Please note that the time the retreat ends for the day will be determined by the number of questions asked in the Q&A. A single, gentle bell-ring will mark the end of each meditation or other period, and will signal a short break. Day 10: A special schedule will be held this evening that affords time for concluding remarks, open questions and answers, and an opportunity for retreat participants to share their spiritual experiences.
All meditations and techniques are specifically intended to reveal the Spiritual Heart and to awaken the consciousness at this level. KatharinaSwitzerland There aren't words to express the impact of this retreat and the practice of the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart on my life. The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive is an immersion course in the fundamentals of traditional yoga and meditation. The silent retreat will be hosted at the retreat center for the Art of Living, the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being. After diving into silence for 10 days, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emerged with the knowledge of Sudarshan Kriya. The program will include observation of silence, deepened by guided meditations, rejuvenating yoga, being with nature, joyful celebration and ample time for yourself!
To speak with one of our volunteers about the retreat, you can reach us at (877)[masked] ext 4 orA [masked]. The center is committed to awakening the spirit within, strengthening body and cultivating mind through self-exploration and the depths of yoga. This group was created for anyone with the desire to meet other local people who practice meditation. We also offer an interesting variety of self-discovery workshops & gatherings to compliment your spiritual practice. ALSO, please note that if you click the *Files* tab to the left, we have a list of various local meditation links, sitting groups, and centers.
We are very open to posting your meditation group or special event on our calendar as a *Note*, as to make this as comprehensive a local meditation calendar as possible.
The 3-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is an intensive meditation retreat-course designed both for those who want to have a foretaste of a meditation retreat and those who don’t have enough time (or courage…) for experiencing a 10-day retreat. Supporting Price is for those who have the resources to support the spiritual work of those with fewer financial resources.
Last week, I embarked on a six-day, silent meditation retreat for people of color at the Insight Meditation Society in the sleepy, forest town of Barre, MA. The silent meditation retreat was six days of 5am rise, 9:30pm sleep, alternating between sitting and walking meditation for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.
Another core retreat teaching is not to cling to things, good or bad, because everything is constantly changing and it is when we try to hold on to a certain feeling, image or idea that’s naturally going to change that we create unnecessary disappointment and suffering.
While making a six-day getaway to sit, walk and eat in silence isn’t for everybody (for those who are a little curious, many of these retreats can actually be really affordable and accessible), even giving yourself five or ten minutes at some point in the day to sit still and listen to your breath can do a lot.

Recognized insight meditation teachers from all over the world offer daily instruction and guidance in Buddhist meditations known as vipassana (insight) and metta (lovingkindness). At regular intervals throughout a retreat, group or individual interviews with the teachers take place. When a Retreat Center course is in progress, anyone who is not already participating in the retreat is welcome to attend the evening talks about the teachings, known as dharma talks. But if you haven’t been to IMS before, please speak first with the Retreat Center office for an orientation prior to attending a talk or sitting period.
Teacher talks given at the Retreat Center are available for downloading, streaming or podcasting.
This meditation will begin in smaller segments (for example, with short hourly breaks), building to one continuous, deep meditation session. A series of bell tones will indicate that the next meditation or other period will begin within two minutes and that it is time to take your seat and cease movement in the hall. The Module 1 book presents esoteric yogic information in an accessible way, providing a profound introduction to this path to the revelation of the Self. The Center is nestled in a quiet forest on top of a mountain in the famous Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Since then, he has tirelessly shared this around the globe to help alleviate suffering and bring comfort, happiness and enthusiasm to people. For Art of Living graduates who wish to register for the graduate program, the Art of Silence, please visit the Art of Silence page. We offer Art of Living and Art of Meditation retreats, yoga, uplifting program facilities and pleasant accommodations.
I definitely would love to go, but its over a month away I'm not sure with my work schedule. We host meetups for practicing a variety of group meditation forms, and meetups for discussing mediation techniques and resources.
It may be out of date, so please check if the group you're interested in is still practicing. If you desire your event posted, please click "email me" under the "Organized by" heading to your left, and we can have a conversation about your event. Now, you’re probably getting the image of a bunch of natural hair folk wearing yoga pants with a little 1990s Erykah Badu stee-lo here and there, sitting around meditating all day. We had three vegetarian meals a day, a guided meditation in the morning and a nightly talk given by one of the meditation teachers (including a fly Jamaican woman, Gina Sharpe, and the first African Buddhist monk, Bhante Bhudarakkhita from Uganda). Mindful of what you’re thinking and what your body is doing, and getting to notice how they both behave—and then hopefully getting to the core of why they’re behaving that way. It is when we release expectation that we can open ourselves to all possibilities and spare ourselves some stress. That was the most mind-blowing and empowering part of it, taking time to acknowledge the thing that keeps you alive, which is also the one thing your mind doesn’t have to think about doing.

I do Vipassana meditations annually and they have been one of the most important, amazing, powerful things I’ve ever done in my entire life. While the context is the Buddha’s teachings, these practices are universal and help us to deepen awareness and compassion. Over one week, this retreat gently leads participants to inner discovery through the observation of silence, complemented by guided meditations, breathing techniques and yoga, all set amid beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At the same time, it is conveniently located just five minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, fifteen minutes from the town of Boone and two hours from Charlotte airport. Sudarshan Kriya takes you to deep meditation where body, mind and breath become one rhythm, connecting to the source of life within. The focus of the group is to cross the boundaries of religious and philosophical backgrounds, to learn and practice mediation without ego or agenda, and to enjoy the peaceful relaxing feeling meditation brings, knowing it to be a powerful path for opening ourselves to all that life has to offer. Well I’m here to tell you … that’s pretty much how it looked but, as with all things, there was more to the experience than meets the eye.
It’s crazy the things you begin noticing when you stop busying yourself and really pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s proof that you have a purpose and, like your breath, shouldn’t second-guess being on this earth.
The day is spent in silent practice with alternate periods of sitting and walking meditation, as well as a one-hour work-as-practice period. The silent retreat is guided by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader, icon of peace and Art of Living founder.
The center combines outer comfort and natural beauty, providing ideal surroundings to turn inward and explore one's own nature. The silent retreat will include this technique, and participants will learn a version they can take with them to reconnect with themselves at home. I’m new to meditation (and in my head a lot already so the thought of silence for more thoughts to take over scared me), but making time for this experience has been one of my best decisions ever.
I noticed I have a lot (a whole lotta lot) of opinions on everything and everybody, including a lot of harsh judgments toward myself, the majority of which I’ve come to see as completely unnecessary and a waste of energy. His programs have helped participants from 155 countries find greater inner peace, freedom and lasting joy. Meditation halls and kitchen face panoramic views of the surrounding valley and mountains, which fade into the distance.

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