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Verification link has expired, please click on resend verification email from your profile page. The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge talks to Stamford High School pupils Chloe Smyth, Alice Lucy, Posie Nelms, Cariad Austin and Darcy Johnson about self esteem. Popstar Frankie Bridge, from girl group The Saturdays, visited Stamford High School this month to speak to pupils about self esteem and body image. Frankie joined Natasha Devon, founder of the Self Esteem Team, to speak to girls on Thursday last week.

Natasha covered issues such as the mental health and body image issues young people can often encounter. Frankie was filming a television documentary for the BBC on self-esteem and positive body image, which was broadcast on The Victoria Derbyshire Show. The Self Esteem Team specialises in giving presentations to pupils in Year 9 and children aged 13 and above. Keep up to date with all the latest local news on your iPhone or Android phone with our mobile site.
Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. She gave examples of how multinational companies can often give poor representations of girls and women in their commercials and how they extensively use Photoshop throughout their campaigns.

After Natashaa€™s talk, Frankie spoke to a group of pupils about the social pressures of personal appearance and how social media can affect their self-confidence. It also gives presentations to parents on the challenges facing young people surrounding self esteem and helps teachers also understand these issues through training. Stamford High School headteacher Vicky Buckman said: a€?Feeling positive and confident is one of the most important life skills we can give our pupils. Thata€™s why we were absolutely delighted to welcome Miss Devon to Stamford Endowed Schools to talk about self-esteem.

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