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If you download and install a new web browser, it will ask you if you want to set it up as a default browser on your computer during the installation procedure. But if you are using this new web browser for the first time, you will probably not check the option to set it as a default web browser as you are not sure yet if it is good enough. Another issue is that sometimes when you install a new browser, it automatically sets itself as a default web browser without asking you, and you may have to manually change the default browser back to your old browser. In both these cases, its good to know how to change default browser on your computer and to make a Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, Opera or Safari to be default browser. If Firefox is your default browser already it will say so, otherwise it will ask you if you want to set Firefox as your default browser. DefaultBrowser allows you set the default web browser for your user profile in Windows XP, without affecting the other users. The list of browsers you see in the Presets are tested and working flawlessly as user defaults. Apart from Internet Explorer users have many choices in their hands to use latest Internet Browser.
Because you really loved the way Windows used to require the 3-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to logon, you can re-enable that in Windows 10 to add an extra level of logon security. You want to know how to set up the Windows 10 background, colors, lock screen, themes and other options on the Start Menu. You want to control how your computer receives and delivers Windows Updates to all the systems connected to your primary PC. Maybe you want to turn off the background image altogether because it's just too distracting.

In future, when you are sure that you want to use this new browser as a default browser, you can’t find the options to set it as a default browser! If its not, then to set Internet Explorer as default browser, go to Tools > Internet Options. Google Chrome is one of them, which offers more speed than the another browser. Users have shown immense interest to Google Chrome to make it as a default browser. There you’ll see an option to check if Firefox is already your default browser or not.
Now, I am going to discuss few steps for how to make Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 8.
Now you might have installed multiple browsers on your Windows 10 PC including Chrome, Firefox or Opera.Previously the option to set the default browser was quite easy, all you need to do was to open the browser and go to the settings of the browser and set it as default. But with Windows 10, this option wona€™t work and you are shown this message when you set the default browser.
Now select the Default apps tab.On the right panel, you can see the option to change the default Web browser.
Select the browser which is currently listed and you get a pop up message asking you to select the browser which you want to set as default.Now select the browser you want to make as default and the settings will be applied to Windows 10.

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