The 7DTJ (7 Days Transformational Journey) program is a dynamic experience workshop that journeys through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.
The program brings out two faces of personality development that essentially matter : psychological and spiritual growth. Developing self-awareness brings about a paradigm shift in you to transform your thoughts, perceptions and the interpretations that you make.
For the past 25 years, the 7-Day Transformational Journey has helped more than 40,000 people to change their perception and understand the underlying mechanism for healthy relationships within and without. Experiential Learning with Self Awareness – an unique opportunity to learn from your own experience, discover your inner self and understand what works for you.
Come and join us for any one of the evenings to learn more about self-awareness and how it can help to empower your life to the next higher level and chart your life’s course ahead of you! This programme is designed to move beyond cognitive learning and understanding into grounded and pragmatic action.
I run this programme in Central Manchester (near Piccadilly Station) on a Friday according to demand. Sometimes we just want the opportunity to speak and be listened to without any specific purpose or direction in mind. Conversations Without a Purpose offer a confidential and non-judgemental space in which you can speak about an issue on your mind with someone who is fully present to you. As part of the conversation we can also read poetry, listen to a piece of music or talk about a painting. In this fast-paced world there are times when we just want to switch off our minds, relax and retreat for a while in order to recharge our batteries.
These sessions offer a combination of breath work, calming techniques and visualisation allowing you to experience the benefits of deep relaxation in a short space of time.
Otherwise, please feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Testimonials for Rapid Relaxation, which is a 20 minute version of the hour long session, are provided opposite. During these sessions I work with you on breathing, centering and grounding techniques designed to increase your capacity to relax whilst being aware, open and present. We then take a specific concern or challenge you are facing and explore mindful approaches that will allow you to take action in resourceful and compassionate ways.
I may introduce quotes for contemplation or you may have some yourself you would like to bring. Coaching is a partnership where we enter into a creative and thought-provoking process which is focused on outcomes important to you. Ontological coaching is the study of the way of being that directly affects how we see and act in the world.It recognises that we have all being shaped by our background and experiences and that shaping leads us to interpret and act in the world in certain ways and not in others. Ontological coaching works in three areas to bring about the shifts required to support you in achieving your desired outcomes. Ontological coaching is a distinct form of coaching that enables people to create a new way of being which acts as a foundation for improving all aspects of life and work. This is an invitation to enter a framework in which to explore ideas and themes central to ontological work and see how they might apply in your life. Self-esteem impacts on every area of life and is in many ways life’s most essential skill. Gain greater clarity on what self-esteem is, enabling you to work directly with its components. During the day, I partner exclusively with you and we dedicate ourselves to developing your self-esteem. The day can be run on a date to suit you, subject to availability, at the Friend’s Meeting House, 6 Mount St, Central Manchester. What kind of conversation, if it could be successfully held, would change the quality of your life? This is a one-to-one workshop where we will be working on a conversation of importance to you. The cost of the day is ?390 and can be arranged on a date to suit you, subject to availability.
The workshop is a combination of education around speech acts and emotional space together with some embodiment practices and exploration. The Shadow contains all those aspects of ourselves that we repress or deny; both our human failings and our greatness.
The day is held at The Cottons Hotel in Knutsford, Cheshire and the price includes a two-course lunch and drinks during the day. This is a free one-hour talk at the Monastery, Manchester as part of the Mind, Body & Spirit Weekend. Student Self Help is not just for Students it is for teenagers and and anyone else who lacks motivation, has low confidence and self-esteem or just needs a push in life. If you are easily stressed or find it difficult to cope with the pressures of life then this is for you.
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Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The momentum for the present church fascination with a€?Leadershipa€™ dates back nearly 20 years. Throughout this long and very subtle piece of story telling I have been struck by parallels to our present context and at the risk of generalising I offer just a few to invite discussion.
This corner of scripture well mined by writers and speakers on a€?Christian leadershipa€™ but the focus is to easily over-personalised and lifted from the complex hinterland that is its context. The unfolding story of Samuel, Saul and David is told against the background of an uncertain nation, competing power groups, issues of Yahweh, faith and theology. It did not start with a proposal from a strategic review group in the way that it might today. In fairly rapid succession the faces of a number of well-known leaders are projected onto the screen.
A community reveals its own face in the image its projects, for good or ill, onto those it asks to lead them. The task of developing leadership will never be effective unless it sits within the task of developing community. So we should not be surprised if the story struggles to find a theological outcome - which it does throughout. And in any case wasna€™t Israel supposed to be a sign of a different way among the nations? Leadership theorists have long noted how Western approaches to leadership are essentially a€?Heroica€™ in mode a€“ great men (and just occasionally women) who rise to the fore in times of crisis. But notice that by definition a€?Heroic Leadershipa€™ actually requires everyone else to be helpless. Here the conviction is that leadership is not something imported from outside but is found within, and is an expression of, the whole community.
These insights feature in the more reflective approaches to clergy leadership training around the country. It is interesting to note that the only passage in the Torah to mention Kingship in Israel addresses the same concerns and teaches a very similar vision for community based leadership.
Brueggemann suggests that reading the Bible for insights into leadership and ministry involves a continual reflection on the complex and uneven relationship between power, providence and personality (2000) and he uses the Samuel narrative to illustrate this. The Samuel narrative warns us that a€?Leadershipa€™ that pursued for pragmatic outcomes a€“ growth, results, significance - rather than rooted deeply in the utter priority of Yahweh and his ways, is dangerous.
Providence is a€?the hidden, patient, sovereign enactment of Goda€™s overriding purpose beyond the will and choice of human agentsa€™ (1990 p15).

Personality and appearance is a recurrent distraction in the Samuel narratives when it comes to choosing leaders.
Popular Christian approaches to leadership find a€?The Heroica€™ as hard to resist as the rest.
We find ourselves drawn into a reflective narrative that invites us to circle around what we read, to come to the drama from different angles, to question the text itself - both what it implies or hints at and what it claims.
The style is contemplative rather than didactic, reflective rather than prescriptive, participative rather than directive.
Robert Alter, The David Story: A Translation with Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel, W W Norton, 1999. Walter Brueggemann Power, Providence and Personality - Biblical insights into life and ministry, Westminster John Knox, 1990b. The momentum for the present church fascination with a€?Leadershipa€™ dates back nearly 20 years.A  It followed revolutions in leadership theory in the business world. The task of developing leadership will never be effective unless it sits within the task ofA  developing community. Leadership theorists have long noted how Western approaches to leadership are essentially a€?Heroica€™ in modeA  a€“ great men (and just occasionally women) who rise to the fore in times of crisis.
Here the conviction is that leadership is not something imported from outside but is found within, and is an expression of, the whole community.A  So the language is of a€?shared leadershipa€™, a€?leadership in communitya€™, a€?servant leadershipa€™.
These insights feature in the more reflective approaches to clergy leadership training around the country.A  But the widespread frustration expressed on these courses is that diocesan leadership styles have yet to embrace the same insights and all too often remain entrenched in more hierarchy and patronage.
Walter Brueggemann Power, Providence and Personality -A  Biblical insights into life and ministry, Westminster John Knox, 1990b. No matter how far we grow intellectually, financially or professionally, if we do not grow psychologically and spiritually, we will not be able to live a balanced life.
It allows you to better understand and manage your emotions, reactions, personality and behaviour.
The 7-Day Transformational Journey is based on an experiential approach towards living your life to the fullest. Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman.
If you are interested, please drop me a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The coaching process allows a person to become increasingly aware of their own narrative and limiting beliefs and how they may be influencing an experience or pattern in life. It offers a space to reflect and develop practices that allow you to move beyond habitual ways of thinking and acting in order to create a more meaningful and fulfilling experience of life.
As with any skill, self-esteem can be improved and cultivated with certain approaches, understandings and practices. What do you avoid, dismiss or reduce in importance because you hit a barrier that you can’t get beyond? It is also a way of acknowledging and celebrating who we are and bringing our full selves to what we do. In this programme we will be taking a look at how the Shadow is formed and how by learning to meet it we can unlock our life-affirming creativity and vitality. You will find a great many things that will help push you forward especially when times are tough, positive belief techniques to keep you focused when you hit challenges in your life and inspirational quotes, posters and poems to help you on your journey of self-discovery - to find the true you.
Be inspired and watch The Secret, de-stress yourself with our free book, increase your memory, read about learning techniques and more. You need to establish a plan of action at least 9 months before and you can find out how to do that here. You will find a simple technique for accelerated learning and recalling much more than you ever thought possible. You can find out here plus learn the techniques that will help you combat it especially before your exams.
A Personal Achievement Diary will allow you to bring all your achievements and successes together. No matter where you are, who you are or what you are studying our tips and techniques will help you achieve success. Student Self-Help is about 'self-help'. The new course gives “The Amazing Self Magazine” that can help them discover some helpful tips to increase abundant and energy effectively.
The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle.
The subject has moved so firmly to centre place of attention, budgets and programs it is hard to remember. No serious diocese or Regional Training Partnership is without its own a€?Clergy Leadership Coursea€™. It usurped the place of Torah and undermined the vocation and freedom of Goda€™s people by the near irresistible drift towards the despotism. It is an idea is already embedded in and emerging out of the story and hopes of a community. Part of the cost of leadership is that it is lived out in the shadow of a peoplea€™s unmet needs, unexpressed anxieties, idealized hopes and ambitions.
For a€?Kinga€™ read - a€?CEOsa€™, Appraisal Schemes, HR, a€? best practicea€™, middle managers a€“ a€?like they have gota€™? A significant number of clergy on these leadership courses have had previous careers in business or industry. I reflect how often, after the last candidate has come through, there can be a lingering sense of disappointment in the air that someone we hoped for and needed has not turned up. Deuteronomy 17.14-20 anticipates a time when the people will ask for a King on almost identical terms as the Samuel narrative. Its strategies will be insufficiently rooted, he says, in the a€?providential presence and absence of Yahweha€™. Biblical vocation to leadership and the exercising of power starts from a very different place. We a€?do Goda€™ in the midst of raw and complex human dilemmas, in real and costly engagement within actual history. And in our media driven age, and in declining institutions, a€?personalitya€™ and appearance are criteria harder than ever to resist. Our reading of the Bible can be heroic too a€“ a text that takes us over, telling us what to do and think. I am grateful to Paul Barrett, friend and former director of SmithKline Beecham for his perspectives on this period of business history.
No serious diocese or Regional Training PartnershipA  is without its own a€?Clergy Leadership Coursea€™. Not for the first time the church was thinking the worlda€™s thoughts after it.A  British business had long been structured around families or run on military, hierarchical lines. It may be that an institution that chooses its senior leadership through the archaic and secretive system of a€?prefermenta€™ will always struggle with the consultative, collaborative transparency that post-heroic leadership aspires to. We a€?do Goda€™ in the midst of raw and complex human dilemmas, in real and costly engagement within actual history.A  Without that context theology becomes a detached piety, a pseudo-innocence feeding on idealized assumptions about God and ourselves. And in our media driven age, and in declining institutions, a€?personalitya€™ and appearance are criteria harder than ever to resist.A  When leadership is seduced by the search for reputation, status, ambition, or its own needs we will be missing the tough realities of the seductiveness of power and the hidden theology that shapes us and our story. The program reconnects us with the powerful healing energy of the heart, setting our spirit free. Today, a successful life is measured by the underlying strength of a healthy and joyful psychological and spiritual life. In this one-day programme I will be working with a small group of people who are committed to more compassionate living, relating and inter-relating through the route of personal transformation. In this exclusive workshop I will partner with you to put you in touch with your innate self-esteem so that you can live from a more empowered and generative way of being and bring forward into the world possibilities only previously before imagined. What have you stopped saying or listening to that once mattered and what might become possible for you if you spoke your truth? In this one-day programme we will be looking at ways of improving self-esteem for empowerment in love, life and work.
Do you have regrets about leaving school with no low or no qualifications and want to tell other younger kids not to make the same mistakes as you? Now I feel that I coul do much more good in my studies …Click here to write your own. They will help to establish what you will do with your future in terms of further or higher education and ultimately your career. Our goal is to bring students from different parts of the world together to share ideas, stories and compete for best website.
Also you will find our favourite film clips and how they can help with confidence, positive mental thinking, determination, etc. Thanks to this program, people can learn how to reach mastery in the four main areas of individual development such as relationships, wealth, health and mindset.

In addition, they will get some useful tips that teach them how to master their health, wealth, relationship and mindset.
One more thing, it will give a 60-day money back guarantee if users are not satisfied with the result”. Cutting edge theological training establishments will have their a€?Leadership studies departmenta€™.
Across the scriptures generally, a€?leadershipa€™ is an idea that sits in tension between the Kingship of Yahweh, His Word and His peoplea€™s story. Then, as now, a€?leadershipa€™ does not exist as a pure theory that comes with a universal adaptor for plugging into any organization or business in a€?needa€™. We have strong expectations and requirements of those who lead us and are blunt in our assessment of those who dona€™t match up. One parish priest described the experience as like being required to live a€?by a script I had not writtena€™.
They know very well that what a€?The Churcha€™ is drawing on from outside as examples of a€?best practicea€™ is actually very mixed in practice. Leadership a€?like other nationsa€™, as Samuel pointed out (1Sam810ff), was routinely despotic. This is characterised by a collective abdication from shared responsibility, a culture of blame, fragile relationships and a perversely ambivalent subservience to a€?the powersa€™ while projecting messianic expectations onto those it chooses to a€?rule over thema€™. But beware of coming to narratives such as 1&2 Samuel expecting an unambiguous teaching, with unambiguous characters and unmistakable meaning.
Both operated forms of patronage that rewarded loyalty and long service without always a due regard to ability.
They know very well that what a€?The Churcha€™ is drawing on from outside as examples of a€?best practicea€™ is actually very mixed in practice.A  Alongside a serious commitment to developing in leadership skills there is a right unease with an institution that feels in thrall to and intimidated by secular business theory and language. The method that is used by the master to lift us up to this highly necessary awareness is unique in the sense that Eastern and Western techniques are combined for added effectiveness.
Whether it is a working or personal relationship, it can be very challenging at times to handle if we are not aware of the dynamism involved in its making. If you prefer to pay by direct banking, or need any assistance in the payment process, please contact us. In this one-day programme we are going to work together on a conversation or conversations important to you, which may be difficult and challenging to hold, and which you would like to navigate with clarity, grace and openness.
Stories were archetypal ways of helping people with troubling questions and challenges to make sense of what they were experiencing and to provide essential life guidance and wisdom. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. In other words, they will get some secrets that teach them how to achieve success in their life. The program will provide users with “The Amazing Journey Sessions”, which teaches them how to improve their outlook quickly. And lest all this sounds cynical let me declare that I have benefited from such courses myself and now regularly contribute to their programs. It is a symptom of the longings and needs of an institution facing enormous pressures and working anxiously but bravely with dwindling resources. In the face of a crisis, The Hero is allowed to suspend all norms of moral behaviour to overcome the problem.
The passage warns against the temptation to identify leadership by outward signs of status (property, wealth, possessions etc).
We have to gloss over those large parts of the Samuel narrative where Yahweh is effectively absent and silent. What we have here is a very different kind of story telling a€“ one that invites us to a different way of reading scripture. Events happen, people (or God) do things, but the narrative is very sparing about telling you their motives and feelings.
And the context and the questions today feel very new.A  These are thoroughly testing times.
There are obvious parallels with the institutional church a€“ the church a€?familya€™ governed under the benevolent patronage of a formal, patriarchal hierarchy. Robert Alter describes them as a€?one of the most astounding pieces of narrative that has come down to us from the ancient worlda€™ (1999 pix).
There is a discernible lack of theological confidence in this engagement and little conviction that the Christian practice and theology might actually inform this process a€“ both secular and religious a€“ or even transform it. The style is relational, communal, non-directive, collaborative, negotiated.A  a€?It is not leadership from any one person that is required, it is an aspect of leadership each of us summons from within. Transforming the interpretations of your mind strengthens your emotions and brings about a more positive attitude towards life. The good news is that these are phases we are going through and phases generally never last. If you live in an area of the UK where we run courses we might even invite you to speak at one of our Esteem Building or Motivation courses.
Find out here. Watch the film The Secret if you believe that there are things in the universe beyond our comprehension. The more you do the better you will become at Problem Solving and this is always a great strength on a job CV. The program also provides users with a step-by-step guide that helps them understand and follow with ease. They are generally loners, non-consultative and relationally dysfunctional a€“ and of course ruggedly and irresistibly handsome. Providence is not trust in a certain preferred outcome so much as a faith that a greater purpose and story is being continually woven into our narrative a€“ often unseen and despite all appearances on the surface. One of the honourable qualities in the Anglican tradition is its willingness to draw widely for its learning. Leadership thus becomes a rather fluid concept focusing on those behaviours which propel the work of the group forward. Take stock of your emotions, remove mental blocks with self-awareness to enhance both interpersonal and intra-personal relationships is the key to a successful and fulfilling life.
In this one-hour talk, I will be exploring the role of the world’s mythic stories as relevant and timeless guidance for life. They do, however, force you to go on a journey of discovery to find strengths you never thought you had. After the builder launched the new guide, it received a lot of comments from customers regarding their success with Amazing Self. In other words, people will receive “The Abundant Wealth Series" that gives a proven method to help them attract and generate riches quickly. But this does presuppose a confident theological framework within which to test, critique and respond to what we are hearing.A  That is not always apparent in the present context. In this section, the builder gives 2 abundant wealth videos, which teach users how to generate massive income quickly.
The vision for leadership here is of non-heroic, and non-hierarchical exercised among and within the community, without a€?exalting himself above other members of the communitya€™ (vs14-20).
Some gained cult status and they were undoubtedly a means for rapid transformation in uncertain economic climates. The vision for leadership here is of non-heroic, and non-hierarchical exercised among and within the community, withoutA  a€?exalting himself above other members of the communitya€™ (vs14-20). But lest we be tempted to think this is what our Bishops should become we should note that the average life span of these men (as most still are) is around two years (1). In the church the attraction to a€?leadershipa€™ also coincided with the decision to ordain women as priests.
Moreover, the user will get an effective bonus that will give some the author’s experience in how to become mastery of her wealth, health, relationship and mindset. So, whatever the intention, at the very moment women began to minister in full, priestly partnership with men in the church the task was renamed and redefined by a noun borrowed from organizational worlds habitually dominated by men.
The human spirit is the greatest thing in the universe and you are it. At Student Self Help it is our intention to give you as much as possible to help you in your journey towards success. We will give you learning tips and techniques, resources to help you overcome the barriers that you face, sources that can help you with any fears or phobias that you may have.
You will find many things over the coming weeks so please add our link to your blog, website or bring us up in forums.

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