We know that many of you most probably have already installed Fedora 23 or just upgraded to it and you are now eager to play with it. In this guide, we will show you some useful tips on what to do after installing Fedora 23 Workstation to make it even better. We will use hostnamectl command, which is used to query and set system hostname and related settings.
Important: Make sure to replace network configuration in the above file with your own network settings. After making above changes, make sure to restart the network service to take new changes into effect and verify the IP address and network settings with the help of following commands. Fedora 23 uses Gnome 3.18 which is the latest version of the gnome-shell desktop environment. The Gnome Shell desktop environment can be modified even further and you can tweak it to your needs, by installing Gnome Shell Extensions.
Google provides its own repository from where you can install Google software such as Google Earth, Google Music manager and others. Docky is a simple, attractive and productive dock used on many different Linux distribution. Virtualbox is a software through which you can test different operating systems on your computer, without having to re-install your OS itself. To install VirtualBox on your Fedora 23 you must have the RPMFusion repository enabled (see point 7).
In a simple words it’s a game store where you can download games for your Fedora system and play them after that. The fedora package reassembles the Ubuntu package and moves all the files in the required places.

The above points should be enough to add some flavour to your Fedora Workstation without having too much bloatware. If you think we have missed something or would like us to add further explanation, please use the comment section below. Download all articles in PDF format with our TecMint Content Subscription and Linux Support Services starting at $10 per month.
Yes you can use Fedy to install additional software packages on Fedora 23, here is the guide on how to install and use Fedy in Fedora. Youtube-dl can be installed without any additional repos; elinks browser can be installed as well. As for different spins the pre-installed applications may vary, which is why Thunderbird is pre-installed with Cinnamon spin. Before entering the password, look for the gear button allowing to select Gnome Classic (default for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 7)which looks similar to legacy Gnome 2. Mail serversA mail server (sometimes called MTA, Mail Transport Agent) is an application that is used to transfer mails from one user to another.
Change dhcp to static and add the following lines adjusting the address to fit your network settings.
You can also add some additional information if wanted such as network address and broadcast address.
After all Fedora is the one to always use the latest releases of each software it has and package updates are released quite often.
This tool is used to manage three different hostnames classes and they are: static, pretty, and transient.
It’s good for reading mails, but if you need to have a more organized to read and keep your emails, Mozilla Thunderbird is the right choice for you. Docky doesn’t use much system resources and yet it improves your productivity while looking good on your screen.

Thanks to torrents, you can download important files with a very good speed as long as there are enough seeders.
It has many different games included in it that can be ran on different platforms including Linux. While not all applications may run is expected, this is a useful tool if you need to run a Windows program under Fedora. Maybe you are running a Mumble, Ventrilo, or Plex server and need the IP address to be the same in order to set up the port forwarding correctly on your router, modem, or firewall. However, the IP address configured with the this way is not permanent and will be lost after a reboot.
Most home networks use a class C network with one subnet, so these settings could be applied in that case. If you are new to editing files in the command like I would suggest using nano text editor instead of vi.
Now lets run one more test and ping Google to make sure we have the correct network configuration.
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See below for the guides to set a static IP address in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

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