Instinctive achievement is the catalyst for the growth of self-confidence in all of us, beginning at birth.
Many people believe that happiness and success can only come about when we have access to exceptional circumstances such as physical good looks, money, great talent or celebrity status. However as most of us are ordinary, as opposed to extraordinary, it does not lessen our entitlement to a life of happiness and achievements. This book will provide a proven process for everyone to enhance their self-image, and to gain and maintain self-confidence that will last forever.
Tony started studying how self-confidence works when, as a much younger man, he was surprised by some successes, and disappointed with setbacks that he was not expecting.A  After more than thirty years of adjusting personally developed methods, an unbeatable formula revealed itself.
Tony has received many awards for teaching his processes for gaining, and maintaining self-confidence, including Adult Education Tutor of the Year. Tony conducts private consultations, seminars, speaking engagements, and successful business training, on managing self-confidence. As the author of the successful a€?Self-confidence fora€¦a€™ series of books, available around the world, I feel privileged in being able to assist so many people to feel good about themselves everydaya€?.
Terran Lamp is fortunate to be born with the inherent ability to adapt to many lifestyles, cultures and backgrounds. In the meantime, please take a few moments at your leisure to lookthrough the contents of this website and we would love to hearfrom you if we can help you in any way.
One of the great things about SUMO is that while the lessons are innovative and insightful, the material itself is highly accessible. Whether it's a presentation, a workshop or one of Paul's books, SUMO uses simple and direct language, memorable anecdotes and compelling images to make the complex ideas behind SUMO something that everyone and anyone can quickly and easily understand. Our SUMO personality test will help you gain more insight into your personality type and how it may differ from that of the people you deal with on a regular basis.
If for whatever reason you are not entirely happy with any of your purchases then we offer a money back guarantee. Ever wished you could persuade people more easily, have more constructive conversations or connect better with those around you? With brilliant bits of bite-size wisdom and memorable nuggets of inspiration How to Succeed with People will help you to get on better in both your personal and professional life. Simple, practical and most importantly, effective pearls of wisdom to help you get the most out of your relationships with others.
Worry, stress, anxiety - whichever label you prefer to use - can have consequences that impact not only our lives, but the lives of others around us. Sit back, relax and enjoy this live recording from the Sydney Convention Centre, Australia as Paul shares his SUMO, Shut Up Move On message. In this live recording, hear Paul explore three key factors that can help you succeed in a changing world.
SUMO could make an excellent value add for your next conference or the perfect corporate gift.
Paul is so confident that you will find this programme helpful that he offers a full Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied. You know you can do the job you're going for, but how do you convince the person you are applying to? I've absolutely no doubt that your approach can help build resilience and enhance the quality of people's lives, in both medical and educational settings. You use SUMO as a way of having a legitimate and life enhancing conversation with ourselves, forcing us to reflect and aim for what really matters. May I on behalf of everyone at Manchester United who attended your session, thank you for a great presentation.

In our twenty years of running conferences, Paul McGee is the only speaker we have ever invited back. I know that many people personally thanked you on the night for your inspired message and how they had been challenged to change the way they deal with situations.
After listening to your presentation I have made some radical changes to my coaching plans and techniques. Paul McGee speaks from the heart and has a passion that makes his content even more powerful. Out of all the presentations at the conference, your SUMO principles had the most impact on me.
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One of our greatest personal responsibilities is to find happiness and success for ourselves.
Countless people from different cultures and societies, with diverse customs and traditions, have all had their lives improved by following his proven methods. He is particularly sought after by those seeking to improve relationships in their personal and professional lives. Are you ever in a position where you could use a little boost to help you hold your head higher or add an extra bounce to your step? With a Masters in Business Administration from Purdue University, Terran combines a successful career in Corporate America with making her mark as a successful entrepreneur and community leader.
They can be the difference between getting ahead at work, getting your team on board with an idea or getting along well with your family. We may be the healthiest and wealthiest generation that has ever lived, but we’re also the biggest worriers. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind.
Understand why obstacles will occur on your journey to success and how to bounce back from setbacks. We offer excellent discounts on bulk unit orders and can even customise the jacket with your companies logo. Your Relationships will help you manage, maintain, grow and move on, in your key relationships with others and yourself. In this practical and entertaining programme Paul will explore nine proven ways to build better relationships in your personal and professional life. The key for me is that weeks after you have gone people still talk about your messages and are using your ideas in the workplace.
The clarity and simplicity of your explanations are accessible to everyone and I know many patients who would benefit from adopting this approach. The feedback has been excellent and all very positive and I know the ideas within your SUMO message are greatly appreciated.
That above all, explains the benefit we feel we have gained from hearing Paul's SUMO philosophy. Hence I wanted to learn how I could stand out from the crowd as a presenter rather than blend in with the lap top. Staff morale needed to be lifted during this period of change and your approach injected new life into our conference. However it is remarkable that two months on, the messages that you gave us are still remembered and talked about. You have opened up my way of thinking with your extremely motivational and thought provoking SUMO approach.

The average score of how people felt able to cope with change moved from 71% to 94% - a great move, especially starting from a reasonable base. This passion isn’t one of those ‘showman types’ but is based on a deep seated belief in what he has to say and what he has to offer his audience. Could you use something that will remind you just how wonderful you are or help boost a lagging self-confidence? By recognizing the need for a positive message and self confidence among women and today's youth, she began two partner groups, Self Confidence Wear It, which encourages women 30 and below to love themselves and have positive self-esteem, and THINK BIG, a group which is geared toward women 30 and over and focuses on developing women to dream big with their finances, aspirations, and life goals. Identify four types of 'faulty thinking' and their potential consequences and then discover strategies to overcome them. It demonstrates that by taking responsibility for your life, you can fulfil your potential, seize opportunities, enjoy relationships, succeed at work and respond to adverse situations with a positive attitude. We can all dump the victim T-shirt, develop fruitier thinking a ditch the idea that 'whatever will be will be.
Weighing in with humour, insight, practical tips and personal anecdotes, it is a thought provoking - and possibly life-changing - read.
At some point in your life you are going to have to deal with difficult relationships, whether it's with a colleague, parent, friend or partner. Paul McGee provides insights and tips gained from helping thousands of people from all ages and backgrounds to market themselves successfully. Your presentation really hit home and I appreciate the way you tailored it to our own specific situation. Staff were given insights and ideas that could help them be more effective at work, deal more positively with the challenge of change, and build better relationships with both the public and colleagues. Two days with Paul McGee gave me the tools, insights and know how to become a confident and compelling presenter. Aside from your truly motivational presentation, we also appreciated the copious amounts of humour. Our teaching staff have gone onto give positive 'can do' messages to the pupils and frequently refer to SUMO and how we can 'Move On' to greater things both as individuals and as a school. Isn't it time you did a stock take of your relationships and started making the best of them? The overwhelming feedback has been that the sessions were inspiring, thought provoking, humorous but above all practical in helping my staff make a positive difference. Terran Lamp created 101 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence as a simple solution to the everyday challenges all women have to help remind themselves to be more confident no matter what they are doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul McGee and his SUMO philosophy to any organisation. By applying these ideas I believe you can make a BIG difference in every area of your life, personally and professionally.
Leave it on your bedside table to read when you get up in the morning or carry it around with you to open when you need a little boost.
No matter how you use it, practicing these tips will help build your self confidence and make you feel confident in the woman you are!

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