This retreat is an opportunity to leave behind the everyday worries and cares of the world, nourish vitality, and cultivate the spiritual nature. With Elements similar to Ba Gua and Chen Tai Chi, this form is excellent at increasing internal and external coordination, and extending the tai chi energies through the staff. Everyone is welcome and there are a lot of things to do since the regrading and re-configuration of the grounds. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life’s seemingly endless babble of conversation and chatter, it might be time to get away from it all.
Esalen was founded in the groovy ‘60s in order to explore what author Aldous Huxley called “human potentialities.” In many ways, it became the center of what is now thought of as the New Age movement. The meditation practices at Springwater Center — which is located on 220 acres about an hour south of Rochester, NY — originally had their basis in the teachings of Zen Buddhism but subsequently evolved beyond that.
Head to the dense forests of southwestern Washington state to find Cloud Mountain for retreats designed to explore the three pillars of Buddhism: ethical and moral behavior, generosity of giving, and the cultivation of wisdom. Located on 355 acres of mountain-topped redwood forest overlooking California’s Monterey Bay, Mount Madonna Center hosts a variety of opportunities for individuals looking to quiet their minds. Metrosource is a glossy lifestyle and entertainment magazine geared towards the modern metropolitan gay community. However, no talking is just one code of discipline for Vipassana – a form of meditation that’s been practiced in India for thousands of years. I first heard about Vipassana through a friend who’d visited India and taken the ten-day course in Vipassana meditation. I thought about turning around and grabbing a beer and some mo-mos (a delicious Indian snack) at the nearest town, but my feet continued forward. When I reached the center, there was a group of reluctant individuals standing out front chatting away. About thirty minutes later, we were greeted by a volunteer staff that registered us gave us a brief run down. The rest of the day I meandered the grounds, found my basic accommodations, attended the orientation where volunteer staff reviews the code of discipline and attended my first meditation course. The next 10-days were the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging days of my life.
Each day, I became more comfortable with the silence and just being; however the physical pain was almost more than I could stand. Vipassana teaches you to avoid cravings (such as “gosh I could go for a leather recliner instead of this hard floor”) or aversions (such as “gosh I dislike sitting for 12 hours a day”) and to simply be content with your current situation whatever it may be.
There were times that I wanted to cry, talk, and quit – but that would just be giving into more cravings and aversions. Tibetan prayer flags hang proudly over looking McLeod Ganj – located a quick 15 minute walk from the Vipassana Center.
If you want to challenge yourself on a physical, mental and emotional level – Vipassana might be just what you’ve been searching for. The Vipassana Centers are completely free and include accommodations, meals, and training on the meditation techniques.
I heard about vipassana last month from my brother, he said that his experience was so nice. I didn’t work on Vipassana much after I came back and I wanted to do a second course by October and reserved my stay at Jodhpur, India this time.
I am an athiest, and i mediate, i hope they don’t prayers and devi devta comic book stuff.
When I started researching the possibility of traveling to India, I wanted to find a blog written by a woman who had traveled to India by herself and I found you right away.

Mariellen writes with a passion few other bloggers can reach, and with an honesty few people can take pride in.
One of the biggest disadvantages of keeping up with the times is that there’s almost no time to rest.
The Silent Stay Retreat Home and Hermitage is a haven and a refuge of everyone who needs life’s redirection, a moment of pause, or a time for healing.
The retreat home, which lies in more than 20 acres of lush vegetation and nourished land, is founded and run by Bruce and Ruth Davis.
While taking his doctorate degree, he was mentored by someone who taught him how to interact with the others through dreams. In order to cultivate 100 percent silence in the retreat home, guests are not allowed to bring any form of communication device such as mobile phones and laptops, but they can tag along some books, or a Kindle as well as notebooks and pens for journaling.
Every quarter provides a sweeping view of California’s fertile lands and Sierra Mountains and access to natural light, such as daylight.
Fasting from speech and sitting and forgetting reveals the underlying stillness – the ground of the heart-mind. Immersive daily practice routine will include; Taoist meditation, study and recitation of Taoist scriptures within the context of Taoist etiquette and customs. Coming up April 14–17, the Garrison Institute will encourage members of our community to embrace silence, contemplation and action to delve into what is unfolding in our bodies, hearts and minds.
Situated on 27 acres of California’s spectacular Big Sur coastline, Esalen is not only a retreat center but also an educational institute and intention-driven community that’s part of a worldwide network for people exploring spiritual possibilities. Today, their retreat formats include timed sittings, morning talks, short work periods where guests assist in preparing meals and cleaning up, and time spent appreciating nature, including the Center’s miles of walking trails, picturesque streams, rolling meadows, lush forests and a quiet reflecting pond. The Center is 600 acres of lush forests, rolling meadows and, of course, those famous rocky peaks. Most retreats at the center are held in silence; they range in duration from days-long beginner retreats to experiences for experienced meditators that can continue for several weeks. Their “Vipassanna” weekend retreats focus on a form of insight meditation described by the Buddha. After answering a few questions on the Vipassana website, I’d successfully registered for the course. How am I going to meditate for 12+ hours a day when I haven’t sat cross-legged since I was four? Goenka (the “Vipassana guru” as I like to call him) in hour-long videos at the end of each day. Who would have thought that sitting in a simple cross-legged position could inflict so much pain? And while I was initially intimated by this code of discipline, shortly after the first day, I realized how necessary it is.
The second experience was initially not as rewarding as I hoped it to be – a mistake of mine that I started going against it, but by the end of the course I was so happy I did it. For days I was glued to your site reading all your entries related to India and when I finished I knew that I had to go. Your blog was very influential in my final decision and thank you for such an appealing portrait of the whole place. All throughout the day, a person needs to beat the rush hour, to be on top of the game, to be competitive, and to run as fast as he can to reach his dreams. And right there in the Napa Valley, sitting close to the rest of California’s panoramic and naturally luxurious wine country, is the retreat a weary soul has been looking for. It is the perfect place to reassess oneself and, depending on a person’s spiritual beliefs or religion, search for God and foster a stronger relationship with Spirit.

Bruce is the best-selling author of The Magical Child within You and Hugs and Kisses, which centers around the act of loving one’s life fully. This eventually started his spiritual journey, taking him to places such as the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. Besides teaching, she brings participants into a Sacred Movement Ritual, a unique kind of meditation composed of seven kinesthetic contemplations or reflections.
The number of rooms is also very limited—the center can accommodate no more than 10 people—but everyone is free to share the public spaces, such as the living room and the dining room.
We checked out six such destinations offering programs for both beginners and more seasoned practitioners. The Institute is not-for-profit, non-sectarian, and located about an hour north of New York City on a beautiful 77,000–square foot former Capuchin monastery with enough space for groups of 175 people.
They recently hosted a New Year’s Silent Meditation Retreat, which was meant to allow participants to focus inward, connect with themselves and discover life goals and personal intentions for the year ahead.
Shambala’s seven-day mindfulness meditation retreat is co-sponsored by the Center of Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society. It is meant to help practitioners develop wisdom, compassion and peace by learning to be mindful of the present moment and discover “the path to happiness.” These retreats include meditation instruction, silent sitting meditations, walking meditations and unique dharma talks. For more great articles like this, subscribe here or download Metrosource for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle. He addressed my concerns, hesitations and questions all without me even needing to ask in a lighthearted manner which put me even more at ease. If you chat with someone about their journey or yours, it removes you from focusing solely on yourself and that’s the whole point, right?
Be sure to give yourself 12 days for the course; one day for orientation, 10 days for meditation, and one day for wrap up. When I went to Vipassana for the first time (last year same time at Dehradun, India), I was seeking for a respite – a place to be alone with myself and meditation for inner peace. His most recent works include The Heart of Healing, The Calling of Joy, and My Little Flowers. He’s also participated in and guided numerous retreats, including two centers in Assisi, Italy, dubbed as some of the best in the world by travel magazines. Many do prefer to sit on the grassy lawns, explore the acreage, as well as interact with many animals like ducks and deer that have found their home there. They may provide the very first vacation where you’ll never once worry about a lull in conversation at the dinner table. It’s an immersive, teacher-led silent meditation based on mindfulness-based stress reduction principles developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
Quiet walks on the property feature a small lake, a fish pond, and visits from black-tailed deer, raccoons, and blue herons depending on the season. Despite the center’s title — as far as we know — our favorite Material Girl hasn’t gotten her Shanti on there yet.
The week includes instruction, individual interviews, talks by teachers, and guided sessions of meditation practice, movement exercises and mindful eating. I was so at peace by the end of the 10th day and felt that a load has been taken off my head.

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