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He also professed his love to her via text, writing, “I will always love you Danielle Nicole Anderson,” on December 19, using Nord’s maiden name. In addition to two daughters by two different baby mamas, Lind is still facing stalking charges after an altercation with his most recent girlfriend Brooke Beaton. Though he denied any wrongdoing, Lind - who has three DUIs to his name - was also accused of violent behavior toward another ex, Jessica Nicole, in October. As for his most famous ex, Chelsea Houska, she's reportedly growing concerned for their daughter Aubree’s safety now that Beaton filed a restraining order.
The one-time couple have pretty much been at odds ever since Aubree was born, but at least now it's only legally and she's no longer pining for him back.

Fresh off his latest, and arguably nastiest split, the bad boy of South Dakota is now dating again.
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