It can be confusing, when we look up the word, as we may be presented with seemingly unconnected definitions.
Those with healthy self esteem see themselves as worthy and valuable human beings, they have plenty to contribute to their social circles and are generally happy in their skin. Just think of the academic who excels in the most complex subjects, but remains socially under-developed.
As self esteem is formed from an early age, parents and care takers are largely responsible for the development of it in young children. To complement this article, you may want to read The Telling Signs of Low Self Esteem and How To Overcome Low Self Esteem for additional insights on this important part topic. The increase in benchmark assessments and standardized testing can be stressful on even the best of test-takers, and can take the joy out of learning.
Last week my 3rd grader asked me “Mom, do I have to keep taking more and more tests as I get older?” Childhood is the time when our self worth begins to take shape.  Putting too much focus on preparation and less than perfect test results, can be a contributing factor on how a child begins to view themselves. Gather your family, and have each member exclaim proudly “It’s Great to Be Me” and mean it!
The gift of self-esteem is the single greatest tool to help your family succeed in life, reach their potential and shield them from the challenges life will throw at them. Get inspired by singing along with the chorus of “It’s Great to be Me” from the latest Swingset Mamas CD, “Mamamorphosis”. Sharing music as a family by singing, dancing, writing songs, and listening to favorite tunes (old school as well as the latest hits), gives kids confidence, and is just as important as studying for a test! When I wake up and start my day,  I look at things in a positive way.  Nobody’s perfect we all make mistakes. At times we all feel insecure, are they laughing at me, I don’t know for sure.  You can’t control what people say, but if you follow your heart, you’ll lead the way. Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources.
Marlowe Bechmann is a enthusastic Friendship Circle mom, and she is also a musician in an award-winning family music band called the Swingset Mamas. With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app.
The objective of this research is to examine the relationship of the emotional intelligence with the self-esteem and the academic achievement in the BA (bachelor of art) students. Banafshe Hasanvand , Mohamad khaledian , "The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Self-esteem and Academic Progress", International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. Scoring your Self-Esteem Test: If you have five or more yes answers (or you have any yes answers that are quite painful for you) then probably you need help learning to appreciate how lovable you are to God and others. Copyright InformationYou may use and share with others any of the Soul Shepherding articles written by Bill or Kristi Gaultiere. All we ask is that you seek to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author of anything we've written that's of lasting value. I have already touched on elements of this on this page and at the telling signs of low self esteem; those with low self esteem have a distorted sense of self image, that is more less shadowed by negative self views.
The underlying personality of someone, it is how we react to day-to-day challenges, the level of resilience, that is how quickly we bounce back from life’s shocks. Those who are close to us and we hold in high regard are especially important in the way they leave their mark on us.
Constant negative experiences are likely to produce an imbalanced young soul, that will struggle to correct defective self evaluations (if aware of them at all) later in life.
Those who appear overly confident, or arrogant can have in fact low self esteem, and this is their way to cover up their inadequacies. Their actions are justified, because this is the sort of behavior that gives them boost and make them feel better. We wrote this song for families to have a fun, musical way to sing together and feel good about themselves. Give everyone a role to play, whether it is drumming, dancing, playing instruments or singing along.  Music helps engender a sense of optimism and is a mood changer that will bond your family together. When a student has special needs, those emotions are magnified and the checklists are multiplied. You tend to put yourself down a lot, falling victim to your own self-depreciating statements. The studying population includes all students of Payame Nour University in Sanandaj city during the academic year of (2011-2012).
IntroductionThe emotional intelligence is a topic that attempts to explain and interprets the man excitement, feeling and capability status[1]. For diagnoses of psychological disorders consult with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist in person.
This can be in the domain of sports, a career or in forming relationships – areas we know we excel in.

A more suitable phrase is healthy self esteem, because it is not possible to have too much self esteem.
Essentially, you are suffering from a lack of self-worth, an issue that many people encounter at some point in their lives. The emotional intelligence has been defined as an ability to understand and comprehend the emotions in order for assessing thoughts, manners and to put them in a way that makes emotion and intelligent growth and elevation[2].
For the correlation studies of 100 person among the students of in every majors had been chosen and examined using simple random sampling. The concept of emotional intelligence gives a new depth to the man’s intelligence, this intelligence is a tactical competency (personal performance), whilst the recognition intelligence is a strategic capability (long term capability). With this information you can then appropriately choose the best self esteem activities for building positive self esteem, confidence and self worth. In this research, the Ann-Bar questionnaire contains 90 questions about emotional intelligence and Cooper-Smith questionnaire contains 58 questions about self-esteem and the first half-year average scores were used. The emotional intelligence makes it possible to predict the achievement because it demonstrates how a person apply a knowledge in an immediately success. For analysing data, the frequency, percentage, average, skew, Pierson- regression correlation coefficient and T test were applied. It is a form of social intelligence which is a suitable predictor in special areas such as job and educational performances. The Results showed: there is a meaningful positive relationship between the exciting intelligence, general self-esteem, social esteem, public esteem, educational self-esteem and the academic achievement. In the other word, it has an ability to control feelings and excitements by oneself and others[3].In 2004, the emotional intelligence has been defined in more details. While you may not necessarily feel all of these things all of the time, they are ingrained in your mindset to the point that they are surely affecting your life. The regression coefficients for realism and self-esteem variables were significant, such as these variables were predictors of self-esteem. This Definition is as follow: The emotional intelligence points to the ability to recognize and differentiate feelings, excitements, meanings and concepts, the relations between them, to reason about them and to solve problems by them.
Also, results showed there was no significant relationship in the emotional intelligence and self-esteem between male and female students. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in its best form causes only 20 percent of life successes and all 80 percent remaining depends on another factor and the human’s fate in the most cases depends on the skills that link to the emotional intelligence to provide person adaptability with the environment and is a better predictor of success in university, work and home than the analytic intelligence[4]. Self-esteem means how people think about themselves ,how much they like themselves and if they are satisfy of their performance ,especially how they feel about society, education and family and to what extent their ideal self and actual self are close to each other[6].Most authorities believe that self-esteem is a central factor and a base to people social and emotional compatibility. At first, psychologists and socialists such as William jame, Herbert Mid and Charles Coli insisted on the self-esteem positive importance[7]. A collection of characteristics that a person uses to describe himself is known as a person “self-imagination”[7].Self-esteem is defined as the extension of values which the information within self-imagination has for a person and it comes from person beliefs about all the attributes and features presented in him.
Self- imagination has a particular importance for mental health experts because the person imagination about his personality to high degree determines his image about environment, and these two elements plan his behaviour forms[8].Self- esteem is the rate of validity, approval, acceptance and worthiness that a person feels about himself[9]. A sense of self –valuation and self –esteem is a basic need to mental relief and is a need on which our life satisfaction is depended extremely .Self –esteem is defined as a value that has information within self –imagination to a person and it caused by a person beliefs about all attributes and characteristics within him[7]. One of the most important concerns of masters, the university education authorities, and student parents is students’ academic achievement and to prevent them from academic falling[8]. Contrary to the academic achievement is academic falling, various studies showed that it has a great influence on person‘s fate and it also exerts much cost on the family and society[10]. In our country this issue is one of the main problems in educational system and tens milliard Rials of national funds are lost annually and societies potential forces and capitals remain fruitless, which are just men forces. Self-esteem is not only a part of mental health, but also it is associates with academic success. Many researchers have found a relationship between positive self-esteem and high scores at school[11]. Feelings and opinions about the abilities , competencies and own features determine self-esteem. Laport and Sevigny believe that having a good self-esteem means: to be aware of own strengths and weaknesses and to accept oneself with what is more personal and valuable. It means that taking own responsibilities confirms oneself by responding to the needs, setting the purposes and choosing ways to achieve those purposes. A good self-esteem can brings up personal uniformity and makes person to pay attention to the other people[12].
According to the Mezlo humanism theory, when an individual feels he is being loved and make a sense of belonging, he is in a situation that two kinds of needs stimulate him to respect. A person needs to grants values and respects to himself as a form of self-esteem and also he needs to be respected by others. Satisfying the self-esteem, one can ensure that he has competences, values and capabilities.
The results of Kanglosi and Patterson (1998) study showed that there is a positive correlation between the emotional intelligence and all five elements of self-esteem[14].

Other studies such as Paker (2004)[16] , Braket and sallovi (2004)[17], Vatozesky and Alsama ,Samari and Tahmasbi (2007)[18] and Lali phaz and Asgari (2008)[19] all showed that there is a positive relationship between the exciting intelligence and academic achievement.
Results from sheikh al eslam (2010)[20]study showed that that there is a positive correlation between self –esteem and academic achievements among students .
It is clear that as we know the emotional intelligence and self –esteem are important to discover talents and train the effective student forces in order for constructing an illuminated future ,so it is very important to examine the exciting intelligence and self-esteem in students and as a result to study their influences on academic achievements or failure.
It contained 133 questions which is the first super cultural questionnaire to evaluate the emotional intelligence.
This review was conducted by an author on 3831 person from 6 different countries and it was customized in the North America. Responses were studied by factorial analysis and finally a general scale for (IQ) and 5 combinational scales and 15 minor scales were determined.
In 1382, this test has been implemented in Iran among Tehran university students by Dehshiri (2006)[22] and its questions were declined to 90 ones. The questionnaire’s answering sheets are regulated based on a scale of 5 degree in likert spectrum as follow( I am agree completely, I’m agree, to some extent, I’m disagree, I’m disagree completely) . Revaluation sustainability or time stability coefficients were reported respectively as 85% one month later and 75% 4 month later. Materials in each subscale are: Public scale includes 26 materials, social scale 8 materials, family scale 6 materials, job-education scale 8 materials and lie scale 8 materials.
Subscales scores and also a general score makes it possible to specify a situation in which people have a positive image of themselves.( Ostadian 2009)[23] . Cooper smith and others (2011) have reported the retesting coefficients of this questionnaire in two stages 5 years later 88% and 3 years later 70% respectively.In this research, the student academic term averages was considered as a criteria to measure academic achievements.
As different social institutions (education and training banks and …) serve the average more than 14 as a success criteria and less than 14 as weak success criteria or failure ,in this research the average more than `4 indicates academic achievement and below 14 indicates failure[24].The statistical population in this research includes all the students in various majors of BA degree from payame nour university in sanandaj city, they are studying in the academic year of (2011-2012).
According to the scientific rules,100 students were selected randomly as a sample includes 50 male and 50 female , the questionnaire was distributed among them and results were collected.
This corresponds to the researches by Paker (2004)[16], Braket and salovi (2004)[17], Samari and Tahmasbi (2007)[18], Lali phaz and Asgari (2008)[19].
To confirm these findings we can say that as the exciting intelligence relates to the interpersonal successes, it can improves the recognizing performances, the memory capacities, and the personal learning. Other results of this research indicate the relationship between the self-esteem and the academic achievements in students .It means that the higher the self-esteem, the person academic status is better. This is compatible to the other researches by Sheykh Al Eslami (2010)[20] and gerardi (2005)[21]. To confirm these findings we can say that self-esteem is the person self-satisfaction and self-valuation (Bandora 2002)[5].
As a result , people with high degree of self-esteem have more expectations of their performance and they are ambitious to success. One of the results showed that there is no difference in the emotional intelligence between male and females, such that the violence rate in male was higher than females ,it is in agreement with the results obtained by other researchers such as Samari and Tahmasbi (2007)[18] and Tamanaifar (2010)[8]. To confirm these findings it can be said that in contrast to the recognition intelligence that is affected by heredity, the emotional intelligence is more affected by the environmental elements and it is acquirable and learnable.
At present, women active participation in cultural and environmental areas probably has caused them to have the cultural and environmental facilities as men and the possible differences between the two sexes will be minimized[8]. Results also showed that there is no difference in self-esteem between men and women that is in agreement with the results of the research by Hosseiny Tabatabai and Ghadimi Moghadam (2007)[25]. To confirm these findings we can point to the Cooper Smith (1968) theory in which the self-esteem and self-confidence sources are the sense of power, the power, value in life , respect to the social and moral rules and finally success in academic ,social and other relationships[24]. ConclusionsIn this field, there has been no research in Sanandaj, so because of the Kurdish culture and language of the people in this city, this research can provide a means for future researches, in this way the students can make a sense of importance and we can be familiar with the self-esteem and the self-satisfaction rates in this city. Thus, we can identify the methods to increase these variables and lead them to obtain the ability to use the capacity of understanding, expressing, self-esteem application, self- satisfaction and value.
As the city has a different culture and there are many students from other cultures in it, the present position of the university and in general the city can be explained to the new students, so it helps them.
Note that they can be familiar with the emotional intelligence and the self-esteem of the native masters and students, so that they can be lead to a specific purpose. If the expected result achieves, it can conduct masters and students and all the academic society of the city to bring the academic achievement. It is recommended that the university authorities can produce some workshop and classes to increase the student self-esteem and the emotional intelligence via their consultants and psychologists.This result can be a useful tool for clinical psychologists, consulting psychologists, students, Undersecretary of the student affairs in universities, the students’ undersecretary of the ministry of science, research and technology. The results of the analysis of the data showed that there is a significant relationship between emotional intelligence with self-esteem and academic achievement in students ,This means that if whatever the self- esteem is higher also emotional intelligence is higher and vice versa, and also with enhancing the emotional intelligence and self-esteem, academic achievement also increases.

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