone" - a line parallel to the water, where people put their chairs and lay their beach blankets out. 2) Dressing sheds often have sandy floors or a lot of sand inside them, and when the clothes are changed, losing something valuable can go unnoticed by the owner. 4) The area spreading out from the beach entrance, where there is a steady traffic of people and kids running with money to and from the concession stands. 6) Parking lot area where people park their cars on sand or grass particularly should be searched after the cars have been gone at the end of the day. 7) Depending on configuration and geo-physical relief of the beach, there might be another potential area for search - the sandy wall of the coastline and a strip of sand running at the base of it.

During the powerful winter storms, this natural beach boundary is eroded by waves and gales.
Turn your eye pencil into a smooth gel liner for flawless application and long lasting finish.
The most excruciating part about painting your nails is waiting for them to dry; one misstep and you have to start all over again!
Greasy hair is never a good look, but what do you do when you are running late for work with no time to shampoo? Ladies, always pluck your eyebrows after a shower – the hair will be softer so tweezing will hurt less. Her favourite song is Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Brian Hyland, and yes, she does own a tiny yellow bikini! For instance, a beach hunter with a wading (waterproof) metal detector may venture into the shallow surf to search for more jewelry, and a scuba diver with an amphibious metal detector may switch to the dry beach for fun. The blanket zone is usually close to the high-tide line (mark) where a lot of jewelry items and coins get dropped. All you have to do is hold the tip of the pencil over a flame for two seconds and then let it cool for fifteen seconds before lining your eyes. To dry your talons quickly, immerse your nails in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes instead of waiting for them to air dry.

If you want to smell like a goddess, add a few drops of essential oil or muddled mint leaves to the mix. Dry shampoo is your saving grace, but if you don’t have any on hand, talcum power is equally effective (and much, much cheaper!) All you have to do is rub a little bit of powder into your hairline and you are good to go! As a rule of thumb, always pluck from below as this allows you to maintain the arch of your brow with ease. It should be noted that this portion of the beach is not replenished by the ocean; however, many small personal items including gold jewelry are lost in parking lots when people are dropping valuables out of their pockets and beach bags while looking for the car keys. Some old jewelry and silver coins are exposed in the upper portion of it while a larger amount of them falls down along with sand and gets mixed up with the debris. After applying your lipstick, gently place a tissue over your smackers and brush powder on top.
When you wake up, untangle the braids, spritz on some hairspray, give your tresses a bit of scrunching and you’re good to go.

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