Perhaps you have been driven to read this article because you are new to cougar dating, or perhaps you have been on a series of causal dates and looking to improve your chances – well good news, you have found the premium guide on succeeding with dating older women! Now if you are reading this and thought for one second this is how cougar dating works then please – please – grow up and think again. Men are often driven by very visual factors – the sight of a pretty woman in the street, strip clubs, sexy photo shoot pictures in lads magazines, nudity and flesh, porn etc… Testosterone is a large factor in the reason why men are always switched on to sex. The benefit of cougar dating site is that women on here are already looking for a sexual and casual meet. She will have gone to a lot of effort for you, and may even feel a little self-conscious about meeting with a younger man.
You can talk sexual, and be a little cheeky, but start with light hearted questions – get her intrigued and aroused.
You cannot show other excuses because an older woman maintains her class, her maturity, she is not looking forward to trap a young boy to make him father the kid or tie the knot. The answer is crystal clear, all over the world young men are dying to indulge in cougar dating because either they have dated older women and known they are jewels or they have read blogs and articles on cougar love life and thus they join dating site for cougars. Women actually prefer younger men over the grumpy aged men and they are very curious about a young partner and they like to feel the chills of a first date all over again. Look for a cougar, cougar for younger men suitable for you on any reputed sites which aim at bringing hearts closer with options to customize and save your search and live, love, laugh to the fullest in an exciting new cougar town with hot, independent, precious cougars and dynamic, unexpected bonds to be cherished forever. This entry was posted in Cougar Dating Advice and tagged cougar cub, cougar dating site, cougar women, date a cougar, look for a cougar on August 18, 2014 by cougarsmeet.
Stewart said in the description that she’s been curious about online dating for a long time but been reluctant to make the leap. Her interests include cooking, dining out, hunting, gardening, and traveling, and her exercises include swimming, walking, and yoga.

Stewart is a businesswoman who founded her own company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and has ventured into fields including magazine publishing and book writing.
Do you think for one second a woman, any woman, would see this as attractive and come back for more. Men’s testosterone levels are around 5 times greater than that of women, which helps put in to perspective the difference in drives and wants.
Single cougar women on the other hand invite spontaneity by letting young men come into their lives. We are human and all have needs – it’s how we access those needs between the sexes that is different. Remember the nerdy science teacher talking about insects and bunsen burners, well this time teacher is different. Women on the other hand are more aroused by the mind and more through imagination and senses. Why would you stay away from a woman who has the same tastes and interests like you, who is willing to date a smart, good looking young man and who is bold, beautiful, rich and ready to do anything for a precious bond? They are not fond of being played around with, their expectations from young boys are way limited. Dress well, don’t go over the top, pay even though she refuses to let you pay, let her select the spot even if it is far from your office or place, be punctual, crack small jokes, avoid getting high, avoid talking about the list of exes, Pay a small genuine compliment, give a small, classy surprise gift and you are there. Also, I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life. A cougar wants the body and attractiveness of a younger man but the mind-set and maturity of someone closer to her own age. Men have spent so much time trying to approach woman using the same sexual techniques that would work on them – the cheap thrill.

Why do you think people are signing up on cougar dating site to establish or enhance their cougar cub relation? Praise them, surprise them with random shopping sprees or a lovely pendant and she’s all yours. This can be by romance, closeness, sensitivity, excitement, passion etc… do you remember the hype over 50 Shades of Grey.
She already has the destination in mind – you just need to plan the route and complete the journey.
It should be anyway, this isn’t something I should be explaining, but having heard scare stories of older women meeting with a younger man who first arranged a meet in a bar where his mates were there wolf-whistling, giving approval and the unfortunate young man (I say unfortunate as I know the rest of the story but some things must remain secret – use your imagination) downed his 8th beer before draping his arm around his date before giving a cheer to his mates and told them he’d be back in a hour. Luckily this bad experience story didn’t happen here, but we’re here to teach and educate and make better cubs of you all. Men and women enjoy sex, but the mechanism by how we get to the state of arousal is often very much different. No visuals were needed, but women around the world were exported to a world which played on every woman’s sexual senses.
You might fall out of love, be tired of her, confess politely instead of avoiding or making it sour.
Money, power, attraction, desire – this triggered the necessary sexual response which then pushed the boundaries in to sexual activity and even a little BDSM. She’ll teach you lessons you will never forget and your next girlfriend might even thank her for the man she has made out of you.

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