When Self Confidence seems to elude you and you look around and everyone else seems to have it by the bucket load, you begin to see every situation as daunting.  Probably, like me, you start to avoid certain people or situations. I remember when I was seriously lacking in self confidence, going to parties and I’d try and think of every possible excuse as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t go. You see, misguidedly I thought I was the one who needed to appear intelligent or who needed to know what to say or do. Make your New Year a Brand New Start, Overcome Your Lack of Self Confidence Once and For All – You Deserve To Put Yourself First click on this link to begin your journey to the new self confident you. Workshops will include a variety of creative mediums; they will be both social and creative! In our teen workshops we cover everything from self awareness to relationships and much more. The outcome of almost every situation you encounter is influenced by how confidence you feel and in turn what you say, do and project because of that level of self confidence. One big tip I learned – and there are so many tricks and quick things you can do – was that in order to be ‘interesting’, you need to be ‘interested’.

For a while I could listen but eventually I was so worried about what to say, I would drift off and be standing the corner, waiting for someone, anyone to take pity. That means being interested in other people, without worrying whether they’re interested in me. We invite all community-based experts in any field to become a part of the challenge to address issues of: unemployment, entrepreneurship, illiteracy, poor self-esteem, teen pregnancy, obesity, hopelessness, communication skills, journalism and creative writing, etc. JOSEPH STEVENSONAFRICAN AMERICAN ART COLLECTION  Dorothy "Twig Lady" Hoskinsartist from Hollandale, MS   THANK YOU For an AWESOME Opening!!! Soul, Grady Champion, Alphonso Sanders, Howl n’Madd Perry, Bobby Whalen, Diane Williams, Roland Tchakounte and Visual artists: Hollandale Folk artist-Dorothy “The Twig Lady” Hoskins, Inverness design artist-Corine Smith, and  State Reps. The House of Khafre (affectionately called “da’ House”) is located at the epicenter of where Blues (America’s Root Music) was born, 103-105 Main Street, in historic downtown Indianola, Mississippi.
Robert Terrell, of Terrell and Associates has an undeniable passion and incomparable resources in the music recording industry. Robert Terrell and Sade Turnipseed, owners of the establishment invite everyone to stop by anytime after noon this weekend, at 103 & 105 Main Street, to see, feel and taste the magic that is coming up in downtown Indianola.

As indicated by Blues legend David “Honeyboy” Edwards, who paid a visit to da’ House last week and said, “People will come from everywhere, for some of these teacakes and to visit this place.” Now, that’s a house blessing, for sure! So, stop by anytime…and bring some of your warm blessings with you…because, da’ House is where da’ love is! Beverages will include smoothies, specialty coffees and gourmet herbal teas.Cultural Arts performance stage – “Front Porch” showcasing storytellers and performing artists from around the world. With commitments from WABG-TV the most watched television station; and, WGNL Radio the most listened to FM radio station in the Delta, to broadcast regular programs from the “Front Porch” stage…it sounds like a hit!Check out “da’ House,” for your upcoming special events.

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