If you’ve been around children’s sports in the last ten or fifteen years, you might have noticed a strange trend, there is no score-keeping. So why have we shielded our children from experiencing losing the game or getting a “C” in math?  Self-esteem. While one could argue a lot of reasons for an increase in the use of anti-depressants, I believe our culture has defined self-esteem and the basis for it incorrectly.
If you listen to our culture, it tells you that how you feel about yourself is the most important part of self-esteem, but our feelings will carry our mind and attitudes from highs to lows and back again, day in and day out. Do you see how extremes of self-esteem lead to a selfish heart and ultimately a “me” focused attitude? In the next two lessons, I will focus on this last point a lot more, and in the last lesson, I will examine our ultimate example of someone with perfect self-esteem, Jesus Christ. About Latest Posts Erynn SprouseErynn and her husband, Jeremy serve with the Patrick Street church of Christ in Dublin, TX . If you've never had the opportunity to visit a Kindergarten classroom, you should find time to do so. Self-compassion is the extension of kindness, care, warmth, and understanding (instead of beratement and criticism) toward oneself when faced with shortcomings, inadequacies, or failures.
Self-compassion is the care and nurturing we offer ourselves when we make mistakes, embarrass ourselves, or come short of a goal we were hoping to achieve. Having self-compassion means to honor and accept your own humanness and accept that in life, you will encounter a number of unfortunate circumstances, sometimes where you’re the one at fault.  Self-compassion is having grace for oneself. Now, consider for a moment: how you respond to yourself when you’ve messed up or haven’t done something quite right?
One way to practice is by taking five minutes at the end of the day and writing about the worst thing that happened to you during the day.  Pretend like you’re writing about it from the stance of someone who cares about you.
Reflection is integral is self-development and can help you to process the work you do as a teaching assistant. Videotaping and watching your own teaching can be an incredibly eye opening experience, but it is very valuable in understanding how others see and understand you. If you are interested in this tool, please contact the EDC to discuss the appropriate steps and book the camera. Please enjoy and carefully consider this first lesson in our new series on Biblical self-esteem.
We must train our thoughts to anchor our self-esteem so that it is not tossed about by feelings. There are two extremes when it comes to self-esteem, those with too much and those with too little.
She doesn’t feel like she should have to do anything for the church unless she gets the starring role and lots of recognition. I pray that you might find these lessons encouraging and a radically different message than what you hear in our world. We are dealing with this a lot with our teenage girls at church right now and I needed this! Here I will share my thoughts on education in an effort to improve schools by helping Educators to reflect upon their current practices and beliefs.

Compared to those who try to use guilt, shame, or fear as motivators to complete a project or goal, the ones who practice self-compassion are the ones who spend less time dragging their feet when it comes time to perform a task.
Those who are accepting and caring towards themselves after a perceived or real failure will be much more likely to “get back on the horse” and keep going. Contrary to what some might assume, self-compassion does not relieve someone of their ownership of a problem; rather, self-compassion actually serves to assist someone in being able to make a more realistic assessment of the role they played in problem process. Those who are more compassionate with themselves will not crumble if they receive feedback from others.
Being self-compassionate is not an innate quality, and it’s often learned in our family of origin.
In one study, participants who did this every day for one week reported experiencing a greater sense of happiness toward their lives.
Consider your experiences as a teaching assistant as a learning process and reflect on your goals as an instructor, your experiences, your skills, etc.
Consider keeping a record log of what is and is not working with your students (both in and out of the classroom) and your faculty member. Watching yourself teach can reveal surprising results that inform both your strengths and areas of growth. If you can stand to watch yourself, you should consider this important self assessment tool. God does not expect us to feel good about ourselves; He expects us to feel right about ourselves. The world tells you self-esteem is found in externals, looks, children, intelligence, husband, marriage, home, job, etc.  But God tells us that our self-esteem is found in the cross and what it represents. It seems that I quickly become frustrated with my family and myself, and that leads me to questioning is there a problem with me or my family. The opinions expressed here represent my own and may or may not represent those of my current employer.
Take for example, a homeless man on the street; when encountering him, you may notice his pain and wonder if under different circumstances your life could have turned out the same way. This is because those who practice self-compassion know they have inherent value and abilities to recover— even if the feedback is not positive. When you’re tempted to be self-critical or judgmental, try to speak to yourself as someone who cares about you would; consider what they might say to encourage you. Depending on our childhood circumstances, this may or may not have been a skill that we learned from our parents.
It is important to go beyond simply cataloging your experiences, however, you need to explore why: if a class went well, what contributed to that success? Who knew that you were so adept at maintaining eye contact with students on different sides of the classroom?
Most of the time feeling right about ourselves should lead us to positive thoughts, but sometimes feeling right about ourselves should lead us to repentance. It requires constant dedication and attention to our moods with Biblical thoughts to counteract feelings.
High class on Sunday mornings and leads the Children’s Bible Hour program on Sunday nights.

I think a lot of poor choices that we make as women come back to believing Satan’s lies about who we are and what we should be.
If you try a new activity and it does not go over well, what could have been done differently? Once you actually spend a day paying attention to the things you say to yourself in your mind, you might be shocked at how much your feelings hurl insults at your self-worth. You might find it odd to read a verse talking about humility of mind when self-esteem is the topic, but the two are completely intertwined. But we should find ourselves becoming more and more like Louise and less and less like Mary and Sandy. She is a full-time mom who homeschools their three children: Grace (8), Sophia (4), and Levi (2). Compassion for her and her situation leads you to offer a listening ear, a comforting hug, or maybe some kind words of encouragement. In this way you’re exploring what happened, as well as why and how so that you can ensure greater successes in the future. Or that when you explain a slide, you unexpectedly face the screen and it becomes difficult to hear you? We go to therapy or take medications if we don’t (I am not talking about clinical depression!). Something described as “deceitful” and “desperately sick” in God’s word is not something we want to heed in our lives! Everything should be focused on them, their abilities, their lives, etc.  The second group has low self-esteem.
Thanks so much for writing this series and helping us get back on track with a Christ-centered esteem.
You would think in the richest, most free country in the world, we would have more self-esteem than anyone else in history. The cross will tell you that you are undeserving and a sinner, that you still have things to work on that God wants to perfect in you.
My husband is always amazed by our daughters’ ability to be extremely upset and sobbing one minute, then laughing and smiling the next! If only they had been prettier, a better mother, a better wife, a better whatever, then xyz wouldn’t have happened. You are a Christian woman made to serve a God who wants you to realize that you are fabulous, wonderful, and purchased at a great price so that He can make you into what He wants you to be. She doesn’t necessarily like cleaning, but she does like helping others and the Lord’s kingdom.
She knows that she is defined by more than the job she is doing tonight, so she goes about cheerfully doing what needs to be done even if no one thanks her or even notices.

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