To deal with any negative thoughts that come up as you visualize – and this process does tend to smoke them out! A common criticism of The Secret is that it seems focused exclusively on the selfish manifestation of material desires. About BenjaminAs an “astroshaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers both the soul-level insights of astrology and the healing power of shamanism. Benjamin hosts iTunes' #1 astrology podcast, and was voted Western North Carolina's best astrologer in 2014. It’s now easier for me to stay connected with Spirit. And I feel much more grounded, which for me is a miraculous achievement. During our session, the pain that had completely stopped me from running was reduced by 50%, and I was able to get out and run again the next day. Thank you for your wonderful healing work; it has really helped me! I can feel the love and light radiating from me, and my friends are even saying that ‘something is different.’ You rock, Benjamin!
I’m an engineer, a realist and a rationalist, and I am beyond astonished at the accuracy of 99.9% of what you said! You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. Have you ever wished you could map out an exact plan of action to help you pursue the life of your dreams?
Most of us have a few fleeting moments of wishful thinking now and then, (usually around New Year, right?),but we never really sit down and take a good, hard look at our lives – and the mindset that goes with it.
The Law of Attraction (LOA) is a concept that changes the way you live each day – from an aimless, happy-go-lucky manner to a purposeful, driven strategy that actually helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Contrary to what many believe, the LOA isn’t just a woolly idealistic notion where you make a wish and hope the universe fulfils it.
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Enter Your Details For Free Book!Grab your eBook & explode your fitness with our award-winning advice today! I think you will like this video, I share an easy little exercise you can do to manifest more in your life and it teaches you the basics of how to use the law of attraction. My understanding is that we can wish, want, plan, do, expect, whatever, but if we cannot believe and receive… nothing can happen. Thank you for bringing out to our attention things that cannot be seen, because those are most important. Speaking for myself (and I’m guessing Ray too), the work to grow into it is actually more fun than getting the thing I asked for.
I just wanna know if I’m going to look like that bikini girl when I do this exercise LOL. I love the emphasis at the end – we are not to dismiss ACTION that is require to get to where we want to go! Good Morning Ray, What a great video you put together, I loved the exercise, I do agree that you must be crystal clear on what you want and then have a plan in place on how you are going to get there and Yes The Take Massive Action to help you reach your goals..
One thing my Sunday School teacher taught me that I never forgot, was that if I ever wanted to learn something and get it deep down in my spirit, I needed to learn it through repetition and application.
This ancient principle, most recently popularized by the DVD and book The Secret, says that you can mentally manifest whatever you desire into the physical world. However, the Law of Attraction can just as easily used to manifest things and situations that benefit others. After doing over 5000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help clients master challenge and embrace transformation.
You offered meaning and hope and practical reasons and steps to take…What a relief you are! All good law of attraction trainings that I have spent time with suggest you NEED to still take action.

The question is, when on a deep DNA level there is no belief, how do we exercise having the belief? Seriously, I’m going to write this up and put it on the wall so I can look at it every day.
The law of attraction works only if we take heed to our inspirations by taking quick action.
If composed electronically, be sure to print it out: ink on paper represents the first level of physical manifestation.
Direct a 3-D movie in your mind, living out your desired reality in your imagination in as much detail as possible.
So, anytime I train How to use the law of attraction I always do it with the notion that it doesn’t REPLACE action but it simply ADDS POWER to your actions that you should still be taking. However, if you can see ways in which your own efforts can help bring it about, by all means lend a hand!
Most people live mediocre lives because they are constantly talking about, giving energy and attention to the things they don’t want.
You can’t just sit down and wish and believe without taking the necessary actions required to make your dreams a reality.
Even Napoleon mentions in his book that you need to write out what you want and then plan HOW you are going to get that thing.
Set your expectations to act as if you already possess the things you want most despite what your five senses tell you. Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” for a deeper explanation of how the Law of Attraction really works.

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