Sher explains how to interact with kids with autism by playing with them and helping them find joy in interacting with others.
Contains activities, discussion questions, and other exercises that teachers can use along with Julia Cook's illustrated story, A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue, to teach students the differences between tattling and warning. This user friendly manual for educators and counselors is packed with checklists, strategies, evaluation forms and practical solutions for student behavior problems.

This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Offers fun, simple games and activities that can improve the lives of preschoolers and kindergartners with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders. This book provides a wide selection of fun and novel games to do at home or in the classroom, including a variety of games to play in the water.

This game focuses on these five important areas: positive and negative characteristics, verbal and nonverbal communication, getting along, and common interests.

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