We have teamed up with Psychic Source, Kasamba and Psychic Access to offer you on demand live psychic tarot readings. If you enjoy the cards used on our website please click on our Tarot Deck Resource page where you can purchase these Tarot Decks from Amazon. There is an ancient myth that tells of humans being split into two by the god Zeus, condemning us to spend our lives yearning for the other half to complete us.
You have your own keys to her apartment, and know more about her sex life than her own boyfriend. Space? What does that word even mean? If you grew a hair for every time you were asked whether the two of you are related, you’d be freaking Chewbacca.
You just randomly burst out singing the same song in the car, or show up at school wearing almost the exact same outfits.
Snapchat, Face Time, SMS, e-mail, messenger, tweeting… you communicate on several multimedia platforms during the course of the day. Her REAL no makeup snapchat selfies are one thing, but that pic she sent you of her long-ass ingrown hair? She now hates particular stores at the mall because they don’t carry your size, even though she herself is a size 4. Whether you’re out painting the town red or in your jammies having a Gilmore Girls marathon, you love every minute of the time you spend with each other. From what you had for breakfast to the horrible, disturbing extent of your online stalking skills, you know that whatever you tell them will no longer turn them off. They’re the Pedro to your Dora, the Lorelai to your Rory, the Mike Wazowski to your Sulley.
Once you experience the powerful and resonaning magnetic energy field that attracts the Twin Flames together, one's life will never be quite the same again.
The Twin flames are have always been connected to each other, and united with each other they are as One, and it is the two-as-one which is connected to God Source. My name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. About MeMy name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. Some couples are just over the moon and smitten, with spring fever written all over their faces. You may just be oblivious to it, but here are the signs that you and your partner are a match made in heaven.
It has to be someone who is crazy about you, who really knows how wonderful you are, thinks you’re special and is attracted to you.

3) The third question is whether there is that very special emotional, physical and spiritual connection when you’re together. Bringing you Metaphysical insights and Broadcasts from the Universe shares her video on Soulmates and Twin Flames. It means that whatever your predominate thoughts are will show up as people and experiences in your life. While most people think soulmates are for romantic relationships, you know for a fact that you’ve already found your other half in the form of your zany bestie.
You’ve been through so much together that you refuse to even acknowledge a time when you might lose them. There is a harmonious flow of unconditional love that is apparent from the very beginning of this connection.
Twin Flame love at its very core is not merely human love, it is Divine Love that is using two human portals to channel that love and higher light onto a planet that seems to have lost its way and is stumbling unconscious in the darkness.
First of all, it is not required that we look for our twin flame in the traditional way that we would go out to seek a physical partner for a relationship. To properly understand how our Soulmates effect us, we must first understand the types of “soulmates” that we will encounter in our journey as Soul. Partners in Hate: Believe it or not, those that you hate with all the intensity of your being are one group of your soulmates. Partners in Love: Those we love in even the smallest degree are another group of our soulmates.
The One and Only: When people commonly yearn for their Soulmate, what they are really yearning for is “the one and only” person who can make them complete. You see them strolling in parks or malls hand in hand, with their dreamy eyes every time they look at each other. Try to recall the first time you have approached your partner, the first time you have had that long conversation and you just could not stop talking to each other.
You have been hearing it in movies, especially in romantic comedies, and you have heard friends tell you this, “The way you look at each other…” There is something about made for each other couples and the way they stare into their lover’s eyes. If you and your partner have been together for years and you still steal kisses from each other, hug each other randomly, and whisper sweet nothings to each other, then you must not let each other go. Sometimes, people take the presence of other people for granted, especially if they are used to being around each other all the time.
Many times, women will go months or even years thinking that the guy who works in the next office or her brother’s friend is her soulmate. After experiencing a conscious reunion with the Twin Flame, the connection becomes the triad again that involves the Creative Source which flows through the Twinflame connection.

We must not hold onto pre-conceived ideas or notions about how the Twin Flame should appear in our lives or how they will present themselves when the moment is right.
Those we hate are our soulmates in the sense that they continually cross our soul’s path life after life. If you felt like you are talking to someone that you have known all your life and not someone you just met, then chances are this relationship could lead to something stronger. But with couples who are made for each other, every little gesture from sticking a post-it note on the fridge to handing them the PlayStation controller is a memory to be treasured. When each individual Twin Flame has achieved the same level of balance within themselves (the balance of the masculine and feminine energies) then both twinflames will resonate to the identical vibration of Christ Consciousness or Unified energy. For it is the hatred for one another that sticks you together like glue until you can understand and release the hate that binds you.
Our partners in love – and hate – most often come to us as parents, siblings, spouses, and children. Not only do they look like they are made for each other, but they give off that feeling of endless love, the embodiment of the word soulmates. Once this happens the Twin Flame may automatically appear in your life and often when you are least expecting it. They serve to remind us about those aspects of our character that we should love and cherish. Have you ever had that feeling like you have known someone your whole life but you have just met them?
Often this occurs after a personal transition in your life and there are often many synchronicities leading up to and surrounding the TwinFlames physical meeting. Those we hate actually help us to embrace those aspects of our character that we find it hard to love. For it is all too easy to “eliminate the positive, and accentuate the negative” while we are here on Earth. So when we speak of how “our soulmates can help us”, we are referring to how our “Bashert” can help us grow as Soul.

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