My Body And Me Personal Development Courses for Women are delivered as bespoke in-house training and public workshops.
Terry provides Personal Development Courses, Soft Skills Training and 1-2-1 Coaching in London, Milton Keynes & Glasgow UK. Terry has over 30 years experience of providing Services to Business, Health and Education. As well as public Workshops for groups, we deliver Women's Personal Development Courses as bespoke One to One Coaching and Online Coaching via the Internet. This is more than how to build confidence and self esteem; you will revive yourself, make positive changes and develop effective interpersonal sklls. Those who say "I'll do it one day." There's only seven days in the week and none are called one day. Thank you to these Delegates and all the other wonderful women who have attended our Women's Courses from 2009 until now.

I left the workshop with confidence, self awareness and tools to make a difference in my day to day life. The goal of change management is to manage the changes process and to limit the introduction of errors and incidents related to the change.
Request For Change (RFC): Should be stored in Configuration Management System (CMS) even if it’s rejected.
Change schedule: It’s a document which contains list of all approved changes and their schedules. Change management: It’s the overall processes and procedures that control the lifecycle of any change.
The goal of change management is to have the best change with minimal destruction to the other IT services or the business.
Recording: Making sure that the source of change can submit this request and it’s recorded in the database.

Evaluation: Checking if the change is successful (by meeting the expected goal), drawing conclusion and learned lessons how we can improve the process. Overall responsibility for change management in the consullation with management liaison & CAB. In charge of reaching all change management goals and developing methods to ensure from the effectiveness and efficiency. Note: Change manager could be product, project or problem manager but not the incident manager.

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