In Windows 7, I have installed the Firefox browser, which apparently registers itself as the default FTP handler, but doesn't handle FTP very well. Click the Start Orb then click Default Programs and select Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 browser ftp or ask your own question. Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper? Although browsers, like Firefox and Google Chrome, ask users to set the browser as default to open and direct all http, ftp, and other external web links, sometimes they either don’t show the prompt to set the respective browser as default or fail to make required changes to default browser registry key. Change Default Browser is an application for Windows which eliminates all the known and unknown problems related to default browser switching. The best usability scenario of Change Default Browser would be a situation where you’re using portable versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera and you want to set them as default, one at a time. It’s also useful for website designers who have to manually open their websites in different browsers to check compatibility and page rendering issues.
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How can I launch Firefox portable (with all it's normal features and settings) from pressing the button on the keyboard?
I noticed that if I already have FireFox portable open and press the key on the keyboard to launch the default web browser, than a new FireFox portable window opens that has all the right settings and add ons.
Portable app means those apps that can be run without installation, which doe snot depend on any registry keys etc. To check if you have another installation of firefox, when the app is launched after pressing browser key, take Task manager and find the fire fox process.

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How do I keep the keyword.url setting in Firefox to the default when you restart the browser without deleting prefs.js?
Although you’re always free to use whichever Web Browser you like, the default browser is launched by Windows when clicking on Links in email or Office documents. Click Set Your Default Programs if you want to change default programs which windows should use to open specific file types.
Click on Advanced tab and under System Defaults, click on Check Now button to check your default browser. There you have it folks if you have question or problem, feel free to ask me using the comments section below. How can I make FTP links open in Internet Explorer, but keep Firefox as my default browser? Since the Set your Default Programs option in Windows Control Panel doesn’t allow setting portable browsers as default, Set Default Browser will not only enable you to set portable browsers as default but allow switching between them quickly as well.
For instance, if your website has some text and image related rendering problems in Opera, you can set Opera as default browser to instantly open your website links in Opera for addressing the compatibility issues. You launch the application with administrative privileges, and it will automatically find and set the path of your installed browsers. Change Default Browser can also fix ‘Set Browser As Default’ related problems, such as,  HTML, HTM, XHT, XHTML, SHTML file associations and FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocol open modes. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

I noticed when I use the shortcut key built into the keyboard to launch the web browser, something strange happens. Also, if another version of Firefox is getting started in some cases, it sounds like the system has another one actually installed on it.
You may not use the Specification in any way to create or develop a runtime, client, player, executable or other program that reads or renders SWF files.
Here’s a quick guide for changing your default web browser in Windows using the Control Panel or from inside Firefox or Chrome.
Select the browser you want to use as your default and Click on Set this Program As Default. Browsers are notorious for claiming the throne of default browser without asking permission. A version of Firefox opens up but it doesn't have the same home page and doesn't have add ons that I have added to the portable edition. It just means that they don't have any dependencies other than the files inside portable folder. I checked the control panel and there are no installations of Firefox (which makes sense because the portable edition wouldn't show up there anyways). If some other browser has horned it, then your chosen browser will reset the setting to make it the dwfault again.

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