Das Gottliche strahlt uns an mit Gnade und Frieden im Mondlicht, und wir spuren es in jeder unserer Zellen. Gurunam fuhrt uns daraufhin durch das Mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru: Mit jeder Zelle und jedem Teil meines Korpers, virbriert und singt mein Selbst das Gottliche.
In diesem Album geht es um nichts geringeres als das Heilige, das Gottliche in jedem Teil von dir zum Schwingen zu bringen. Um die Horproben zu unseren CDs anhoren zu konnen, benotigen Sie den Adobe Flash Player.Sie konnen den Adobe Flash Player hier kostenlos downloaden. A Wednesday-evening silent meditation opportunity led by our own Licensed Practitioners is available to anyone interested in deepening their connection to Spirit. An example of a wonderful group meditation space at a retreat some of us had previously attended in Oregon, USA. We plan to eventually have several of these buildings, but we’re starting off with the biggest one in our plan…a space large enough to fit one hundred people!
From building our prototype yurt, we’ve learned firsthand how a space like this is a lot more than just a building. Our plan is to incorporate the lessons we’ve learned from studying ancient sacred sites and from building our prototype yurt into this building.
We also plan to source as much of the material as possible from the renewable resources on our own property to ensure it’s as sustainable (and cost-effective) as possible. To accommodate about one hundred people, we’ll need a space about fifty feet in diameter, or about two thousand square feet in total.
So we have some creative work to do to figure out how to accomplish this task and fulfil the vision on a tight budget. Throughout history there are countless stories of people stepping away from the routine of life to seek deeper meaning and purpose.

Simplicity, solitude, and silence are common themes to the explorers of life's questions and the discoverers of life's answers.
Some people naturally can just leave their daily routine and quickly enjoy simplicity, solitude, and silence. Being naked with our mental activity is surprisingly relieved as we discover the color and sound, vividness and simple beauty of just being present in our retreat. The important thing is to know is that there is an inner world where the deeper meaning and purpose we seek awaits us. It is getting from identifying ourselves as a personality to a broader awareness of being that is important. From our inner vastness we understand we are no better or different from the people in our life, no matter how their personal circumstances appear. The personal examples made it easy to relate the material to my life.JTSpanaway, WARead moreVery informative and knowledgeable. How to Avoid the Flu and a ColdEleven Steps to Prevent Obesity in Your ChildIs Your Child At risk for Obesity?
Diesen Moment, wo wir unter dem Mond sitzen und ihn ganz intensiv betrachten, in stiller Bewunderung und der Erkenntnis, dass ein kleiner Teil von uns seine Gro?e hat.
Es ist wie als wenn du einer gefuhrten Meditation beiwohnst, durch die du mehr uber dich selbst und deine wahre Identitat entdeckst, und deine Beziehung zur Unendlichkeit. We need to consider how it’s aligned to the sun, how it flows with the natural landscape, the geometry in the design, the nature of the materials, the harmony and aesthetics of the structure, and so much more. Our willingness to settle into some days of simplicity, living without plans, just being, opens a path. Being present in our new environment with all our senses starts a journey from our mental busyness to the heart of awareness.

Es ist Teil der menschlichen Erfahrung, zu erkennen, wie klein wir sind, und doch verbunden mit etwas, das um so Vieles gro?er ist, als wir es uns ertraumen konnen. All I ask in return is for this page to be shared so as many people can begin to meditate today. It has just one drawback: it only fits about ten people and we’ve already outgrown it!
Our goal is to create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, one that feels powerful from the moment you enter it. Deep meditation can enable you to discover your innermost thoughts that direct your daily behaviors!
Bella B.Everett, WARead moreI loved that the instructor, Stephany shared her story so we could relate. Bonus Track: Silent Meditation- Experience deep guided meditation in the quiet of your mind.
During the hypnosis I was able to visualize myself with my ideal body and it was very real! This lightness of being carries awareness into something that words can only attempt to describe as eternity. In modern culture with its emphasis on doing, intellectual achievement, and materialism our connection with eternity is what is missing.

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